Sunday, December 13, 2009

Catching up!

Three months and I haven't posted... so here's a summary of what's been goin' on since september!

School is just going dandy... :) not bad really, but I can't wait for the Christmas break! My favorite classes are MDT and Theatre (who would've guessed?) and Ballroom is pretty fun too. Most of my classes are tolerable, and actually enjoyable. The school has started its Christmas charity drive. This year we are donating to "The Road Home" homeless shelter. Its a great cause, and it really brings the Christmas spirit to school! We also have a winter choir concert coming up.

MDT Revue
Our MDT class is working on the Revue that performs in January. Rehearsals are usually during class, and the show is really coming together! I love the songs and the dances, and I can't wait until it opens!

Dances :)
I attended two school dances. Girl's Pref was in October and I went with a friend named Taylor who I met in class this year. Then I went to the spontaneous dance stag with Erin (because we were too lazy to find dates) They were both really fun!

Les Miserables
The fall musical that RHS did this year. Such a beautiful show. It was fun to be in, but it was also nice to be over with... have my life back for a little while. It turned out to be an AWESOME production. We sold out on closing night! It was one of the first shows to ever sell out at the high school. We had a great cast, and it was a fun experience.

College Goodness...
Applications, scholarships, auditions auditions auditions! I applied to BYU not too long ago, and I'm also applying to Snow and Weber. I'm also auditioning for their theatre and musical theatre programs. Getting songs, monologues and other things ready. Hopefully I can make it into an awesome program! I'm done with taking the ACT (phew!) and I'm hoping that this selecting of colleges won't be TOO stressful...

Fiddler On The Roof
I auditioned for Fiddler On The Roof at Hale Centre Theatre. It was a FANTASTIC experience! It was very professional, and it opened my eyes to what I need to be prepared with for professional auditions. I got principal callbacks and then I also went to ensemble callbacks two days afterward. Nobody has discovered if they've made it into the show yet, but hopefully a cast list will be posted soon! So as far as Fiddler goes... to be continued!

Anyway... so there's a brief summary of some of the exciting things that have been going on. Hopefully I'll be able to post more. Guess we'll have to see. :) As of now I'm just enjoying the crazy stress of school and the Holiday season!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Won't Let You Fall- Homecoming 09

Homecoming Dance 2009- Won't Let You Fall (yeah, the song was by Fergie... weird. But it was actually a pretty good song!) My really awesome friend Isaac Patton asked me to homecoming this year. Isaac is a graduate from last year, and used to be in MDT with me. He goes to UVU so he still lives pretty close to home. It was such a fun date! Isaac and I have endless amounts of inside jokes, and our group was HILARIOUS! Some of the other couples in our group were Dylan & Erin, Matt & Stephanie, Josh & Nicole, Jenn & Spencer, and Weston & Amanda. We had so many laughs!

The Date started at noon. Isaac picked me up and we met the other couples in the parking lot at RHS. Our plan was to have a scavenger hunt up at the Zoo! So we carpooled downtown to the Zoo. Isaac and I rode with Josh and Nicole, and we had a fun time getting to know each other better and telling good stories on the drive up. But, when we got to the zoo it was SO crowded. As it turns out... a baby elephant was born at the zoo a few days previously! This also resulted in a VERY crowded zoo. We couldn't find parking! Plan B?? Gateway mall! We all changed route and headed to the mall. We had a blast window shopping. We all got Orange Julius and also got a taste of some very eccentric cultural music! The day activity was so much fun, and we have a lot of inside jokes and pictures!

Then we were headed back home to get all dressed up for the dance! We curled my hair, and of course... we had to get a few photos. Isaac came and picked me up for dinner, and we did each other's corsages and everything. Of course I couldn't pin his flower on... and had to get help from mom. I always have thought the boys have it easy, they just have to put a band around the arm. No pins, no poking... :)

Then we drove to dinner! We ate at Dylan's house. He lives kind of up on a mountainside, and he has a very nice pool in his backyard, so they had a table set up beside the pool, the pool opened and lit. It was very pretty! We had a delicious italian dinner, and a scrumptious dessert! Sparkling cider and all.
Then of course, we headed to the dance! The line for pictures was WAY LONG, but it was worth the wait. It'll be exciting to see how the pictures turn out. The dance was a ton of fun. The senior officers used a "cruise ship" Theme and they had a really cool chandelier/light hanging from the center of the gym, and when we walked into the gym we entered by a ramp that passengers use to board a cruise ship. Great decorations, great music, great fun! And of course, what would a dance with Isaac be without Single Ladies?? Isaac and my friend Chase have the whole dance memorized... and they had an audience as they performed the whole number on the dance floor!! Ha ha. It was awesome!
After the dance we went to Josh's house and had some yummy ice cream :) We also watched Enchanted. It was such a fun date! Dances are always tiring... but always worth it!
My best friends Ashley, Kari, Audrey and I wanted pictures together in our dresses, but we never got time to take some the day of the dance (we were all in different gropus.) So, silly us, got back into our dresses to take pictures the next day. (of course!) It was actually a lot of fun, their moms took pictures of us and we had a good time together. We got a lot of fun pictures too! Oh, what to do when you get girls together with a camera?! Especially when we have pretty dresses ;)
So, the homecoming weekend was a success! It was a tiring weekend, and went by way too fast but it was a blast! There were also other homecoming fesitivites like Powder Puff football and Burning of the Wolf. My brother and I went to the homecoming game (Our school won!!) and overall, it was an exciting and memorable weekend!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Personal Guitar Lessons

I have some pretty talented friends...
Passionate about music, of course.
Singers, dancers, actors,
Musicians of all kinds.
Not to mention-
They are some pretty cool friends too.
I was inspired.
My friend Geoff said,
He taught himself how to play the guitar!
I soon found out he wasn't the only one
Who had acquired this talent.
So I thought I would give it a try, too.
Its a work in progress.
But its been really fun to learn!
and Practice.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to play
As well as some of my friends. :)
Its always fun when we get together.
Just listening, singing...
Making some sweet music. I love it.
So, we'll see how this goes!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Class of '10

The school year has begun!
Hello to tests and quizzes,
socials and football games,
dances... musical theatre,
and did I mention Homework?!

But it looks like it will be a good year.
My schedule is not too bad either...


1. "It's Seminary Time!" I have Seminary first period, with Brother Robinson. I like my class pretty well- luckily we don't have one of those seminary classes who are dead quiet and sleepy in the morning. (for the most part anyway) The hard part of having seminary first will be walking to the building on the winter mornings! brrrrr!

2. Do Re Mi... A'cappella. Choir class is pretty good this year. We have a new teacher, Mrs. Butterfield and I think she is pretty good. I sit on the front row (no sneaking food into choir class this year! darn.) And I'm going to challenge myself to sing second soprano so I can learn how to sight read harmonies better.

3. Medical Anatomy: I'm pretty excited for this class (despite all the memorization.) The school got permission for our class to go to a cadaver lab, and we get to do a lot of cool things... dissections in class, learning how to give stitches, learning about anatomy. :) It'll be fun! My teacher, Coach Wilson, is the coach of the baseball team... as the whole class quickly learned when he banged his metal bat atop the wooden desks!!! :S (made us ALL jump) But he's really funny.

4. Bailee + Math = Bailee's least favorite class. Math 1010 (What a way to end the day!) Math has never been my strongest subject, and its always been far from my favorite subject... but I don't think it will be too bad this year. My friend (and soon-to-be tutor, I have a feeling) Brittany is in the class and we get along. The teacher is really good this year too! Mrs. Kartchner.

B DAY :) My favorite!

5. English 1010: Supposedly, this class gets pretty rigorous. But I've always done okay with English, and I have a lot of friends in the class. Good enviornment, we all help each other out! The teacher is pretty nice too. Mrs. Kinzer. We also get to read one of my favorite books in this class. Jane Eyre (I'm excited)

Let the drama begin... (the kind of drama you WANT to be in)

6. Teacher's Aide- I get to aide for the new Theatre teacher- Mrs. McGuire. I aide her 6th period Film Studies class. So I do pretty easy things like grading and sorting papers... and I get to watch movies while I do it! Not too bad.

7. MDT!!! My favorite class of the year. Music Dance Theatre team. Mr. Eaton is a really cool theatre teacher, and its a fun class. We're working on our first solos for the class, and we are also learning a dance we are going to perform in the sophomore assembly next week: All That Jazz from Chicago I can always count on having a good time in this class (being the theatre geek I am)

8. Theatre 4 :) I get Mrs. McGuire for two class periods this year, which is fun because she's really nice. The advance theatre class is a ton of fun, and I know everyone in the class (we've been in drama together since we were all sophomores) Right now we are learning about Shakspeare and working on Monologues (1 person scenes) So this class looks like it will be fantastic!

And on top of that we have a lot of after school activities I get to be involved in. Two shows, a dance ensemble, MDT performances, being a Theatre officer and then all of the other things... football games, homecoming (hopefully?) and being with some pretty AWESOME friends. The first full week of school was a tiring one though! Still have to get used to the sleep schedule.
But it should be Phenomenal!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Footprints in the Sand

This is a poem I've heard many times. But I thought it would be nice to post up here. The very first time I heard it was at Oakrest. And I've never forgotten it since.

One night I dreamed
I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
"You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during
the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one
set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most,
have you not been there for me?"

The Lord replied,
"My precious child. The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
it was then that I carried you."

Its such a simple poem that can hold so much truth for all of us in many different ways. As an update, my brother was admitted into Primary Children's hospital again yesterday morning. Some of his medical conditions are concerning the doctors as a becoming chronic issue. We pray for him, and have faith that he will be carried through this :) I love him! Best of luck, bud.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping Endeavors

Wow! What a day.
Last night, A sleepover with two awesome people, Jessica and Emilie :) laughed too hard, stayed up too late, soaked in the hot tub too long, and woke up too early! But SO much fun! We also had Erin and Summer join us for part of the night, and watched Coraline (very intriguing movie).
A fantastic day with Dad and Ben! We started out with a delicious lunch at Jim's Family Restaurant (most amazing scones and honey butter ever!) Then we headed over to the Mall. School shopping time!! Shopping for school clothes with Dad is the best (Mom doesn't fancy the mall much... impatience) and surprisingly, dad doesn't have bad taste! ;) So we hit a couple of department stores. JC Penny, Forever 21, and Aero. My brother and I got some stylin' clothes.
And Then...
What's this random gathering in the middle of the mall??? Wait a second... Its BRANDON from SYTYCD!!! He was in the finals... and is a fantastic dancer. Here he is, right in front of me at the mall. Signing pictures... the whole sha-bang. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to stop by and get a signature (and my brother and dad weren't quite as enthusiastic about this phenomenon as I was) but I did let him know I'm a fan, I love dancing, and I got a far-away blurry photo from my phone. So that was exciting.
After gawking at the famous ;)
MORE shopping!! At my favorite store, Rue 21. Ben didn't look too excited to shop here as I was, but it turns out that Rue 21 suits his tastes too. We spent hours at the store, trying on soooo many things. I didn't know we would get so into it. It was a lot of fun.
Raiding the $1 rack.
Rue has some cool sales. Multiple $5 racks and discounts. But this is new... a lady mentions the $1 rack!! And... I must say I took favor to this little corner of the store and raped the $1 rack. :D
but at the end of the day... it wasn't a couple of bucks that went into our shopping endeavors (oops) But this is my much-loving father. So lotsa money later, I now have a closet full of new clothes! At least there's ONE reason to be excited for the new school year.
To Wrap it up:
Shopping is tiring. So many decisions to make, so many places to stop by, and so many things to try on. Shirts, pants, skirts and dresses. Lets not even get started on the accesories. ;) Shopping is especially tiring when I'm running on 1 hour and 1/2 of sleep! Oh well. After a fashion show for mom, and a delicious dinner... I survived the day. ;) ;)
But that lack of sleep does kinda get to me... Night' all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Days Driftin' Away (ooh ah!)

Wow, a week and a half left of summer. Sad day.
But, I've gotten to do a handful of fun things, and then some.
And because of it, i haven't really blogged much.
Oh well.
So, here's a recount/summary of my summer.

Kenny Chesney! Since my dad works with the city, we got some free tickets to see the Kenny Chesney concert at Rio Tinto Stadium. My dad was working, but my mom, brother, sister, and I got to go. I also took two of my really awesome friends, Brian and Michelle. Despite the miserable heat... and the lack of water (the consessions were really stingy AND unprepared, they ran out of Agua...) we had a lot of fun. Kenny Chesney puts on a really fun concert. And he literally started groovin' "When The Sun Goes Down." Go figure. ;)

To Grandmother's house we go... my family took two trips to my grandparents house. Its always fun to go to Grandma's. We go four-wheeling, hiking, took a trip to the rodeo... not to mention Grandma's delicious homemade bread. mmmmm... I got to see some of my cousins that I haven't seen for YEARS. Wow how they've changed! We had a lot of fun.

Party it up!! What would summer be without a couple of parties? Hangin' out with friends, late nights, music, swimming, movies... I got to see some of my college friends off. Said goodbye's to some who are going on missions too. Being with friends is probably one of the things I'll miss MOST about the summer. I got to hang with my east-side Alta friends, and my good ol' Riverton friends too.

Dates :) I went on a couple of really fun dates. Went to Lagoon on a date, and to Park City on another date- we rode the alpine slides, the zipline, and got to see the aerial skiers jump into the pools. I also went on a double date with Ash... set her up on a blind date with my cousin. We ate a cheap dinner ;) then roasted marshmallows out in the backyard and watched a pretty funny movie.

Provo River all of my family, along with some cousins and a family friend, went and floated the Prover River. This is always a ton of fun. We got a bunch of tubes, had a couple of spills, and had a picnic lunch afterwards! The water was reallllly cold... but it was definitely worth it! My family also did some camping, four-wheeling, and shooting. (Watch out, Bailee is armed with a pistol!) Time in the mountains is always great.

Wisdom Teeth out: I got my wisdom teeth removed this summer too. One of my biggest fears: conquered. Well, not conquered really... just endured. Ouch. But really not that bad. ;)

Summer Job $$$ I've been working most weekdays being a "nanny" for my cousin. Government funded money!!! It really has been a great job actually. Even though I didn't get to sleep in much this summer... Hopefully I can continue working through the school year. I'm earning to go on Choir Tour and to NYC in the spring with the Drama Club!!!

Etc... ... a couple of other weird things, and a couple of firsts. Running through the sprinklers at night, going to the Harry Potter midnight convention thingy, breaking Apollo Burger's door, TP, late night phone conversations, sleeping in the backyard at Ash's... gotta love summer. But what now?

Gettin' Ready for Senior Year!!! whaa??? A senior? This summer all of the theatre officers got together to plan the next school year. I Also went to senior registration with my brother! (wait- he's in high school?! yup) and this week I'm going school shopping!! So even though the vacation is drawing to a close, hopefully senior year will be the best yet. New friends, new classes, and a whole lot of fun.

But man, I'm gonna miss summer! ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rough Camp: SURVIVOR

Girls Camp: Survivor-Tribes of Truth!
On the 9-11 of July, my ward had their annual Rough Camp :D We stayed at a really pretty campsite called Camp Timpanookie, almost up on the Alipine Loop, past Timpanogas Cave. It was a blast! Here's the scoop on our adventures. :)

My friends Ashley Berg, Kari Mack, and Audrey Nokes had invited me to a sleepover at Ashley's house the night before we left to camp (we all agreed that camp this year wasn't long enough, so we extended it a little by sleeping under the stars at Ash's house) So we woke up on the 9th and made delicious waffles and bacon, and then departed to our own homes to shower and ready ourselves for camp!
At 12:30 my mom and I headed over to Jadean's house (the camp director) My mom came along for girls camp, and she drove Ashley, Audrey, Kari and I up to camp. On the way there our carpool decided to stop and get ice cream somewhere, but while we were on the freeway we witnessed this really scary car accident! A couple in the car ahead of us got in a fight in a car, swerved, and hit a semi-truck! So, after a call to 911 and a lot of chaos and adrenaline rush we stopped and got drinks and ice cream. (Phew!) And then we were on our way to Timpanookie! Because of the car-accident delays, we were a little late arriving at camp, but we still got all of our tents set up.

Then it was time to reveal the theme for 2009 Rough Camp. the theme was.... Survivor! My camp director, being a big fan of the show (along with many of the YW) chose a Survivor theme for camp. It was soo much fun, we were split into tribes, had challenges, and even had torches too! It was really legit ;)

So we were split into three tribes. My tribe were the lions. We got to make up a name... we were trying for an authentic/original sounding survivor name. We took the words LION KING and mixed them up... tribe name? = Kilioki!!! Our tribe was so fierce, we pretty much ruled. rawr. My tribe consisted of my friends Ashley, Audrey, McKenzie, Nicole, and my mom :D

We did a lot of fabulous things at girls camp, including Survivor Challenge games (which our tribe one first place overall!), Crafts (our torches, adorable vinyl cork boards for our rooms, and tribal flags) and of course we all did certification.

But it doesn't stop there, we also had delicious meals and devotionals (the all-classic tinfoil dinner.... mmmm so good.)

The camp concluded with a great bishopric night, secret sisters, and awards!
My award: Mighty Squirrel Hunter- The first day at camp, a chipmunk had gotten into our tent, and Ashley came running out screaming because something was running around in our tent. (hence the reason her award was the Squirrel Squealer, luvya Ash!!) so, I 'came to the rescue' or something like that, with the broom and had to direct the poor frightened frantic chipmunk out of our tent!! :) Girls camp, you gotta love all of the funny stories.

After awards we had a really nice devotional by the bishop, and a really amazing testimony meeting (what would girls camp be without testimony meeting around the fire?)

It ended up being a really fantastic girls camp (lets not forget collapsing the leaders tent and scaring the YW president about And I can't wait for next year's camp! I can't believe it will be my last year. But anyway, we all "Survived" camp, and it was a great experience!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Broadway Kidz Celebrate

Come see the most recent show
That I have the opportunity to be in...
Broadway Kidz Celebrate!
The performances run through June 29th
It should be a fun show!
The cast takes you through all of the calendar's holidays!

B.O.M. Youth Conference

From Thursday- Saturday I attended Book Of Mormon Stake Youth Conference. It was an incredible experience! I loved it soooo much. We met at the church building at 8 in the morning. The gym offered us food and we watched a skit to kick-off the trip! Then we headed to the campground.

Day #1
When we arrived at camp we were split up into Book Of Mormon families. Each family had a color and we all got bandanas that matched the color for our family. My 'parents' (Lehi and Sariah) were the Angerbauers. There were 5 girls in our family (including me) and 5 boys. I had the most fantastic family! Within about 10 minutes of arrival and meeting our family there was a huge rainstorm. the rain evolved to hail and it was terrible! All of our luggage (including warm coats and rain ponchos) were still in the trailers being unloaded. We all got soaking wet and froze all day!
Despite the rain, we kept going with the planned out schedule. We did some awesome teamwork activities to bond as a family (walking across high rope bridges, swinging over a stream without getting wet, etc) Then we had lunch and set up camp. It was nice to have a little bit of free time. Then we had an afternoon skit (a book of mormon story skit) which concluded in a swim noodle battle among all of the youth!!! It was crazy, and my sisters and I found that our brothers are ruthless sword fighters :)
After the afternoon activities we ate dinner and made a family title of liberty. (like the one Captain Moroni made? yeah, except for our family.) We put the word RED down the side and made an acrosstic poem that said "Righteous Enduring Disciples" ... standing for RED. It was an awesome flag, despite my mispelling of the word Deciples/Disciples. :( After we created our flag we had an evening presentation and a bonfire and we headed to bed! It was a fun day, even though it was freezing!! (I was freezing, and yet I still got sunburned! how does that work? lol)

Day #2
After a restless night because of the cold, we woke up to a beautiful morning! The weather was a bit nicer on the second day! We were all thankful for the sunny skies and the pretty morning. We kicked off our day with a delicious breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, fruit and HOT CHOCOLATE! mmmm. Then we participated in more team activites. We did some games blindfolded that ended up being an awesome learning experience, and we did a lot of other cool activities too.
Lunch was delicious (again) and then we had an afternoon presentation. After the noon skit we had a water balloon fight, which most of my family retreated from. (we didn't want to be wet and cold later on). But it was fun to watch people get pelted with water balloons :D
We then had some free time. We rode the zipline and just had a good time as a family goofing off and making inside jokes along the way.
That night after dinner each family prepared a skit to perform for the stake. Our skit was an LDS/BOM version of the Three Little Pigs. It was kinda cheesy (as are all youth camp skits) but it was fun and we got a lot of laughs. After the skits we sang some songs and then 'Captain Moroni' had a skit and spoke to us. He was an outstanding speaker. Then it was a late night to bed!

Day #3
We were woken up reallly early in the morning for an incredible spiritual experience. Afterwards we had a chance to sleep until 6:45 but my 'sister' Kenna and I stayed up, watched the sun rise and got ready for the day. We had solo time and I got to write on this cool copper plate (resembling the golden plates) and then we took down the camp. Then we had one last skit and a testimony meeting. It started raining on us again, so we all moved to the pavillion for lunch and said our goodbyes. I will miss the experiences that I had at YC!! And I'll miss my totally cool family too. Here's the family photo:
It ended up being a really fun trip!! And that was what my week consisted of for the most part (besides Broadway Kidz dress rehearsals and work... that's for another time) and it was an awesome way to spend my weekend!!! :) I love BOMYC!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get Well Soon Ben!

Hospital vist #4.
Benjamin became really sick yesterday evening, and my parents rushed him to the ER. Poor brother is in Primary Children's again. They can't perform surgery because his last surgery was too recent and it would be a dangerous and difficult surgery since he's still healing from the previous one.
But Ben does have an intestinal block again. So, they're dosing him with Morphine every three hours, and giving him an IV, as well as putting an NG tube down into his stomach to suck all of the gunk out. We're just waiting for the block to clear up. We wish him well, hopefully this is only a small bump in the road to his getting better.
He's becoming a 'regular' over at the hospital, all of his old nurses from his last visit recognized him up on the patients board and come to visit him. He's got the place memorized and gives Brooklyn and I tours of the place ;) The faculty all seem to be really nice, but it would be even nicer if he was back home. At least we know he's in good hands. We love him! Get well soon buddy :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lagoon was a Colossal blast! ;) Wicked awesome

Yesterday my extended family (on my dad's side) took our traditional day-trip up to Lagoon Park. We go every year when my cousins are in town.

I invited my friend Austin and we all had a blast! The weather was perfect Lagoon weather (although a little cold for the water rides, which we voted to skip) The lines were amazingly short, and it was a pretty exciting day.

We headed over at about 10:45. When we got there we immediately headed for the attractions!

The Bat: First ride. My sister's choice... not a personal favorite of mine. I like enjoying the rides, not sitting there letting my head get bashed around between the restraints. That's a bore.

The Flying Aces: Austin has pro flying skills and got high enough he brushed the tree with his plane.

The Rocket: (blast off) forced my 9-year-old sister on... after a few tears, and some encouragement from random strangers in line, she enjoyed the ride... well enough.

Wicked: Mom's first time. The title of the ride describes the experience. But... gave mom a headache. lol
Spider: Another first for Brooklyn, (we spent a large portion of our day persuading her onto the big-kid rides)

Wild Mouse: I sat with my mom on this one. Brooklyn gets psyched when Mom starts freaking out (with a couple cuss words involved) so Brooklyn sat with Austin. Laughed so hard on this ride I couldn't breathe. Second time it was just Austin and I. It hurts your side when you try and lift your hands up on the sharp turns.

Screamer: Brooklyn forgot it went upside down. But she was already in line so she got on. And loved it. (mom intellegently planned her need to go to the restroom during this ride.)

Music Express: (rode it 3x) The best part of this ride is trying to hold on so you don't smash the unfortunate person next to you.
Mom- "You can't hold on for the whole ride, you'll ram into Austin"
Bailee- "Wanna Bet? Buy us ice cream if I can do it."
Mom- "okay. Its hard"
(One ride later... Still clinging to the edge)
Bailee- "Never doubt your daughter's strength when it comes to ice cream"
... ...End of story? we got free ice cream!

Turn of the Century Swings: Brooklyn finally let go of the chains after she saw Austin and I both do it without flying off the attraction.
Tidal Wave: If you ever ride this ride, check out the guy on the left end of the ship. His butt is SO lopsided (And no, i'm not talking about an actual passenger. I mean the statue.)
Tilt-A-Whirl: The first time we rode it (Mom, Brooklyn, Austin and I) we were amateures trying to get our cart to spin. The second time was just Austin and I... and well, we were awesome. And dizzy.
Space Scrambler: Austin damaged his vocal cords screaming his head off. ;)
Jet Star II: Prettty fun, but it hurts your neck.

Terror Ride: Not my favorite. ( I know the special effects are reallly lame. But I still jump.) We rode it twice. Austin's attempts at scaring me (which were usually successful) were worse than the actual ride.

Dracula's Mansion: (see description above)

White/Red/ Rollercoaster: Another first for Brooklyn. She thinks all the rides will be scary but she loves them afterward. Austin and I kinda freaked my mom out when we were reminiscing about a past lagoon experience when Austin's restraint lifted during this ride two years ago. (tee hee)

Sky Ride: It's probably faster to walk the length of the park than to ride the sky ride across. But It's fun to fib to people riding the opposite way.
ex. "The girl in the cart behind us with the green wintercoat? It's her birthday! Wish her a good one."
Then look back and watch the person behind you look surprised when they get their birthday greetings from a stranger.

Fire Dragon Colossus: Austin and I rode this 3 times :D first two it was just us, then (after a lot of talk) we got my little sister to ride it. (She would only ride it with her big sis') She ended up loving it and is feeling very proud of herself for going on the scariest coaster.

Rocket Re-entry:This was a first timer for me! I've done blast off multiple times, but Re-entry has never appealed to me. But I went on it with Austin, and it was pretty fun. Gave me MAJOR butterflies. :S But It was a lot of fun.

We also had delicious sandwiches and dippin' dots, and we got to watch my friends Eleora and Michael perform in the Broadway Show. They work for Lagoon Entertainment and they did a fantastic job in the show!!! It ended up being a thrilling day and we had a ton of fun. Luckily I was able to sleep in today though because Lagoon is tiring! But sooo worth it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

Well, I just got back from RHS Senior Sunrise. I guess now I'm officially a senior. I don't feel like one. lol. I'm still just a kid... what happened??! It was really fun. They had muffins and drinks, a volleyball set up and some music playing. The party started at 5 in the morning!!! But it was worth it to get up early. Saying goodbye to some more friends for the summer, a few muffins, and a surprise from the seniors (they "crashed" our party ;) it's a tradition for them to come invade.) The senior sunrise was awesome.

And now I can look forward to another busy summer day. After heading to the school for some last few things I'll go to my first voice lesson with Korianne Johnson in Provo!! I am ecstatic for the opportunity to work with her.

Tonight and tomorrow I'm also performing in a dance recital called "Celebrating Dance". It'll be fun! I haven't performed in a dance concert for a looong time. We'll see how it goes!

Anyway... so far this summer looks promising. It'll be a good one! And senior year holds a lot of surprise and memories! I'll miss the seniors of 09' lots and lots! (Performing at graduation was so hard. The last goodbye. They all looked so fantastic in their cap and gowns.) But 10' is going to be the best year yet!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Time is it??

Summertime!! Hopefully now that the end-of-school stress is over I'll be able to post more faithfully on my blog. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, here's what's been happening in the last few days:

  • Les Miserables cast list went up. I'm in the ensemble, and I have a few solos. It'll be a great production!
  • Drama Club Banquet: got all dressed up, ate some yummy food, admired the decorations (Nice job with the "Tony" theme, officers!) and listened to all the awards that were given out. I got a medal/award for "Best in MDT" There was one for a girl and one for a boy. I also recieved some certificates in certain areas. I met the new theatre teacher Mrs. McGuire (dunno on spelling her name) at the banquet as well. We'll miss Mr. Moss
  • Thespian Officer!!! I was accepted to be a thespian officer for the drama club. I'll be the very first V.P. of Recognition at RHS. Officer should be fun, and I'm looking forward to my time with the other officers, I love them all.
  • I saw my first production at Hale Center Theatre. Treasure Island ... I loooved the set!
  • Sang in my voice recital. A song from Broadway's The Little Mermaid called "I Want the Good Times Back" (sung by Ursula)
  • Went to a summer kick-off party Friday night
  • Rehearsed for the ballet recital (We perform this Friday and Saturday!)
  • Got my yearbook and went to the stomp. I'm going to miss my seniors...
  • I've emailed Korianne and I'm going to get some voice lessons set up with her. I think this will be an amazing opportunity! I"m excited to work with her

And that brings me to today- June 3rd. I turn 17 years old today! Yup, a big bday for me today. It's been a good one, I've gotten my yearbook all signed, and this morning the thespian officers had a meeting at Village Inn (We've got some fabulous ideas for next year!!!). I don't want to be 17 or a Senior. That means this years seniors have to leave me. It was a good bday, I got to spend time with them before they move on to college and such! Now I'm at home relaxing and enjoying my holiday and the beginning of what will be an awesome summer! I'll Check in soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long week/ Catch - up

Wow! As was expected the last little while has been super busy. So I got a little behind on my blogging. So here goes, a catching up for the couple of days I've been away...

I went to the Dave Ramsey concert a week ago with my dad, and... I admit, it wasn't that bad. Some of the financial lingo I didn't understand. (Considering I'm not paying for a house and car yet) but a lot of the things that were talked about were a great enlightenment on how to manage my money (or the lack thereof. jk) It was pretty fun. Now I only wish I could turn in some slip of paper to my school so this 6-hour financial seminar could take the place of my financial literacy class next year.
And with that, and a trip to visit my brother Benjamin on Sunday (who FINALLY got to eat after 21 DAYS!!!! Poor kid) The weekend was over, and another busy week was starting. Which only meant...
Les Miserables Auditions.
Auditions for the show were on Monday. Nerve Racking! I sang 16 measures (about 30 seconds) of a song called "Astonishing" from the musical Little Women. Then on Tuesday dance auditions were held. A lot less nerve racking for me, considering I've been dancing on stage a lot longer than I've been singing. The dance and song both went exceptionally well (in my eyes). Then, came...
Okay, so I thought the original auditions were nerve racking? Think again. Callbacks were so intense! There were a lot of talented girls. Most of them were my friends. Competition against your friends is always hard. You want to support your friends. But you would do anything to get the part for yourself. It's a stressful process. And I always read into things WAY to much. Why is the director having me sing this song? Why isn't the director having me sing that song? What is he looking for in the auditions?
So... long story short, I survived two days of callbacks. And now I have to wait until Tuesday before the cast list is posted *gasp* I have a loong weekend ahead of me. :S

So, aside from Les Mis auditions, and singing Les Mis songs all week, and losing sleep over Les Mis (Pathetic, I know. But when I say "Passionate for Performing" I'm not joking!)
There were a lot of other things this week too. In A'ccappella choir we had our last concert of the year. The famous choir teacher at RHS, Mrs. Willmore, is retiring. So the concert was a major tribute to all of the teaching she's done. It was a very amazing and emotional concert. It was the seniors' last time singing with us. I'm going to miss them SO much. This week the choir also sang at an assembly. I also performed in a production called Centerstage Showcase in a show called A Doll's House on Monday, which went really well. The audience enjoyed the show and It was fun to perform. I'm glad the stress of that show is over though. Now I can look forward to my ballet concert on June 5th and 6th, and the theatrical revue of Broadway Kidz that I'm in. (For those who don't know, a revue is a bunch of musical numbers put together in a show based on a theme. The theme for Broadway Kidz is "Holidays". So all the songs are about holidays on the calendar)

And, last but definitely not least, school is coming to an end!! Even though I'm sad to see the seniors go, I'm looking forward to a long summer! As for now, I have a little while of school left. It'll be fun. Les Mis list will be up, and I have the Drama Banquet to look forward to on Wednesday. Hopefully I made Thespian officer (Think- class officer... except only for the theatre department!) Anyways... I'll post back when I find out about Les Miserables!

Monday, May 11, 2009


This week holds a promise of busy-ness and stress. First off, my brother is still in Primary Childrens, unfortunately. But he seems to be getting better every day. Poor Ben. This is a cause of worry and stress for the family, and we're keeping him in our prayers.

Aside from that, there are a lot of minor things to stress about too. Its "Heck week Tech week" for Centerstage Showcase, the most recent of productions I'm in, featuring a series of student-directed one-acts. I'm in one of the shows called A Doll's House. We perform a week from today, and memorization is not going so well. I also have a final performance in theatre 3 and MDT. Not to mention Les Miserables auditions the beginning of next week. That is a whole plethora of stress in itself. These are the auditions for the fall musical next year. My senior musical.

A series of other events including Choir Banquet, Broadway Kidz rehearsals, and an AP TEST are keeping me busy. But, I enjoy doing most of it - even in my moments of craziness. :)
So, we'll see how this all goes!

Oh and to add to all of it, my dad is taking me to a Dave Ramsey concert. This is a guy who talks to people with financial problems. We're looking at a couple of hours of money management lecture... Next Blog: "Death by Dave Ramsey" ...coming to the blog near you ;)

(shouldn't be that bad. Time with my daddy is time well spent. I'll fill you in after I've endured it)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, after much admiration towards my Mom's blog,
I've decided to create one of my own.
This will mark the first post, hopefully the first of many. :)
And of course, I'm still trying to learn how to function in the blogging world...
Starting with the learning of how to navigate my own page.
We'll see how this goes!