Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long week/ Catch - up

Wow! As was expected the last little while has been super busy. So I got a little behind on my blogging. So here goes, a catching up for the couple of days I've been away...

I went to the Dave Ramsey concert a week ago with my dad, and... I admit, it wasn't that bad. Some of the financial lingo I didn't understand. (Considering I'm not paying for a house and car yet) but a lot of the things that were talked about were a great enlightenment on how to manage my money (or the lack thereof. jk) It was pretty fun. Now I only wish I could turn in some slip of paper to my school so this 6-hour financial seminar could take the place of my financial literacy class next year.
And with that, and a trip to visit my brother Benjamin on Sunday (who FINALLY got to eat after 21 DAYS!!!! Poor kid) The weekend was over, and another busy week was starting. Which only meant...
Les Miserables Auditions.
Auditions for the show were on Monday. Nerve Racking! I sang 16 measures (about 30 seconds) of a song called "Astonishing" from the musical Little Women. Then on Tuesday dance auditions were held. A lot less nerve racking for me, considering I've been dancing on stage a lot longer than I've been singing. The dance and song both went exceptionally well (in my eyes). Then, came...
Okay, so I thought the original auditions were nerve racking? Think again. Callbacks were so intense! There were a lot of talented girls. Most of them were my friends. Competition against your friends is always hard. You want to support your friends. But you would do anything to get the part for yourself. It's a stressful process. And I always read into things WAY to much. Why is the director having me sing this song? Why isn't the director having me sing that song? What is he looking for in the auditions?
So... long story short, I survived two days of callbacks. And now I have to wait until Tuesday before the cast list is posted *gasp* I have a loong weekend ahead of me. :S

So, aside from Les Mis auditions, and singing Les Mis songs all week, and losing sleep over Les Mis (Pathetic, I know. But when I say "Passionate for Performing" I'm not joking!)
There were a lot of other things this week too. In A'ccappella choir we had our last concert of the year. The famous choir teacher at RHS, Mrs. Willmore, is retiring. So the concert was a major tribute to all of the teaching she's done. It was a very amazing and emotional concert. It was the seniors' last time singing with us. I'm going to miss them SO much. This week the choir also sang at an assembly. I also performed in a production called Centerstage Showcase in a show called A Doll's House on Monday, which went really well. The audience enjoyed the show and It was fun to perform. I'm glad the stress of that show is over though. Now I can look forward to my ballet concert on June 5th and 6th, and the theatrical revue of Broadway Kidz that I'm in. (For those who don't know, a revue is a bunch of musical numbers put together in a show based on a theme. The theme for Broadway Kidz is "Holidays". So all the songs are about holidays on the calendar)

And, last but definitely not least, school is coming to an end!! Even though I'm sad to see the seniors go, I'm looking forward to a long summer! As for now, I have a little while of school left. It'll be fun. Les Mis list will be up, and I have the Drama Banquet to look forward to on Wednesday. Hopefully I made Thespian officer (Think- class officer... except only for the theatre department!) Anyways... I'll post back when I find out about Les Miserables!

Monday, May 11, 2009


This week holds a promise of busy-ness and stress. First off, my brother is still in Primary Childrens, unfortunately. But he seems to be getting better every day. Poor Ben. This is a cause of worry and stress for the family, and we're keeping him in our prayers.

Aside from that, there are a lot of minor things to stress about too. Its "Heck week Tech week" for Centerstage Showcase, the most recent of productions I'm in, featuring a series of student-directed one-acts. I'm in one of the shows called A Doll's House. We perform a week from today, and memorization is not going so well. I also have a final performance in theatre 3 and MDT. Not to mention Les Miserables auditions the beginning of next week. That is a whole plethora of stress in itself. These are the auditions for the fall musical next year. My senior musical.

A series of other events including Choir Banquet, Broadway Kidz rehearsals, and an AP TEST are keeping me busy. But, I enjoy doing most of it - even in my moments of craziness. :)
So, we'll see how this all goes!

Oh and to add to all of it, my dad is taking me to a Dave Ramsey concert. This is a guy who talks to people with financial problems. We're looking at a couple of hours of money management lecture... Next Blog: "Death by Dave Ramsey" ...coming to the blog near you ;)

(shouldn't be that bad. Time with my daddy is time well spent. I'll fill you in after I've endured it)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, after much admiration towards my Mom's blog,
I've decided to create one of my own.
This will mark the first post, hopefully the first of many. :)
And of course, I'm still trying to learn how to function in the blogging world...
Starting with the learning of how to navigate my own page.
We'll see how this goes!