Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rough Camp: SURVIVOR

Girls Camp: Survivor-Tribes of Truth!
On the 9-11 of July, my ward had their annual Rough Camp :D We stayed at a really pretty campsite called Camp Timpanookie, almost up on the Alipine Loop, past Timpanogas Cave. It was a blast! Here's the scoop on our adventures. :)

My friends Ashley Berg, Kari Mack, and Audrey Nokes had invited me to a sleepover at Ashley's house the night before we left to camp (we all agreed that camp this year wasn't long enough, so we extended it a little by sleeping under the stars at Ash's house) So we woke up on the 9th and made delicious waffles and bacon, and then departed to our own homes to shower and ready ourselves for camp!
At 12:30 my mom and I headed over to Jadean's house (the camp director) My mom came along for girls camp, and she drove Ashley, Audrey, Kari and I up to camp. On the way there our carpool decided to stop and get ice cream somewhere, but while we were on the freeway we witnessed this really scary car accident! A couple in the car ahead of us got in a fight in a car, swerved, and hit a semi-truck! So, after a call to 911 and a lot of chaos and adrenaline rush we stopped and got drinks and ice cream. (Phew!) And then we were on our way to Timpanookie! Because of the car-accident delays, we were a little late arriving at camp, but we still got all of our tents set up.

Then it was time to reveal the theme for 2009 Rough Camp. the theme was.... Survivor! My camp director, being a big fan of the show (along with many of the YW) chose a Survivor theme for camp. It was soo much fun, we were split into tribes, had challenges, and even had torches too! It was really legit ;)

So we were split into three tribes. My tribe were the lions. We got to make up a name... we were trying for an authentic/original sounding survivor name. We took the words LION KING and mixed them up... tribe name? = Kilioki!!! Our tribe was so fierce, we pretty much ruled. rawr. My tribe consisted of my friends Ashley, Audrey, McKenzie, Nicole, and my mom :D

We did a lot of fabulous things at girls camp, including Survivor Challenge games (which our tribe one first place overall!), Crafts (our torches, adorable vinyl cork boards for our rooms, and tribal flags) and of course we all did certification.

But it doesn't stop there, we also had delicious meals and devotionals (the all-classic tinfoil dinner.... mmmm so good.)

The camp concluded with a great bishopric night, secret sisters, and awards!
My award: Mighty Squirrel Hunter- The first day at camp, a chipmunk had gotten into our tent, and Ashley came running out screaming because something was running around in our tent. (hence the reason her award was the Squirrel Squealer, luvya Ash!!) so, I 'came to the rescue' or something like that, with the broom and had to direct the poor frightened frantic chipmunk out of our tent!! :) Girls camp, you gotta love all of the funny stories.

After awards we had a really nice devotional by the bishop, and a really amazing testimony meeting (what would girls camp be without testimony meeting around the fire?)

It ended up being a really fantastic girls camp (lets not forget collapsing the leaders tent and scaring the YW president about bears...lol) And I can't wait for next year's camp! I can't believe it will be my last year. But anyway, we all "Survived" camp, and it was a great experience!