Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Won't Let You Fall- Homecoming 09

Homecoming Dance 2009- Won't Let You Fall (yeah, the song was by Fergie... weird. But it was actually a pretty good song!) My really awesome friend Isaac Patton asked me to homecoming this year. Isaac is a graduate from last year, and used to be in MDT with me. He goes to UVU so he still lives pretty close to home. It was such a fun date! Isaac and I have endless amounts of inside jokes, and our group was HILARIOUS! Some of the other couples in our group were Dylan & Erin, Matt & Stephanie, Josh & Nicole, Jenn & Spencer, and Weston & Amanda. We had so many laughs!

The Date started at noon. Isaac picked me up and we met the other couples in the parking lot at RHS. Our plan was to have a scavenger hunt up at the Zoo! So we carpooled downtown to the Zoo. Isaac and I rode with Josh and Nicole, and we had a fun time getting to know each other better and telling good stories on the drive up. But, when we got to the zoo it was SO crowded. As it turns out... a baby elephant was born at the zoo a few days previously! This also resulted in a VERY crowded zoo. We couldn't find parking! Plan B?? Gateway mall! We all changed route and headed to the mall. We had a blast window shopping. We all got Orange Julius and also got a taste of some very eccentric cultural music! The day activity was so much fun, and we have a lot of inside jokes and pictures!

Then we were headed back home to get all dressed up for the dance! We curled my hair, and of course... we had to get a few photos. Isaac came and picked me up for dinner, and we did each other's corsages and everything. Of course I couldn't pin his flower on... and had to get help from mom. I always have thought the boys have it easy, they just have to put a band around the arm. No pins, no poking... :)

Then we drove to dinner! We ate at Dylan's house. He lives kind of up on a mountainside, and he has a very nice pool in his backyard, so they had a table set up beside the pool, the pool opened and lit. It was very pretty! We had a delicious italian dinner, and a scrumptious dessert! Sparkling cider and all.
Then of course, we headed to the dance! The line for pictures was WAY LONG, but it was worth the wait. It'll be exciting to see how the pictures turn out. The dance was a ton of fun. The senior officers used a "cruise ship" Theme and they had a really cool chandelier/light hanging from the center of the gym, and when we walked into the gym we entered by a ramp that passengers use to board a cruise ship. Great decorations, great music, great fun! And of course, what would a dance with Isaac be without Single Ladies?? Isaac and my friend Chase have the whole dance memorized... and they had an audience as they performed the whole number on the dance floor!! Ha ha. It was awesome!
After the dance we went to Josh's house and had some yummy ice cream :) We also watched Enchanted. It was such a fun date! Dances are always tiring... but always worth it!
My best friends Ashley, Kari, Audrey and I wanted pictures together in our dresses, but we never got time to take some the day of the dance (we were all in different gropus.) So, silly us, got back into our dresses to take pictures the next day. (of course!) It was actually a lot of fun, their moms took pictures of us and we had a good time together. We got a lot of fun pictures too! Oh, what to do when you get girls together with a camera?! Especially when we have pretty dresses ;)
So, the homecoming weekend was a success! It was a tiring weekend, and went by way too fast but it was a blast! There were also other homecoming fesitivites like Powder Puff football and Burning of the Wolf. My brother and I went to the homecoming game (Our school won!!) and overall, it was an exciting and memorable weekend!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Personal Guitar Lessons

I have some pretty talented friends...
Passionate about music, of course.
Singers, dancers, actors,
Musicians of all kinds.
Not to mention-
They are some pretty cool friends too.
I was inspired.
My friend Geoff said,
He taught himself how to play the guitar!
I soon found out he wasn't the only one
Who had acquired this talent.
So I thought I would give it a try, too.
Its a work in progress.
But its been really fun to learn!
and Practice.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to play
As well as some of my friends. :)
Its always fun when we get together.
Just listening, singing...
Making some sweet music. I love it.
So, we'll see how this goes!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Class of '10

The school year has begun!
Hello to tests and quizzes,
socials and football games,
dances... musical theatre,
and did I mention Homework?!

But it looks like it will be a good year.
My schedule is not too bad either...


1. "It's Seminary Time!" I have Seminary first period, with Brother Robinson. I like my class pretty well- luckily we don't have one of those seminary classes who are dead quiet and sleepy in the morning. (for the most part anyway) The hard part of having seminary first will be walking to the building on the winter mornings! brrrrr!

2. Do Re Mi... A'cappella. Choir class is pretty good this year. We have a new teacher, Mrs. Butterfield and I think she is pretty good. I sit on the front row (no sneaking food into choir class this year! darn.) And I'm going to challenge myself to sing second soprano so I can learn how to sight read harmonies better.

3. Medical Anatomy: I'm pretty excited for this class (despite all the memorization.) The school got permission for our class to go to a cadaver lab, and we get to do a lot of cool things... dissections in class, learning how to give stitches, learning about anatomy. :) It'll be fun! My teacher, Coach Wilson, is the coach of the baseball team... as the whole class quickly learned when he banged his metal bat atop the wooden desks!!! :S (made us ALL jump) But he's really funny.

4. Bailee + Math = Bailee's least favorite class. Math 1010 (What a way to end the day!) Math has never been my strongest subject, and its always been far from my favorite subject... but I don't think it will be too bad this year. My friend (and soon-to-be tutor, I have a feeling) Brittany is in the class and we get along. The teacher is really good this year too! Mrs. Kartchner.

B DAY :) My favorite!

5. English 1010: Supposedly, this class gets pretty rigorous. But I've always done okay with English, and I have a lot of friends in the class. Good enviornment, we all help each other out! The teacher is pretty nice too. Mrs. Kinzer. We also get to read one of my favorite books in this class. Jane Eyre (I'm excited)

Let the drama begin... (the kind of drama you WANT to be in)

6. Teacher's Aide- I get to aide for the new Theatre teacher- Mrs. McGuire. I aide her 6th period Film Studies class. So I do pretty easy things like grading and sorting papers... and I get to watch movies while I do it! Not too bad.

7. MDT!!! My favorite class of the year. Music Dance Theatre team. Mr. Eaton is a really cool theatre teacher, and its a fun class. We're working on our first solos for the class, and we are also learning a dance we are going to perform in the sophomore assembly next week: All That Jazz from Chicago I can always count on having a good time in this class (being the theatre geek I am)

8. Theatre 4 :) I get Mrs. McGuire for two class periods this year, which is fun because she's really nice. The advance theatre class is a ton of fun, and I know everyone in the class (we've been in drama together since we were all sophomores) Right now we are learning about Shakspeare and working on Monologues (1 person scenes) So this class looks like it will be fantastic!

And on top of that we have a lot of after school activities I get to be involved in. Two shows, a dance ensemble, MDT performances, being a Theatre officer and then all of the other things... football games, homecoming (hopefully?) and being with some pretty AWESOME friends. The first full week of school was a tiring one though! Still have to get used to the sleep schedule.
But it should be Phenomenal!