Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caught in the Act!

I just got back from a fantastic 3-day theatre conference. The UTA (Utah Theatre Association) conference of 2010 was called "Caught in the Act!" and was held on UVU's campus. There were many great actors, workshops, and performances. So here's the recap on UTA.

Day 1- Thursday

The RHS drama department left the high school at about 12:30. We had 57 Drama geeks pile onto one bus, and we were off to UVU! Bus rides with the drama club are always entertaining. :) Once we arrived at UVU it was off to the workshops! The first workshop I attended was with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul- the composers of the musical Edges and very talented singers and songwriters! The RHS MDT class performed one of Pasek and Paul's songs at the workshop. The song was called "Coasting" and is originally sung by one male and two females. We had approximately 20 men and women sing it at the workshop, and Pasek and Paul really enjoyed the performance! I stayed in Pasek and Paul's room for the second workshop, learning about how to prepare for college, and what different theatre-related majors are available to college students. It was great information, and Pasek and Paul were very awesome people. UTA was off to a fun start! After the second worskhop the drama club ordered Pizza and ate dinner on campus while we waited to get seats for UVU's evening production of Urine Town. The show was spectacular! It was such a unique and interesting musical. The musical ended day #1 with a bang, and we headed home to get a good night's rest before the next day of theatre goodness.

Day 2- Friday
We had an early start Friday and headed down to UVU at 7:30 in the morning! We began the day by helping the technical theatre students set up their booths for interviews for scholarships, and then we headed to a huge gym to listen to the Key-note speaker. The key-note speaker, Anne Bogart, was the creator of Viewpoints, a method that actors use to help focus and build characters. She was an amazing speaker and we all learned some great things from her. Then UVU provided a delicious lunch, and I was off to auditions! UTA offers the opportunity to have a couple of students from each school that attends the conference to audition for scholarship opportunities for colleges and universities all over the state. RHS was able to take four auditioners- Matt, Lauren, Jenn, and myself. We headed over to the library, where auditions were being held- and prepared ourselves. It was so nerve-wracking! We got dressed up nice, warmed up... and our audition time was 1:50. I walked into the auditorium on my own and found a large group of professors and college majors scattered throughout the audience. I sang a song and performed a monologue. It was a spectacular experience, and I felt confident about my audition! After auditions, I went with a group of friends to a dance workshop. We learned the original Broadway choreography to "God I Hope I Get It" from A Chorus Line. It was a difficult, fast-paced dance, but we had a BLAST learning it!!! After the dance workshop my friend Dylan and I left the conference for voice lessons (which are always fun) and then the drama club went to the University Mall for dinner. Afterwards we went to Mountain View High School to see their production of Little Shop of Horrors. After the show we found ourselves in the middle of a snow storm! But after much chaos, we found our bus, got out of the snow-packed parking lot, and made our way home. It was an awesome conference so far.

Day 3- Saturday

The last day! We drove down to Utah Valley at 7:30 and went to MVHS to see the Salt Lake School of Performing Arts original production called Innovations. It was a very moving and emotional piece. Using no words, and just a few props and music, the actors portrayed the life of two best friends and what happens when one of the girls gets breast cancer. The audience was touched, and it was an excellent way to start the last day of UTA. After the performance we went back to UVU and went to more workshops! I loved all of the workshops at UTA, and learned SO MUCH! :) The RHS MDT class also discovered that Pasek and Paul wanted our class to perform in their final concert with them! We had a rehearsal with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. They helped us perfect their song "Coasting" and prepared us for the final performance that evening. Pasek and Paul were so friendly and talented!!! It was a wonderful opportunity to work with them... and I just had to get a picture! After some more workshops we went to a magic show, and then headed to Golden Corral for dinner! All you can eat! :) and it was sooo yummy! After dinner we headed to MVHS for the final awards ceremony and concert. MDT arrived early, and we practiced our song one more time with Pasek and Paul. Then 2000 students poured into the auditorium. We had an awards ceremony, where two of our students won cash prizes. (Julie for Playwriting, and Andrew for technical theatre). Then it was time for the FINAL CONCERT!!! Pasek and Paul were so awesome and entertaining to listen to... all of the audience admired their personality and talent. (the girls especially... ha ha). It was the best way to end the conference, especially when MDT went up and sang our song with Pasek and Paul. After the concert, everyone climbed onto the bus for one more crazy-loud ride home. What a weekend.

Overall... I absolutely loved UTA. It was amazing being able to spend time with friends and other people who are passionate about what I am passionate about. We bonded, laughed, and learned SO MUCH! It made me realize that this is really what I want to do with my life. I love performing. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello 2010! (A little late... I know)

Wow! Another year starting already. Just felt like I should write a bit about everything 2009 and my looking forward to 2010.

2009 started off to a great year. I was in the MDT revue "Broadway Nights" and I absolutely loved performing with the 08-09 class. I miss them a lot, we got along great and I will never forget how much I learned in that class. They were all so talented and it was great to share time on the stage with each and every one of them. The year kept rolling on, and I got more and more involved with theatre I went to UTA conference and learned the difference between Amazing and Amahzing, and went to some pretty spectacular workshops! As the year progressed, so did my performing. I was in the competition play Antigone as a member of the "Greek Chorus" with Cabrielle and Stephen. The Greek Chorus got an award for excellence in acting. I also took a monologue to competition, recieving straight superiors in region and state.

In April I went on choir tour with the RHS A'cappella group. We went to the one and only... the happiest place on earth. Disneyland :) and it was such a fun trip! Disneyland, competitions, Hollywood, Universal Studios, friends, CTR's... the whole sha-bang.

I also had to keep up with my academics. Probably one of my worst years. I discovered that Math is definitely not my forte, and I transferred out at the semester, causing me to have to take math my senior year. It was a rough year in learning to keep my priorities straight. It wasn't very good timing, considering Junior year is the year that colleges look at most. But I learned from my setback and life kept a-goin'...

In the spring MDT performed "Back to the 80's" and it was one of my favorite shows to be in. It wasn't very big, but it was a blast. Whenever I'm having a rough day I can sing "Don't Worry Be Happy/Come On Eileen" in my head and somehow, everything turns out to be okay ;) Something about reminiscing when Chase, Parker and Isaac sang it to me just brightens my day. tee hee :)

My junior year in high school was coming to an end. I went to a lot of fun dances and parties, enjoyed most of my classes, and plowed through my homework. In the spring we had musical auditions. Les Miserables auditions were a hard hit, but I was still excited to be part of such a famous show. On a happy note I was chosen to be a Thespian Officer, and I love it! The end of the year was bitter-sweet. I wasn't ready to let go of my seniors yet, but- they left all the same. I didn't feel old enough to replace them as seniors. But I had a summer to prepare for my last year at RHS.

It was one of my favorite summers ever. Realizing it was my last summer before I had to worry about being an adult, I just wanted to soak in every moment (and of course, it still flew by way too fast.) I was in Broadway Kidz with some of my favorite people I have ever met. I will never forget the kind of theatre we performed with BK, from the time I did High School Musical up through this summer. The people there are so special, and I look up to each of them more than they can ever imagine. They also know how to have an awesome time. We rehearsed and partied and had a lot of laughs.

Over the summer I also got to know the Theatre Officers better as we planned the 09-10 school year for the drama club. We had high expectations and had no idea what it was going to be like, but we work together and get closer all the time and I love them so much!

I also had a job nanny-ing for my autistic cousin, Ian. It was actually a really enjoyable job. I had long hours at the library while he worked with a speech tutor, and I love reading so it was very relaxing. I also learned how to play Halo, though I never quite mastered it (Ian kicked my trash!) I love spending time with kids, so the job was great for me, and helped me to earn money for NYC in 2010!

I did many spontaneous things over the summer. Met new people, went swimming, stayed out late, gazed at the stars, went camping with the family, had a couple of awesome girls nights, got in trouble for being late for curfew :), ran through the sprinklers, stayed outside on warm summer nights, enjoyed sleeping in, said goodbye to my friends leaving for college, saw secondhand what it is to be a true friend, and I just loved eveything about the summer.

Senior started, unprepared as I was. Les Miserables came and went, and it was a beautiful show. The cast was very talented. I went to Shakespeare competition and performed in a dance peice with Dance company, as well as the ensemble piece "Romeo and Juliet". I was cast as Juliet (and lemme tell ya, it takes talent to lie dead on stage! haha) I auditioned for a Hale Centre Theatre show (and got a lot farther than I thought I would!) and started taking from a great voice teacher :)

As far as academics go, I was enrolled in another math class, much to my dissapointment. But I also had the opporunity to take a little bit of ballroom, and of course the theatre classes are the best! Most of my classes are enjoyable. College is another thing entirely. In the fall I started applying to various colleges and universities... this process is so stressful! But we're almost through sending everything in.

So... 2009 started to come to a close. Of course there were many great things about 2009, some things I wish I could relive, and even a handful of things I wish I could do over. But life moves on at its steady pace- and here I am... facing 2010 head-on!!

So far this year, I've been in another great MDT Revue. My last at RHS. I was cast in the winter play Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940's as Marjorie. We perform in February. I am preparing for college theatre auditions at Utah Theatre Conference, BYU, Weber, and Snow College. I didn't pass my math final... which was a dissapointment... but there are still 11 months left of 2010, so I think there's enough time to salvage it and make it the best year yet!

2010. What next? Well... I can't wait to graduate. I love love love high school and I'll miss it immensely, but college holds new and exciting adventures, and I know that wherever I decide to go I'll learn some awesome new things, meet great new people, and have fun. I'll be turning 18... something which strikes me as odd. 18 seems old, although I know that life's just barely kickin' into gear! I just want to make this year as memorable as possible. I want to live this year with few regrets! They say "high school is to be endured, college is to be enjoyed". I want to enjoy both high school and college while they last!!! :D Hopefully I'll be doing something involving the performing arts in college, though I know that its such a popular career choice... and the chances of being successful are slim to none. But... what do they say about following your dreams? I guess we'll see about "If there's a will there's a way"

So (now that I've rambled far longer than anyone cares)... bring it on 2010!!! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Broadway and All That Jazz

RHS MDT Revue 2010
Broadway & All That Jazz
Jan 8th and the 11th
Comee see a revue
All Broadway!
7:00 pm $6.00