Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Play

Who is the Stage Door
The Director? The Maid? The
Producer? The Comic?
The Chorus Girl?
The Lyricist? The Tenor? The Cop? The Composer?
See Riverton High School's
Production of
The Musical Comedy
Murders of 1940.
February 18, 19, 20, and 22

Tickets- $7.00 for adults. $6.00 for students

It will be a night full of murder and laughs!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pre-college STRESS

Letters of recommendation,
Oh yeah. and AUDITIONS.

Basically, this is all stressing me out. Big time. But no worries... I'm fine.
F. freaked out
I. insecure
N. neurotic and
E. emotional

;) okay so I'm a little over-the-top dramatic.
But that's why I'm majoring in drama/theatre,

Where were we? Oh ya!

(Depressing music ensues)

I've auditioned/will be auditioning for several schools including the UTA conference, BYU, UVU, Weber, U of U (twice), Snow College, and AMDA (some random conservatory in NYC). Its so tiring... I have to fill out the school's applications, the scholarship applications, print out copies of my resume, write goal statements and essays, get letters of recommendation, print a headshot, and prepare either....

Two monologues
A song and a monologue
A song and two monologues
Two songs and a monologue
Or two songs AND two monologues.

... Let's just say I have a lot up my sleeve... so I don't have to keep re-preparing audition pieces. So anyways, after my auditions I get the privilege to wait ever-so-anxiously for an acceptance letter (or a rejection letter... preferably the former). After which, I have to fill out housing papers and other fabulously fantastic forms. (rolls eyes)

Okay okay. So I KNOW that I'm not the only picked-on incoming freshman. But somebody has to speak for us poor unfortunate souls. And to all the adults out there? Yeah, Yeah, You've been there too, I know. But just because I have to do all this silly stuff doesn't mean I am required to LIKE it. I mean, it'll be super nice to get a scholarship SOMWEWHERE (crosses fingers) but the process is a long one... and that, is an understatement.

I'll just be glad when next month rolls along and I am finished with this craziness. In the meantime... I better get back to my applications!! :) :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Confessions of a new obsession

Gilmore Girls.
That's right- I'm hooked.
Why I haven't found this clever series sooner?
? Good question.
My friend Jenn let me borrow the 1st season.
She said she's a worshipper of the series.
She watches it faithfully and owns ALL of the seasons.
Its the perfect medicine to a bad day;
and the perfect addition to a better day.
Its girly, funny, romantic, cute
and... girly :)
I'm almost finished with the 1st season.
I know I know,
Most definitely.
Its great... gettin' comfy
In Pajama's and a fleece blanket
sitting down to relax with a cute chick flick
With some no-bake cookies or a slice of pizza.
What could be better?
Too bad I have more important things to do every day...
Or else I would watch it alllll dayyyy loooong.
...Gotta love Gilmore Girls.