Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pizza and Piazza!

So... after receiving a full-tuition waiver to Weber from the theatre department (Yay!) I thought I better visit the school, and see what it's like. I've been on campus a couple of times. I went once during UTA (Theatre a.k.a. "geek" conference) during my junior year. I also went to Weber for my actual audition for my scholarship. But now that the Wildcats were listed as a definitely/maybe for my future home I thought I better visit it again, with the idea of "the next four years of my life" in mind. :) So yesterday my parents and I went and visited campus, had dinner, and went to see one of Weber's musical productions.

Pause: Detour from the subject:
My tuition waiver. I should explain this a little before rambling on about the details of my Saturday night in Ogden.

So I went to this audition at Weber about a month ago. I had to sing a song and perform two contrasting monologues (Dumb it down? Monologues are one-person scenes. Only one person is on the stage. For those of you who don't get it.) I had to perform these 3 audition pieces in front of three Intimidating Professors and a whole slather of theatre-geeks-who-want-free-schooling just like me. I hand over my resume and school records... and I have 3 minutes to show Intimidating Professors that I'm better than the rest of the Theatre Geeks.

Surprise! My audition miraculously worked. Full tuition waiver. It covers full tuition. (no duh) Its different from a scholarship because I have to fulfill certain "duties" to keep the waiver. To keep my waiver I have to have 48 hours (or so) of devoted time working with the theatre department. This includes being in shows, stage-teching shows, Ushering, helping with props and costumes... etc etc. (a.k.a. slave work for the said Intimidating Professors) But this is all A.OK.... considering I LOVE doing this stuff anyway.

So... Wha-Bam! It looks to me as if my choosing-of-colleges stress is finally simmering down. Yippee. Now we need to take care of... housing, books, class schedules, and the "oh wow, I'm gonna be living on my own/I'm an adult!" concept that I still need to grasp! :)

This is gonna be just a TON of fun. (note the sarcasm) Just kidding... I really am excited. :) :) And that's why I took a trip down to Weber with my parents last night!

Back to Saturday...
So my parents and I drove down to Ogden. First Stop: University Village. My future home. We walked into the community center for the apartments and spoke with some students that are R.A.'s in the apartments. The apartments are super nice. ("posh" as Daddy would say") and I'm hopefully rooming with a friend from RHS, and then I'll get to meet two new friends.

After housing we visited campus. We visited the Browning center (the performing arts center) and a couple of other buildings. The campus was dead-quiet on a Saturday, but it seems like a very nice place where I can make lots of friends and continue to further my education!!! (of course, Dad is in total denial of the fact that yes, I will have a social life. I'm not going to lock myself up and study 24/7. Sorry Dad. I will do well in school AND have fun. That's what college is about!)

Next stop: Dinner! Mm mm... we dined at the Pie Pizzeria just off campus. We ordered WAY too much Pizza for the three of us, grabbed a couple of take-out boxes and headed on over to the Browning center to watch the show, Light in the Piazza.

The show was beautifully done! This made me the most excited for Weber, since I will be studying some theatre in college. They had excellent voices! The set was fabulous, and the production was wonderful! My parents enjoyed it too... although since they aren't diagnosed with the "Theatre-Geek" disease, they weren't as enthused. But we all enjoyed watching the show!

After the show, we clambered into the pizza-intoxicated van and made the pepperoni-smelling drive home. ;) Looks like Weber is going to be great!! Last night sure was a fun start :) Go Wildcats!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza

Its time for Region theatre again!
RHS is competing in Region theatre competition
With a comedy piece called
The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza
Do you like greek mythology?
Take the major traditional greek myths
And throw them into ONE SHOW!!
Spoof it up a bit and you have
The Olympiaganza!
It's a great show
With about a 13-member cast.
You can come see our preview
Monday March 8th, at 3:00 pm.
$1 entrance fee.

Wish us luck at Region!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Now that the winter play is over
(which was a blast, btw)
I went to get my hair cut!
Not a HUGE difference...
But I got my bangs re-styled.
Somethin new, just for kicks.
Here's a pic :)
Change is fun