Friday, April 30, 2010

Lucky Stiff

Riverton High has a dead body.
It's in the auditorium.
You want to see it? Come see Lucky Stiff.
Friday, Saturday, and Monday. It's going to be swell.
7:00 pm and an additional Sat. Matinee at 2 pm.

It's double casted, and both casts are spectacular!
I play the lead Annabel Glick on Friday and Saturday night,
And Southern Lady on Saturday matinee and Monday night!
Come support MDT
It'll be way fun!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sleep Deprivation, Couch Transportation, and Etc!

What a weekend.

Included a very hectic rehearsal,
Helping a theatre teacher move houses,
And a Girls Night!!!
With some awesome girls,
Kate Bagley (hostess), Cabby Andersen,
Lauren Reinke, Brittany Hathaway, Carly Sisson
And myself :)


It was such a blast.
We did each other's nails, makeup, and hair.
Can anyone say VOGUE?!
Then we made a trip to Walmart
At two in the morning.
We played hide and seek in the store,
And did many other rather crazy things...
We bought temporary tattoos too. :)
Then we went back to Kate's house
Made friendship bracelets
And put on the walmart tattoos.
Don't forget all the junk food we purchased!!
Then we all went outside on the tramp
Until the sun rose.
Waffles for breakfast,

Saturday was loooong and fantastic!
I had another rehearsal for the musical,
And then MORP!
I took my awesome friend
And fellow Theatre Officer
Rudy Arias
To the school dance.
For our day activity
We took an ugly pink couch
From the school drama department
Lugged it all over town...
And took pictures!
Random couch + camera + crazy theatre kids
A TON of fun!
The dance was great too.
After we went to Smiths, purchased some beverages
And then we went to Dylan MacDonald's house
(Also a theatre officer, in our dance group)
And watched one of my favorite movies
500 Days of Summer.
We were all falling asleep during the movie though.
Guess that's what an all-nighter
Followed by a school dance
Does to ya!

Sunday I slept in, to catch up on ALL
Of my lack of sleep.
Went to church,
Taught the YW lesson,
And slept some more!

Basically, it was an epic weekend.

Here are some snapshots of my adventures.

Our foot tattoos from Walmart.
Taken at about 3:30 in the morning.

The couch.
(In front of the District)

All of our group (the Theatre Officers)
On the couch at RHS!

My second favorite movie ever.
Great conclusion to the weekend of partying :)
(Even though I kept falling asleep. yaawwn!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let it sing you a Lullabye...

I love the rain.
I love the smell of the rain,
I love how the world glistens when it rains.
I love the sound of the rain.
"Those who say sunshine brings happiness
have never played in the Rain."

I love singing and dancing in the rain.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain."

I also love reading in the rain.

I have had a busy week...
And after I ran a few errands today,
I left early to pick my sister up from voice lessons,
And just waited in the car.
I took a book with me,
Turned the car off
And just read my book.
A mere half hour,
Just me and my book
And the rain
Drumming against the windows of the car.
I love curling up with a good book
And listening to the sound of the rain...
Especially when I've had a busy day.
...So relaxing :)

"Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
~Langston Hughes

I love spring days filled with sunshine and flowers too.
But every once-in-a-while
Rainy days make me smile.
They put me in a good mood.

"April showers bring May flowers!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Life's Insanity

Looks as if the last month-and-a-half of High School is going to be very stressful.
Week after week after week... I have something going on.
Let's hope I can survive without pulling my hair out.
At least I'm ending my senior year with a bang!
Don't believe me yet? Here's my list:

Centerstage Showcase
This high school production
Is a night of one-act plays
Which are student-directed.
The play that I wanted to direct
Was chosen for the showcase.
"Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me A Song"
Today we held auditions
So I can cast my show.
Tomorrow are callbacks...
And then we have three, namely, three short weeks
To get everything up and running!

Theatre Four Showcase.
This high school production performs
It is also a night of one-act plays
And short scenes.
I am in four numbers, one of which
I wrote,
And cast myself in! (Our whole class is the short play I wrote)
I have to be ready to perform this in three days!

Lucky Stiff
This high school production performs in two weeks.
It is the spring musical for Riverton High School's
Music, Dance ,Theatre class.
I recieved the wonderful opportunity
To play the lead In this show.
We are double casted,
Which means I have multiple parts to learn
Because I am only the lead half of the performances!

Walk in the park... I think not!.... but oh, the craziness doesn't end.

Not Yet.

Miss Riverton Pageant.
I got involved with the Miss Riverton Scholarship pageant.
This lovely event performs on May 8th.
We have rehearsals every saturday
The week of the Pageant- we have rehearsals every day.
Not to mention I have to go shopping for
Dance outfits,
And many accessories.

My last school dance of the year
(With the exception of Senior Dinner Dance, but we don't find dates to that one)
I asked my wonderful friend, Rudy.
Morp is this Saturday-
My group still needs to plan the day activity and dinner.

Choir performances and banquet!
I transferred out of a'cappella some time ago,
But last quarter I re-enrolled myself into the class!
How. Fantastic.
I have a couple of performances and competitions with the choir.
Not to mention the end-of-year choir banquet!
Fun? Yes!
But these are just more events I have to get ready for.

Drama banquet.
Being a Thespian officer,
We have to plan an end-of-year theatre banquet.
Plan a whole banquet for the Drama Club?!
Enough said.

Everything else...
Senior Dinner Dance,
Silverwolf Medallion and Enhanced Diploma applications,
Seminary absense make-up,
Seminary graduation,
Drama socials,
Voice lessons,
End of year 'hoo hah'

All leading up to...
(Drum Roll)

...Let's just hope I can make it through everything.
Hair in-tact, and all! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Imma gLeek

Today is the long-anticipated
Return of Glee.
one of the
Best. Series. Ever.

Of course, this show is right up my alley,
Singing, dancing, and acting.
Highschool comedy
All rolled into one.

Something that I look forward to every week!
I'm a Gleek. (''Glee Geek''... if it wasn't apparent)

Not to mention it is a series
I have gotten my whole family addicted to.
Its great entertainment!
And it starts tonight!
Better go get ready for the big event :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Children's Miracle Network

Meet Benjamin.
Benjamin is my younger brother. He is 16 years old.
Benjamin loves to hike, fish, camp, read, play vidoegames,
Spend time with friends...
And do what any 16-year-old boy loves to do.

Benjamin is one of my best friends.
Not even two years older than him, Ben and I have grown up together.
All of Ben's life growing up, he has experienced stomach pains.
"He needs more fiber"
"Its just gas pains"
"His food is just digesting slowly"

Three years ago, Ben had a really bad stomach pain,
And was sent to the emergency room.
"He has a malrotation of the intestine."
Ben was born with a problem
That doctors usually catch
When kids like my brother are toddlers,
And even then its not so common.
One intestinal surgery down: weeks spent in the hospital...
No such luck.

For three years, surgeons and doctors tried to fix Ben.
Four critical surgeries
 Staying at the hospital weeks at a time...

This became Benjamin's bedside table.
His best friends were the hospital faculty
And his daily diet was TPN.
A 15-16 year old weighing 83 pounds.
But after three long years
And four complicated intestinal surgeries...


Hopefully Ben is fixed. :) 
Ben is recovering. Gaining weight, growing taller.
He's almost got me in height now.
He's a sophomore in High School
Now he can hike, fish, camp, read, play vidoegames,
Spend time with friends...
And do what any 16-year-old boy loves to do.
Thanks to the Primary Children's Hospital
Ben is our family's real miracle. :)

So when I decided to run for Miss Riverton,
Along with the high-heels and the tiara,
I needed a platform.
 I decided
Children's Miracle Network...

So that other families can have miracles too. :)
I'm planning on fundraising and volunteering for the CMN
In fact, the Miss Riverton Scholarship Pageant
Is donating to the Children's Miracle Network this year.
Below the CMN picture is a video link about CMN:
Check it out.
 Above the CMN balloon is a link
If you'd like to help donate to CMN
And help me out with Miss Riverton
100% of all donations go to CMN!

And a big thanks to Primary Children's Hospital,
A Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Link: Real Miracles video- Children's Miracle Network

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Last Stretch...

Story time! When I was in Europe, exactly three years ago, I stayed in a home with some of my dad's friends' friends (got that?)... There names were Liz and Pippa. They lived off the coast of France in a beautiful countryside home. It was absolutely gorgeous... quaint, antique, green, and simply wonderful, like something out of a story book. This is where my family spent the breezy nights and cozy evenings during our stay in France.

Every morning, before the family would pack up for the day and go sight-seeing, Liz and Pippa would cook us a delicious breakfast. One morning, over a delightful homemade meal, my family was discussing what a shame it was that we only got to spend 17 short days in Europe. How would we ever see everything?! This is when Liz told us about a "tick mark for next time". She told us that we should make a list- a list of everything, absolutely everything we wanted to see or do in Europe. If we didn't get to it on our trip, it would give us a reason - an excuse- to come back one day and experience it all again. Whatever we didn't get to see on our trip would be put on the list, a tick mark for the next time we came back. I've always remembered Liz and Pippa... and I hope I can go back to Europe again someday. Its a tick on my list for life...

Or in other words--
A Bucket List.
True, I'm a little young to write down a
List of to-do's before I die.
But this is a lil' bit different.
This is a list of things to do before my childhood,
My irresponsible natures, my freedom,
My teenage years...
The wonderous and youthful phase of my life
As we know it-

Is dead.

Things I want to do before college.
This is the last stretch of my high school career.
My last summer of pure and endless freedom
This is it before I have to live on my own and have a career.
Might as well go out with a bang
The 'tick list' of my high school career.
So here it is:
On the right-hand column
I've written down the start of my bucket list.
(I'm ambitious, so I may add more later)
If I've finished a 'tick mark' on the list,
It'll change to pink.
I'll also try and write a post/picture of every 'tick mark.'
Here we go!

(Warning: Some of these may sound silly, stupid, or may not make an ounce of sense to you at all. But its my blog, and its your choice to read it.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

(doo doo, doo doo)
We're suffering through
Utah Weather's typical springtime mood swings.
Last week during spring break
Snow, snow, rain
And snow.

But today...
I took pleasure in driving home with the windows rolled down.
And I feel like settling on the front porch for a good read.
The daffodils have survived Utah's bipolar attitude this far.
Hopefully the sun is here to stay.
(Fat chance. But one can hope)

Thank you, Earth,
For finally sending us a day of springtime and sunshine.
You missed spring break...
a week late, maybe,
But still appreciated

Friday, April 2, 2010

Prom 2010-The Way 3/26/10

One of my awesome theatre friends, Dylan, took me to RHS Prom at the Capitol this year. It was so much fun! We went to Provo and played Laser Tag and Mini Golf for our day activity. We also ate delicious pizza at the laser tag place. Then we made the drive back home and got ready for the big dance! We ate dinner at Dylan's house (not to mention it was Dylan's 18th birthday!!!) and then we took a limo up to the capitol! The dance was a ton of fun and the capitol was beautiful. After the limo ride back home we watched Emporer's New Groove. :) It was one of my last formal dances at high school! (tear) But it was lots of fun, and Dylan is a great friend. :) Thanks for taking me Dyl!