Monday, May 31, 2010

Seminary Graduation

Yesterday was Seminary Graduation.
It went by so fast! I can't believe I've taken Seminary
For FOUR years :)
I loved Seminary, it was so much fun
And I learned a ton of amazing things.
It seems just like yesterday when I was a
Sitting in Brother Davis's class.
That was so fun!

Since then I have had so many teachers, all of whom I need to thank!
Bro. Davis, Bro. Bailey, Bro. Cox, Bro. Taylor, Bro. Scadden,
Bro. Robinson, Bro. Fitch, and Bro. Foulger!

They've all helped my testimony grow so much!
I'm so grateful I've had such amazing teachers.

The graduation was at 6 yesterday,
At the Stake Center.
Our graduation was combined with another stake too.
We had some very good youth speakers,
And we all recieved our diplomas...
I went to the same graduation as my friends
Spencer Walker, Landon Arnold,
Ashley Berg, and Matt Baxter
(We're goofballs... showing off our diplomas)
We had two people from my ward who were graduating.
My best friend Ashley Berg, and myself.
Ash and I have known eachother since about...
Age 3
It was a great opportunity to graduate with her.

Our bishop was so kind, he gave us both
A book called "6 Events"
I've already started reading it, and it's so amazing!
I recieved congrats from a lot of people,
And said hi to many seminary friends :)

I'm going to miss going to seminary!
It was always such a wonderful addition to my school day.

But now... Institute!! :) I can't wait.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Week!

Wow! The past few days have been SO busy and SO FUN! Here's the recap:

Saturday May 22nd

First- auditions. I decided to audition for a production of Pirates of Penzance at Hale Centre Theatre. My awesome friend Dylan MacDonald and I auditioned at 9:05 in the morning. It's always nerve-wracking to audition at Hale, because everyone seems so much older and professional. I sang sixteen bars of a song called, "Nobody Makes a Pass at Me" and, as scared as I was, I made callbacks!!! They gave us a piece of music to practice over the weekend that was from Pirates of Penzance. Getting callbacks is always exciting!
Secondly... Senior Dinner Dance!! I still can't grasp hold of the fact that I'm graduating next week. Last Saturday was the Senior Dinner Dance at the Little America Hotel downtown. The theme was "Here's to Goodbye" (Depressing?? I know!)... I rode to the trax station with my very good friends Matt Baxter, Kate Bagley, Kali Buhler, Brittany Hathaway, Dylan MacDonald, and Mike Adler. :) The ride up to trax was crazy and fun. Then we rode trax downtown (Among MANY other seniors.) The Little America was such a beautiful hotel!

We had a delicious dinner wich consisted of; salad (with some delicious strawberry vinagarette dressing), Chicken Cordon Bleu, Steamed veggies and potatoes, and Strawberry Cheesecake (mmmmm!). The tables and the dining room were gorgeous! I sat at a table with my theatre friends. After the seniors finished dinner, we danced the night away! It was such a blast! I also know two classmates who were engaged that night (holy cow, I can't believe there are people my age getting married... weird). Towards the end of the dance the senior class officers awarded the senior superlatives (just some fun awards... "most likely to ___") and then my group left the dance.
We rode trax to the Gateway and got Ben and Jerry's ice cream... (I love ice cream, so this was the perfect conclusion to the day). We just goofed off the whole way home.... while making fun of the madrigals who were singing on the train. Dorks. ;)

Saturday- Sunday May 23rd
Sleepover time with my best friend Brittany Hathaway! After the dance, we had a sleepover at my house! We mostly talked with my mom about the dance... then we started feeling tired from the long day, and so we went to bed at 2 :) We woke up to a delicious breakfast, cooked by the one and only--- my daddy... ... I love Sunday morning breakfasts! The sleepover was the perfect wrap-up to my weekend of joyous events!

Monday May 24th
Hale Centre Theatre Pirates of Penzance callbacks! What a BLAST!!! I was really nervous to go by myself at first, but it ended up being loads of fun. I arrived at callbacks at six. First, we sang the piece of music we recieved last Saturday in groups of four (4-part harmony) That was scary... but I think I sang pretty well, and I had a fun time acting out the song with my 3 fellow auditioners. After the songs, we had to read a generic monologue, but not just your normal monologue... we had to draw a character description from a hat... and whatever character we drew... we had to be that character. I drew Zoro! (How the crap is a 17-year-old girl supposed to play Zoro?) The Zoro incident = epic failure. I thought for sure that my performance as Zoro would have gotten me cut from auditions, but no! They asked me to stay and I had the opportunity to dance! (My favorite!). After the dance callbacks all the girls were sent home. So we'll have to see how it all goes! (Wish me luck!)

I also made a lot of new audition buddies along the way. During our dinner break I went to Costa Vida with Nikki and Shelby, and I also met two guys named Andrew and Bryce who were really nice! I love that the auditioners at Hale are so friendly and encouraging! Callbacks were a great experience. I'm more than satisfied to merely recieve a callback among such talented professionals! (Even though I didn't get home until 11:30, it was worth it!)

Tuesday May 25th,
Hip Hop'n Happy: In MDT we had a guest choreographer (BYU Cougarette alumni/student of Tabitha and Napoleon from So You Think You Can Dance) come and teach the MDT students a Hip Hop number! Two things to keep in mind. MDT-ers are NOT Hip Hop experts. And we are very white. ;) but the workshop was phenomenal! We all had an entertaining time learning the dance. BreAnne, the choreographer, was amazing, and we had fun dancing together for one last time!

Drama Banquet Preparation: This took fooorrreeevvveeerrrrrrr... but it was fun! This year I am the Thespian Officer V.P of Recognition, so my job was to make an award for everyone who was coming to the banquet. Doesn't sound that bad? Think again. I had to come up with over 70 awards. It was so hard! I stayed in the Drama Room looong after school got out and tried to finish as many awards as I could. Even after I got home from school and the missionary fireside, I worked on awards. I was up until 1 o' clock brainstorming funny awards... so I hope everyone appreciates theirs! ;)

Missionary Fireside: (Big sigh) I love LDS missionaries. (See blog post "Elderly Company") and on Tuesday the missionaries held a fireside for the youth. The missionaries discussed with us some important things about being a missionary. They taught us to strive to be a good example and to bear our testimony of the church whenever we have the opporutnity. I just love the missionaries who are serving in our ward, and they did a fabulous job with the fireside... (One of the missionaries winked at me from the stands during the closing hymn! Boy was I blushing!!)
I'm in love with the Elders :) ask anyone ;) Swoon and Sigh (I kid. Well. Sorta...)

Wednesday May 26th
DRAMA BANQUET!!!! The end-of-year Drama Banquet was on Wednesday. All of the Thespian officers... Rudy Arias, Dylan MacDonald, Jenn Ridley, Stephanie Ellis, Matt Baxter and myself... put in a considerable amount of hard work and dedication to put this banquet together, and I think it turned out to be a STUNNING event! We had catered food, amazing decorations, and awesome people there to help us and have fun with us!
Congratulations to the new officers Stephanie Ellis, Cameron Cook, Moose Cooper, Ann Lopez, Carlee Grow, and Cabrielle Andersen (Cabrielle took my position! She's going to be amaz-z-z-ing!). Also congratulations to everyone who got an award!
My funny award was "Practically Perfect, and Anal Juliet". Gotta love the officers... they're the ones who created my award (since I created ALL of the other ones.) The teachers gave out their legit awards too.
I recieved the ranking of an Internation Thespian (highest rank) in the International Thespian Society. This is a HUGE achievement for me, I've been working hard at earning this rank ever since my sophomore year. The International Thespian Society is known world-wide, and you have to be involved in so much theatre to recieve different rankings. I was the only person at RHS this year who recieved the rank of an International Thespian. I was so honored. And I have some amazing friends... when I recieved my award, they all stood for me and clapped. I love my theatre family SO MUCH! They're amazing.
I also recieved the "Unsurpassed Performance" actress plaque/award. My pheomenal and talented friend Matthew Baxter earned the same plaque for the guy version. I feel so honored and complimented to be given the same award as him, because he is truly amazing. :) Way to go Matt! Love you, and I can't wait to go to WSU with you :D
The banquet was bittersweet. Celebrating the end-of-year banquet made me realize that the year went by sooooooooo fast. It seems like last week that I was being appointed officer at last years baquet, and I can't believe I already have to leave it all behind. Last night was superb. We laughed, we cried, and the banquet just reminded me how close I am to all of those amazing people in the drama club. I honestly don't know what I would have done in high school without them. After the banquet I went to Arctic Circle with my friends Rudy, Stephanie, Mike, Dylan, and Matt. We ate ice cream and just talked about how bittersweet the banquet was. It was an unforgettable night. I love Theatre :)

Thursday May 27th
Thursday I went to the Silverwolf Medallion Banquet. There were only 103 seniors out of 1000 who recieved this medallion. We had a special dinner in our honor, and I sat with my friends Landon Arnold, Dylan MacDonald, Brittany Hathaway, Mike Adler, Jessy Montclair, Josh Brockbank, Erin Davenport, and Jenn Ridley. We recieved our medallion, and we got a picture taken with the school's Pricipal. Recieving the Silverwolf Medallion has always been a high-school goal of mine... and I'm so grateful I have had such a wonderful high school experience and that I had the opportunity to recieve this award.
After the Medallion Banquet, I went into the school library with my mom and my sister to view all of the senior awards. I recieved two enhanced diplomas... one for theatre, and one for choir- but they fit under the same category "Arts enhanced diploma". I recieved a pretty certificate and a shiny pin for my achievements. They also served some delicious refreshments :) :)

What Now?!
Well one thing's for sure.... ... I have lost a TON of sleep this week! I am so glad it's finally the weekend so I can catch up on my ZZZ's! :)
All in all this week has shown me how muc I have loved my high school experience. I have made so many outstanding friends. I have learned so much, and I have made countless memories at RHS. I'm ready to go to college, but a part of me will always be sad to leave my Alma Matter and move on to adult life. :) Way to go Silverwolves!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Snapshots of Seniority


Senior Year is drawing nigh'
I had my senior pictures taken this week.
By one of my absolutely amazing friends
Rudy Arias.
Here are a few of them for you to see.
He did a brilliant job, I think ;)
Thanks Rudy!
I love the pictures, and it was fun doing a photoshoot with you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elderly Company :)

Last night my family had the awesome opportunity to have the missionaries over for dinner. What a fun evening it was! We had chicken roll-ups, rice, salad, and marshmallow brownies! Over dinner we talked about various things; their missions, our lives, their hometowns. Elder Michael Craigo and Elder Ryan Hughes were very nice, and we enjoyed having them over.

(Me more than anyone... there is something about missionaries that just makes them so handsome.Tee hee)

Having the missionaries over for dinner just puts everyone in a happy mood. Their bright and uplifting countenance is infectious. :)

Seeing the missionaries who serve in our area makes me excited for my friends who are serving and who they will become while they are on their missions. I have so many friends who have left recently, or will be leaving in the next year. I will/miss them so much! But I am so thrilled that they are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity they have to serve! Seeing good missionaries in the field also reminds me of my brother, who is planning on serving a mission one day. What a wonderful experience this will be for him! Seeing such wonderful young men also helps me realize that I want to marry a returned missionary. I want a husband who can provide for my family, who holds the priesthood, and who will teach the gospel to the little ones I love. :) :) When I went to efy, one of my teachers, Brother West, said this to the girls at efy...

"Sisters, if a man can't dedicate a mere two years of his life to the Lord, than how can you expect him to dedicate an eternity to you?"

I love that quote, and I think it's so true! :) A friend of mine who left on his mission a few months ago said that going on a mission is like the tithing of a young man's life. Because when an elder leaves on his mission he is 19 turning 20. Ten percent of twenty years... is two years... the time that they spend serving on a mission. :)

All in all, I look up to missionaries so much! They are such great people, and they are great examples to those around them. :) Thanks to the missionaries for a fun evening last night, and thanks to all the missionaries out in the field for being a good example and spreading the gospel!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me a Song

I directed a one-act show
For Centerstage Showcase
(A night of four one-acts)
Every year the seniors in theatre
Get to choose a play to direct.
My play was chosen to be performed
In Centerstage Showcase.
I got to cast the show,
And see my vision come together
I love being the director.

Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me a Song
Is a play about a Mother and Daughter,
And their beautiful relationship
As it grows and nourishes with age.
They struggle and argue,
But they discover their unconditional love
For each other.

Come see
Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me a Song
And three other awesome one-act shows
Monday at RHS
7:00 pm
Tickets are three dollars.
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bippity Boppity Boo!

Many little girls would love to be a princess.

I had my little-girl wishes come true
When I decided to run for the
Miss Riverton Scholarship Pageant
We learned how to dance, walk, and talk
As elegantly as a princess.
We put on makeup, did our hair
And wore really pretty dresses and outfits :)
And one of us would become Queen!

So... I was transformed for a day into "a princess" :)
I learned the poise, the grace, and the intellect.

The Miss Riverton Pageant was such a fun experience
I met some really great girls,
And learned a lot of new things!
There were seven awesome contestants:
Jessica Saunders
Stephanie Emch
Erin Davenport
Whitney Cafarelli
Haley Wright
Kasaundra Decker
Bailee Paxman

The pageant was yesterday.
We started with an interview
With the judges at 3:00 pm.
They asked us questions about our platform,
Our personal life
And our political knowledge.
The interviews were SO nerve-wracking!
But they ended up going really well.

The pageant started at 7 pm.
We had an opening "production number"
Then we had swimsuit competition,
Talent competition,
Onstage interview question,
Evening wear...
And finally-
We would discover who would become
This year's royalty!

I had the wonderful privelege to be selected as 1st attendant!!!
This was very shocking and exciting to me!
But I was very grateful :)
Stephanie Emch was selected as 2nd attendant,
And Jessica Saunders was crowned Miss Riverton '10

All of the contestants did a really wonderful job,
And we became really close during the pageant!
It was an AWESOME experience.
I also got to run with one of my best friends
Erin Davenport.
She is so beautiful and talented.
I'm so glad I've gotten to know her :)
And she helped me SO much with the pageant.
Then again,
She is always there to help me as a friend
I'm so thankful I've gotten to know her this year!
Love you Erin :D

So all in all, it was an amazing experience
Hopefully I can run again next year!
But for now, I get to take part in the city events
For the upcoming year :)
 And I Love you girls!! :)