Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The mystery dip and end-of-semester insanity.

Two things upon which I must reflect this night. ;)

The first, my missing chip dip.
Today during my small small SMALL lunch break,
I was craving potato chips w/ ranch dip.
I got out my salty chips, opened the refrigerador...

Lo and Behold...
My chip dip was. missing.
Disappeared into thin air!
Not in the cupboards, not in the fridge,
Not in the garbage.
So I had a poptart and left.
(Much to my frustration and disappointment.)

When I returned home late tonight
I open the fridge to get some butter.

The chip dip had miraculously reappeared!!
EXACTLY where I looked for it earlier today.

Now, sometimes I am a fruitcake.
But I know for sure that my chip dip was missing.
I looked everywhere for it.
Casper the ghost?? I think not...
Something funny's going on.

Also... end of semester! Killer.
Here was my life today:

9:00-10:15 Math quiz (I passed! Thank goodness)
10:30-11:50 Freshman Seminar
12:00- Rehearsal for Lips Together Teeth Apart. Cancelled.
12:15- after realization of cancelled rehearsal, change of plans.
12:30-1:00- short trip home. Search for chip dip. Scarf down lunch.
1:30-2:20- Math class. ew.
3:00-6:00- Anything Goes rehearsal
6:00-7:30- Eurydice rehearsal
7:30-8:00- Irish dialect scene rehearsal
8:00-8:45- Visiting teaching.
9:00-9:30- Dinner! Finally, a breather.
9:30-10:00- More visiting teaching.
10:05- locked out of apartment. awesome.
10:15- Saved by the RA. Home. More visiting teaching.

11:00- In for the night! Finally. My legs ache from so much dancing. I love that feeling though. But now Math homework, study for my test tomorrow, write essays, memorize lines for my Irish dialect final tomorrow. More homework. bleh.

But- now I have my chip dip... and there are only eight days left of semester. Glorious. Eight days and counting! I'm so excited for the Christmas break. I'm also excited for next semester. Now that I've learned the ropes to this college hooplah, I'm excited to tackle spring semester! So many great things around the corner.

But for now, back to work... just breathe... nighty night! Much love.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our True Identity.

"If only we understand who we are and what we have in store for us, our hearts would overflow with such gratitude and happiness that it would lighten even the darkest sorrows..."

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I was at my Grandmothers, as tradition stands. It was truly wonderful, and I am so thankful for my family and the time we were all able to spend together and to give thanks for the things we have in this beautiful life.

Because I was at my Grandma's, I wasn't able to fulfill my "24 Thank You's Project" by Thanksgiving day, because I didn't have access to my computer. So... it's a few days late. I was frustrated at first. I wanted to finish this on Thanksgiving. But, it's the message and the thought that counts.

One thing's for sure... I didn't cover nearly all of the things that I am thankful for. That list would be endless. There are many amazing things I am grateful for that I didn't post about on my blog in the past month. There are still many many things that I could have listed. But this is the last one, for this particular list, at least :)  

At first, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to wrap this up. I felt like the 24th thing I was thankful for needed to be extra special. Suddenly I remembered this beautiful video that we watched in institute. And then during our Thanksgiving Dinner this year, my sweet Grandmother made me think about something I had never really thought about before. My Grandma said she was grateful to be born in a family with the gospel. (That, I was already grateful for) But then she said she wondered, "Where would I be if I wasn't born into the LDS church? What would I be doing? Would I have ever had the gospel introduced to me? Would the missionaries have found me? Who would I be if I didn't have the church in my life?"

And that made me wonder the same thing. Who would I be if I didn't have the knowledge of the gospel in my life?

So, here's #24.

I am grateful for having been born into this gospel. I am grateful that I have grown up knowing who I am. Believing in my potential. Understanding what is in store for me. I am eternally grateful for having the family and friends in my life to raise me with the knowledge that I am a daughter of God. With that knowledge of knowing who I truly am, I feel like I can conquer anything. Any trial, any sorrow, any cloudy day can be overcome with the knowledge of who I am... of who we all are. This knowledge can help me see the beauty in others. It can help me appreciate the wonderful things around me. Knowing that I am a child of God gives me a great perspective. Without that perspective, I don't know where I would be. It's a harsh world; and for me, the world would almost be unbearable without the knowledge of who I am. In a world full of condescending people I have the strength to stand firm. I am no ugly duckling. I should not act like I am less than, or believe that I am less than. I am a magnificent person who should become nothing short of glorious. 

And when everything else goes wrong or falls short or stops working...
That is what keeps me pressing forward Every. Single. Day.
And so I am grateful for knowing my true identity.

(Thank You Post #24)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

17,001 words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Capturing a memory in a still-frame.
Printed out on a 4 x 6.
And keeping it forever. Timeless.
Warmth, smiles, color.
All of that beauty captured in a single snapshot.

I'm grateful for my camera, and pictures
...for memories like these, kept alive through photographs.

(Tank You Post #23)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A quiet escape.

"I love libraries. I love books. There is something sacred, I think, about a great library because it represents the preservation of the wisdom, the learning, the pondering, of men and women of all the ages accumulated together under one roof to which we can have access as our needs require."
I love to read.
Outside on the lawn,
By the fireplace,
In the morning when I wake up,
In between classes,
Before I go to sleep.

Reading is an adventure.
Discovering, learning, exploring...
I love sweeping my cares away
And entering into the world of the novel

I love the smell of crisp new pages,
Or the scent of a dusty, used book.
I'll read anything

I am grateful for brilliant literature,
And captivating novels.
I'm thankful for libraries...
I'm thankful for books.
"There is something wonderful about a book. We can pick it up. We can heft it. We can read it. We can set it down. We can think of what we have read. It does something for us. We can share great minds, great actions, and great undertakings in the pages of a book."

(Thank You Post #22)

For the honor of their names.

(Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C.)
(Soldier Memorial, Gettysburg PA)

"I Never Knew His Name"
Civil War the Musical
I never knew his name
As he called to me
Pleading with his eyes
Suddenly so wise
Trying not to cry
Now he's gone and I
Never knew his name
I've seen his kind before
Rising to his fall
God, he was so young
Like a song half sung
Interrupted by
Someone just as shy
Who never knew his name
The true cost of honor
Is suddenly too clear
In measures too full and dear
He always looks the same
Dressed in blue or gray
All the life he'll miss
Girls he'll never kiss
Things he'll never try
Unaware that I
Never knew his name
I never knew his name

I am grateful for the country that I live in.
For the beautiful freedom and rights that I have.
Even more,
I am grateful for the courageous men and women
Who allow me this freedom and safety.
This one is for the soldiers who have fought before
And the soldiers who have yet to fight.
Many of them are lost, and placed under nameless tombstones.
But to somebody they were
A brother,
A parent,
A true love,
Or a friend.
And they will always be remembered for their bravery.

I am thankful for the people who fight for this country.
I am thankful for my freedom, and to live in such a beautiful place.

(Thankful Post #21)

Spick and Span.

I am grateful for a clean house.
Like my apartment, right now.
Thank you Bailee, for washing everyone's dishes.
And scrubbing crusty egg off of the stove.
I don't even like eggs. yuck.
(Also, Let's not discuss the fact that I'm up at 1:00 am cleaning it.)

Okay... I'm s'posed to be thankful, not bitter. :)
Let's try again.

I'm grateful for a clean house!
Like my apartment, right now.
One of my favorite feelings
Is coming back from a vacation to a clean house.
I guess I'm my mother's daughter. ;)
I love going to bed and waking up in the morning
Having everything sparkly and shiny for a new day.

So now I get to go home tomorrow,
Fully enjoy my Thanksgiving break,
And come back... to a lovely clean apartment!

I'm grateful for the dishwasher.
We don't have one back at home in Riverton.
It makes cleaning dishes so much faster.

I'm also grateful for a garbage disposal.
Something we don't have here.
I never thought I would miss a garbage disposal.
Kinda silly.

I'm also grateful for these:
They're very useful!

Anyway. I'm thankful when I have a tidy home.
And I'm thankful for all these new cleaning inventions!
Imagine how cleaning was back in pioneer days?
Torturous. ;)
Now it's a lot easier,
We have clorox wipes and dishwashers!
Whaddaya know?

It's so much easier to relax in a clean house.
And it always feels great when you're finished cleaning.
...A job well done!

(Thankful Post #20)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lifelong Learner.

So, I just finished my six-page paper on A Chorus Line for my Intro To American Musical Theatre class. And, as ridiculous as this may sound, after having sat here for a couple of hours and after having completed the meticulous task of developing and perfecting this paper, I realized how grateful I am for my education. Usually after completing such a tedious project I would be anything BUT grateful for getting an education. After all, it is a lot of work. But tonight I felt extremely grateful. I mean, I was never the child who hated school. Sure, homework sucks. Tests suck. There are things about school that sometimes really suck. But overall, I actually extremely enjoy going to school. I always have.

I like learning new things. Now there are some subjects I could do without - math *cough cough* - but for the most part I have a wide variety of subjects that I enjoy learning about. Including but not limited to theatre and dance. haha. I've always been extremely fascinated with Medical Anatomy and Biology. History is really intruiging when it's taught right, and I absolutely love English.

I've always been offered a pretty good education... and sometimes I take for granted what it is to have a good education. Not to be all pessimistic, but I think that in general, this generation of Americans sometimes takes a good education for granted (Wow, did I sound like our grandparents right there, or what?) But honestly, think about it. Some kids don't go to college anymore. Others don't even make it through high school. And the world has so much to offer us. We could learn so much. Especially here in America. We have the technology and the science... there are hundreds of universities filled with fascinating books and dedicated professors. It's all there in front of us. And I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have those recources.We each have the potential to do something incredible with our lives. We could make amazing contributions to the world! Whether we become scientists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, or artists... we are important and we have something to give.

I had this teacher in high school, Ms. Kinzer, and she always talked about being a lifelong learner. Kinzer is one of those ladies who is always learning more, always wanting more... and she can never have enough knowledge. She would always talk about the most random classes she had recently taken. One time it was a bird watching class. Another time it was a fencing class. What have you. If they offered the class, she took it, or was planning on taking it. Now schooling is costly. Not all of us have the money to go take random classes for kicks. But the point is... we can always be learning something from someone, somewhere, somehow. If I live a single day without learning at least ONE thing... than why am I here? Right? Aren't we here to learn things? If nothing else, we're here to learn about our own purpose. Who we are. Why we're here. What we as an individual have to offer those around us.

Learning helps push us forward. It propels our lives in a direction. It gives us purpose. So... learning should be enjoyable. We should be grateful to learn, and grateful to have the opportunity to learn. School and learning should be fun. At least a little. I don't understand how some people can have such a distaste towards going to school and learning and getting an education. I admit I have days when I do not like school. Everyone does. But overall, I love school.

I'm grateful to have parents who have the money and support to put me through school. I'm grateful for all the teachers I've had... both the ones with the degree, and the people who just happen to teach me something of value in passing. Because really, we all have the potential to be teachers. We learn, we teach... and we learn more. It's a continuous circle of giving and taking. That's what learning is. You give and you take and you grow. I'm grateful to be up here at college. It's already given me the chance to grow, immensely. From the time I've graduated high school up to this very moment I have learned an incredible deal about who I am, what defines me, and what I can give and what I want to take. I love focusing on learning about what I'm passionate about. I love learning how to be independent. It's hard. But learning is hard sometimes. And that's okay. I'm grateful to live in a place where we have the recources to educate. I'm especially grateful for those who have taught me to love learning... my parents, my church leaders, and the teachers who were thoughtful enough to make the process enjoyable. (because we've all had a school teacher who makes learning no fun. haha) I'm grateful to be physically and mentally able to learn and grow and to have that yearning to want to learn.

I never want to lose that yearning for an education. I want to be a lifelong learner. A "Ms. Kinzer." A little old lady taking a fencing class. Okay maybe not fencing. But you get the idea. ;)

(Thankful Post #19)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kids say the darndest things.

Today I saw my high-school theatre teacher with his two daughters, Millie and Ellis. Millie is four years old, and Ellis is probably about two. They're both absolutely adorable... and I've loved babysitting them on a few occasions. I haven't seen either of the darling girls since I graduated high school. But as I rounded the corner of the high school's main entrance today I saw my teacher and his two girls walking down the hallway towards me. Before I even had a chance to speak, Ellis let go of her daddy's hand and came running toward me, full speed. I knelt down with arms open and she ran into my arms and gave me the biggest hug ever! What a sweet little girl. Being only two years old, I was surprised she even remembered me. (As were my teacher and my mom) I haven't seen the girls in several months, so I didn't expect Ellis' enthusiasm. It was the cutest thing... and it made my day!  Ellis had a big grin on her face, and when she jumped in my arms I couldn't help but smile!

Little kids are so. cute.

Children are some of the sweetest spirits on this entire earth. They say and do the darndest things, and kids seem to have an unconditional love and happiness about them, a happiness that is sometimes lost when we grow up and embrace the adult life. Their toughest decision is what to play during recess, or which flavor of dum-dum they're going to choose from the candy bowl after being a good little kid at the doctor. To kids fun is going on a bycicle ride or coloring in books. To them love means making a homemade card or giving a kiss on the cheek.

The simplicity of a child's love and happiness is something that should be cherished, and something that should be reciprocated by all of us "big kids." If everyone loved others like a small child loves others, this world would be such a happy place.

I'm so grateful for children. My younger siblings, the little ones I babysit, and even the kids I see in the pew in front of my family during church or the ones riding in the cart at the grocery store. I've always loved children, and I look forward to one-day having some of my own. Seeing those beaming little bundles of joy always lights up my day. What sweet, sweet, little children :)

(Thank You Post #18)

Captivating world

It snowed again. :)
Tonight the earth is covered in a blanket of white beauty.
The world sleeps and the snow makes the night calm.
Wintertime is so beautiful and serene.
I enjoy all of the seasons in the year.
So lovely, every one of them.
I'm grateful for the different seasons.
I'm lucky to live in a place where we get all four;
Winter, spring, summer, autumn.

365 days of ever-changing beauty.

(Thankful Post #17)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm going there someday.

I'm grateful for:

Sheer beauty,

The temple is so stunning. The temples listed here are the ones I have personally visited and been inside. (It's always been a goal of mine to visit a temple whenever I travel) 

I'm grateful for all of the temples. I'm lucky to be in Utah where I am surrounded by them. Nothing offers a view quite like scanning the valley during a nighttime drive and seeing all of the temples illuminating the earth beneath the starry sky. It's breathtaking. The only thing I can think of that is better is going inside and surrounding yourself with the peacefulness and beauty of the spirit.

I love the temple :)

(Thankful Post #16)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Every Little Step.

Who needs words? Dancing beats small talk any day.
It's the way your feet smile, or laugh. It lets you say so many things.

Dancing is a language that is felt instead of heard
You can whisper, sing, or shout without so much as a word
Just let your emotions tell your body what to do
See how much a single  gesture can reveal
And every little step, every single step
Is one step closer to saying what you feel

Once the music hits you and ambitions fall away
And you find that you're expressing things your
Voice daren't say

Soon as you surrender what's inside will sweep on through
As the boundaries raised  between us disappears
And every little step, every single step
Is one step closer to talking loud and clear

A dance is like a conversation
Except you never need to make a sound
And once you've begun, you speak as one
Give and take. Back and forth. Round and round!

A dance is like a conversation
Except your lips don't ever need to part
And once you've begun, you'll speak as one
Cheek to cheek, Toe to Toe, Heart to Heart

Dancing is a language that is felt instead of heard
But it says much more than language ever could
And every little step, Every single step
Is one step closer...To being understood

(From Disney's musical, The Little Mermaid)

Today I got to dance.
Fundamentals of tap, for Anything Goes.
Okay... so it can't compare to ballet class.
 Sometimes I miss ballet terribly.
The feeling of blood rushing to your toes,
Carefully pinned buns, silk ribbons, pink tights,
Meticulous footwork, impeccable grace.
The prestigiousness of the craft...
That indescribable feeling of accomplishment.
I miss it. So. Much.

But I have a love for tap, too.
I'm a sucker for any kind of dance, really.
I love tap dance, but in a different way than ballet.
In ballet you are the creator of beauty and image.
In tap you are the creator of rhythm and sound.
You become a percussionist.
Instead of floating through the air you dig into the floor.
Tap is still beautiful, but in a totally different way than ballet.
That's why I love dance. The possibilites to create are limitless.
Your body is the instrument of your craft.
It is the ultimate way of expressing
Thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

"If I could tell you what I mean,
there would be no point in dancing."
-Isadora Duncan

Last time I was in a tap show
I found myself practicing my steps
During school, In the kitchen, down the aisles in Wal-mart.
"Falap heel heel spank heel toe heel..."
It really is infectious.
I have the hardest time taking my tap shoes off
Even when rehearsal has ended.

I'm grateful for dance.
To express myself in a way where words would never suffice.
Dance is not only a form of exercise,
But it is an emotional and creative outlet.
I'm grateful to be dancing a little bit again.
And I can't wait to learn more about tap.
ah. I love dance. :) :)

(Thankful Post #15)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like that Rabbit from Wonderland...

Time. Usually there is never enough of it. (So much to do- so little time!) But I'm grateful for the time that I do have, those 24 short hours we get every day. It's a simple thing to be thankful for I guess, but time is taken for granted. Life is so fragile... and you never know when your time is up.

I think sometimes I get too stressed-- running to classes, to rehearsals, to dinner, doing homework, going to a show, cleaning, going to more rehearsals, what have you... and sometimes I get so wrapped up in my stressful life that I forget to be grateful for it. Yes, that's it- sometimes I forget to be grateful for my stressful life. To be grateful for stressful things? That sounds silly. But even though at times I want to tear my hair out-- it's the stressful things that make my life ultimately worth living. usually. It's keeping busy that makes me enjoy my time. Life would be boring if I simply sat at home all day.

It's just hard to remember to be grateful for my time here on this wonderful earth when I'm so busy. Sometimes I just need to take the time to live in the moment and soak it all up... I want to cherish every second, every hour, and every day. :)

Today I've been running like crazy. Class from 9-12, then a math quiz, then rehearsal, then another class, then another rehearsal, a quick trip to the apartment for a bite to eat... and now here I sit, running conessions for the winter musical at WSU. I've been at the school all day long. And now that I sit in the quiet lobby of the lovely Browning Center between acts of the winter musical... I realize how blessed I am for the time I've had today to rehearse and to practice my craft. How Blessed I am to go to class and earn an education. How blessed I am to be in college. How blessed I am to live in this beautiful world. How blessed I am to be given time to leave my mark and fulfill my purpose within said beautiful world. It's really quite breathtaking when I think about it.

Days are getting crazy, Bailee. So what? That's just life.
Take a step back... breathe. Smile.
Be grateful for every moment.
And have a real good time.

(Thank You Post # 14)

Monday, November 15, 2010


A hug can brighten any day,
And comfort any friend.
A hug will simply show your love
Or quickly make amends.

A hug can be a fast embrace
Or last a little while
It can change your disposition,
Turn your frown into a smile.

A hug's a way to say hello
Or a chance to say goodbye
A hug can even make you laugh
Or make you want to cry.

A hug is shared between good friends
And shared with one true love.
They're tender mercies sent to us
From Heaven up above.

I am so grateful for hugs. :)
(Thankful Post #13)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

They're the greatest.

I love my family.
My dear, sweet family.
I'm the oldest of three children.
Following me there's Benjamin
And then we have our little Brooklyn.
My siblings are some of the greatest exmamples
They never stop teaching me and helping me grow.
I learn so much from them
Every day.

This kid is the sweetest person you will ever meet.
His heart is always so full of kindness.
He teaches me that there is always room to love more
Ben is very non-judgemental.
He'll make friends with anyone- kids and adults alike.
Ben and I have a gazillion memories,
Because we're not even two years apart.
I love him so much.
And I'm extremely thankful to have him for a brother.

This cute girl has one of the brightest personalites I've ever seen.
She has her own sass and flair...
But she's like a little beam of sunshine.
She loves meeting new people
And she makes friends really easily.
She's very opinionated and smart.
Brooklyn is also the biggest helper I know.
Brooklyn's always making gifts for people,
Helping mom clean the house,
Or assisting Daddy in the garden.
I love Brooklyn so much.
She's my little helper, and she always brightens my day.
I love Benjamin and Brooklyn. Every day when I'm away at college I miss them more, and I love being able to come home and spend time with them both. I'm thankful for their warm spirits and their sweet, loving personalities. I only hope I can do my job as big-sister and be an example to them. I have the most wonderful family, and I am so thankful to have Benjamin and Brooklyn in my life. Love you!

(Thank You Post #12)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

There's no cure like travel.

I am grateful for all the beautiful places I have seen.
I'm grateful for a family who has given me a love for travel.
I love being surrounded by wonderful history and culture.
All of these were taken with my camera during a variety of trips,
And I think some of the photos I've taken from different places
Can capture the beauty better than my words.

...now isn't that something?
I think so.

I want to see more of the world.
Ireland, Seattle, Italy, Boston, Hawaii, Romania...
I would be happy to go anywhere.
The world is remarkably huge
And incredibly stunning.
I'm grateful to have seen so much of it,
And I hope I can continue to travel and discover
And visit new places someday.

(Thank You Post #11)