Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beneath the Green Tree.

A snapshot of our lovely tree, on this Eve of Christmas. :) Some may notice, there aren't any presents placed on the skirt beneath our beautiful tree. Not a single one. My dad decided to start a new Christmas tradition this year. He gathered the family around the tree this evening and asked us what was missing. 

Throughout the month, we had noticed that there weren't any presents being placed under the tree. Had we made Santa's naughty list? Although that may have been a very reasonable guess, ;) we were assured that Christmas was still coming to our home. Mom told us that Daddy didn't want to put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.

Tonight, Dad finally explained to us his new tradition. We were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ's birth. A beautiful tiny miracle that was born. Christ's birth was the most incredible gift ever given to the world. He came to us the night of Christmas. So my dad talked about leaving the presents hidden and keeping the space underneath the tree bare until the night of Christmas, so we could remember the greatest gift of all.

I loved the idea, and I'm thinking it will be a wonderful tradition to continue when I have a family of my own. Now when I look at the foot of the tree, I remember the sacrifice given and the love Heavenly Father has for each of us. I remember the long cold night that Mary and Joseph spent in the stable. I remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. His birth, his life, and the atonement that follows truly is the greatest Christmas gift ever given. Here's something I wrote about our new little tradition. I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas holiday. Much love, and to all a good night. ;)

Beneath the Green Tree.
A long time ago
In Galilee
A Bright star shown
For the world to see.

A small babe was born
In Bethlehem
And would suffer here
To atone for men.

See, before His time
The world was dim
And many people
Waited for Him.

 But under the star
He was sent to earth
And our lives would change
Because of His birth

So many would travel
From places afar
To see this babe, 
Born 'neath the star.

Twas Jesus Christ
In the manger lay,
Hence the greatest gift
Was given that day.

Now years gone by
We cherish his life
We remember his glory
And in solemn, his strife.

And every year
Many put up a tree
With a star placed on top
As was in Galilee

But under our tree
No presents will lay
For Christ wasn't born
Until Christmas day.

So gifts are still wrapped
Stowed away with care,
But until Christmas day
'Neath the tree remains bare.

We remember how empty
This world that we live in
Would be, if our Savior 
Had never been given.

Then on Christmas Night
Beneath star and tree,
Gifts are carefully laid
For the family to see.

To resemble that night
When born was God's Son
The best gift to us
That ever would come.


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