Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Right Now I Want-


Gilmore Girls

Lots of Ice Cream

A Hot Bubble Bath

A Vacation (To This Place.)

And This Outfit.

...I'll just keep on dreaming. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Moments.

... just a list of some things that have made me smile in the past couple of weeks.

-Hof Winterfest
-Bountiful baskets
-"Is it hard to stop?"
-Dennys with Annie, Jack and David
-Institute dance
-Smart Phone Ice Cream Guy
-Ominous snowmen
-"Watch out for the bouncers (banisters!)"
-Finally choosing my second audition piece
-Bak bak
-Singing in church
-Kissing Rugby
-"I saw a porcupine cross the road once."
-Answer This!
-Dennys with Randall
-Costa Vida
-"It looks like birth."
-Mario mustaches
-That one game where you step on other people's feet?
-Snowball fights that result in wet pants
-Heart-shaped cuts
-Being carried out to the car because my shoes were soaking wet
-Lunch with Mom in Centerville
-Leadership conference
-"With Jesus on our side!"
-Sunday dinner with family
-Being asked for my number :)
-Chocolate chip cookies
-Future roommates spending the weekend in Ogden
-Straight No Chaser
-Getting pictures taken with Addison and Bre
-Waking up early for class.
-Grilled cheese sandwiches
-My favorite yellow coat
-Ooga Booga
-Cute guys trying to teach me and Annie tricks in Hip Hop
-Embarrassing NCMO stories...
-Blueberry white chocolate pancake puppies
-Presidency meetings at Annie and Karina's apartment
-Chili cookoff
-Boy talk with Ashley Buie
-Food. Lots and lots of good food.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Ominous Snowman.

"Mom, Thursdays are so tiring." I mumbled over the phone after a particularly exhausting four-hour dance practice. I was just finishing up my nighttime routine. I had carefully put all of my dance shoes and school supplies away, washed my face, and changed into pajamas. I was sitting comfortably in the kitchen downstairs enjoying a cup of Strawberry Jell-O, relaying the day's events over the phone to my dear mother. In the midst of retelling my most recent boy story, I heard a sharp knock at the door. My eyes and ears became alert. I gulped loudly. My weary muscles tightened and I sat up straight in my chair. I nervously glanced at the clock on the stove. 11:35pm. Who would be knocking on my door at 11:35 pm? My heart-rate quickened and I suddenly became aware of the low kitchen windows, their clean glass panes staring back at me. The horrific image of a man standing on the other side of those windows filled my imagination and propelled me to the living room. I whispered to my mother, "Someone's at the door."
"What?" She responded loudly into the receiver.
"Someone's at the door." I whispered again with conviction. As I gingerly tip-toed into the living room I noticed the glass door to the back patio. Suddenly my house was a fish bowl and I was the poor beta inside, waiting to be mocked at through the glass. I had to get upstairs. My mom was desperately trying to get a response from me over the phone, but I couldn't muster more than a frantic whisper. 

To successfully make it upstairs, I was going to have to walk down the main entryway. I precariously peeked around the corner and saw the window above the front doorway. There wasn't a person in sight. With the phone still to my ear I side-stepped down the hallway and dashed up to my bedroom, taking the stairs two at a time.
"Mom, I'm scared. I'm sure they heard me talking to you on the phone. They know I'm home." I muttered quietly. While I spoke with Mom on the phone, horror stories and thriller films (Taken is what first comes to mind) flashed through my brain. I reassured myself that this couldn't be so serious. But still, who goes knocking on the doors of poor, frightened college girls at midnight? Were my roommates expecting company? Was there a neighbor in need of an egg or a cup of sugar? Or maybe I had left my car lights on, and somebody had come to inform me of my mistake.

No matter the case, I was not about to go back downstairs and open that door.

Mom and I discussed the possible options and decided that my roommate Katie was probably expecting a friend to come by. I knocked on Katie's bedroom door and timidly asked, "Are you expecting company tonight?"

"No, I'm just studying." Katie responded with innocence. (And yes, I'm still on the phone with my mother.) I quickly explained to Katie about our midnight visitor. Her curiosity was peaked, and we again exercised the variety of possibilities as to why someone would knock on our door at such an unearthly hour. "Maybe someone left something for us on the doorstep." Katie suggested. 

After nervously sitting at the top of the stairs, peeking out the upstairs bathroom window, and carefully listening for any noises from outside, we decided to walk back downstairs. (My mother still living this blood-curdling moment vicariously through the telephone.) Katie slipped on her coat and clutched her phone as we crept down the stairs. All of the kitchen lights were still on. I had abandoned a half-eaten jello cup on the kitchen table. We looked out the front window. Nothing. I stood quietly behind Katie while she slowly unlocked the front door and peered out into the dark night air.

"We have a snowman." Katie said with confusion. I stepped out from behind her and my eyes zeroed in on the creation that had been left for us. There it was. A large, faceless snowman sat ominously on the front porch. I had never seen such a terrifying sculpture. The snowman sat there, looming over the doormat. Again, the horror movies flashed through my overly-imaginative brain.
"Hurry! Shut the door, shut the door!" I exclaimed. Katie slammed the door and locked it shut. We turned around and raced to the stairs, Katie taking the lead and I at her heels.
"Wait, the lights!" Katie yelled back to me. I spun around and flew back into the kitchen as Katie left me and bounded up the staircase. I fumbled for the lights... desperately flicking at every switch and completely forgetting which light was turned on. Finally, I flipped a light switch that caused the room to go black. Enveloped by darkness, I clambered up the stairs and joined Katie on the second floor.
"What happened?" My mom exclaimed into the phone. I tried to slow my breathing while I told her of our little guest sitting in the doorway. And that's when Katie started giggling. Soon enough, all three of us were consumed by laughter. I finally ended the call with my mom. Katie and I stood at the top of the stairs, trying to assess the possible causes of our midnight adventure.

Then, the wheels in my head started turning. Not only did this mysterious person hear me when they knocked on the door at midnight, but they probably listened to me talk with my mother while they built an entire snowman on my doorstep. The kitchen table is up against the wall, next to the windows and close to the front door. I was probably being watched for several minutes while some creep built a snowman in my front yard.

Finally Katie and I said our good-nights, promising to leave our bedroom doors unlocked in case any funny business happened and we needed each other. The adventurous side of me was tempted to sneak back downstairs and capture a photo of our evil snowman, but the paranoid side of me quickly took over. I'm pretty sure He won't melt overnight, so there will be pictures tomorrow. I called Mom again, and analyzed this series of events for several minutes before deciding it was time to hang up the phone and write. An adventure like this cannot be forgotten.

And so there you have it. My story of the Mysterious Visitor and his Ominous Snowman. I'm swiftly determined to get to the bottom of this. If you were involved in this tom-foolery and are reading this post, laugh no more. I will find you, I will hunt you down, and I will get even.
Watch your back.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


1. Sometimes I still have the mind frame of a teenager in the sense that I think to myself, "I can do anything and I am invincible!" 

The bruises on my tailbone and knee are a current reminder that this is not so.

2. If a man wants to be with you, he will be with you. He will make the time to see you and talk with you. Now... maybe I'm pulling too much inspiration from He's Just Not That Into You (which is most-likely not a good source for inspiration) But still. I stand by what I say. And with that said, I'm not going to waste any more time on boys who aren't going to show me that they want to be with me. Done and done.

3. All I'm going to say is... Sweet Charity, Singin' in the Rain, Promises, Promises, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Oh yeah. And I just might add... I am extremely excited for this.

4. I hate not being able to eat dairy for the first and last two hours of my day. That's when I want to eat dairy the most. Exhibit A: Eating cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for breakfast in the morning. Or my favorite, having cookies and a glass of milk for a midnight snack. I hate taking these pills that keep me from having my cinnamon rolls and milk. Let's just say it's a dang good thing I'm not lactose intolerant.

5. Today is the first day in almost a week that I haven't had a cup of hot chocolate. I'm feeling a tiny bit proud that I had that much self-control.

6. One of these days, I am going to walk into a room and I'm going to sing. I'm going to sing, and I'm not going to lift a toe off of the ground, and they (whoever "they" might be) are going to notice me. People are going to notice me without even knowing that I can land a pirouette or whip out a time step. I am swiftly determined to become that comfortable in my singing ability.

7. Finn proposed to Rachel on Glee? Hm, too bad I don't watch that show anymore. On second thought though... not 'too bad'. Because that show has gotten really lame. Unfortunately.

8. I should take the fact that I am in two dance classes, have rehearsals for four choreography scenes, and that I dance five days a week as an excellent indicator and motivator to start eating healthier and stretching more. (wow... run-on sentence, anyone?) 
I tell myself every semester that I'm finally going to get my splits. With all this dancing, now would be the perfect time to actually accomplish this goal of mine. Also... my dancing habits, if coupled with good eating habits, could result in some weight loss and fitness gain.
My vote is yes.

9. I was getting ready for bed the other night when I heard the trains go by. If I listen closely, I can hear them whistle at about 12:25 am. (Let's pretend that my bedtime is not 11pm for a moment.) I decided that I kind of love that sound. I also love the sound of the F-16's sweeping through the air.

Oh crap. I'm actually beginning to like Ogden.

10. Do I ever mention that I have an amazingly wonderful life? Well, I do. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

This weekend.

-Einstein Bagels with Annie, Jordan, Jack and Ben
-Curly hair
-The Princess Diaries
-Ice cream
-Hot Chocolate
-Text messages from a friend

-Hip hop with Annie, Addison, and Kalyn
-Lunch in Layton with Mom, Dad, and Ben
-Travel show with family
-Date night
-Ice cream sculptures
-Hot chocolate

-Mission prep
-Sacrament with Marjorie, Ashley, and Shauna
-Home teachers
-Hot chocolate
-Sunday nap
-Football game with Chad
-Chinese Kung Fu movie
-Once Upon a Time with Sam
-Top Ramen
-Hot chocolate again

-Sleeping in
-Monsters Inc
-Cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting
-He's Just Not That Into You with Josh
-Squeeky Cheese
-Bakery rolls
-The Vampire Diaries
-Soccer game with Chad, Sadie, Ashton, and Sam
-Hot chocolate

*Realization number one.
I have made so many new friends this year. They are the best.
*Number two.
Almost half of the things listed from my weekend are about food. I'm pathetic.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice.

I've only had... six cups this weekend. 
What can I say, I love my hot chocolate.
(Especially the kind with pumpkin spice, like I'm drinking right.now.)

Anyone else hoping for some of that white stuff on the ground
when we wake up in the morning?

Snow is in the forecast and I have the perfect winter day planned.
My to-do list goes like this:
 1.Sleep in
2. Do laundry
3. Don't leave the house
4.Watch lots of sappy, girly movies

...and I assure you, there will be plenty more of that hot chocolate to be had.
Here's to three-day weekends.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I don't know why, but I've been on this random theatre high lately. Listening to showtunes in the car all the time, dancing five days a week, getting ready for summer stock auditions. I love it. It's really quite wonderful. (I mean, I always love theatre... but especially lately.) While I was walking to my stage makeup class this morning, the backstage door to the Allred Theater was open. I glanced inside and saw the ghost light sitting center stage; it's light emanating throughout the theater. It was so beautiful.

I know that probably sounds extremely cheesy. But lately, I just love everything about what I'm doing. I feel good about how I'm spending my time and where I'm going with my talent. I'm learning and growing SO much, and it's exciting to have so many opportunities where I can stretch myself. It's hard work, but it's incredible work. Theatre is so poignant and artistic and subjective and eye-opening... and I love that I have the opportunity to go to school every day and experience all of those things. I am surrounded by some phenomenal people. Honest to goodness, the talent that I see here blows me away. And I get to be around these people every day. I get to learn from them. And what's more? I get to call them my friends.

I feel like I'm beginning to see my own talent and potential. I'm finally letting myself think, "I can really do this" and it's such a liberating thought. It propels me to try even harder. Because I have A LOT to learn. I look forward to school each morning because I'm doing what I love most. It's hard to imagine a life doing anything else.

Ah, I don't even know what to write! I just... I love what I do, and I felt like expressing it today.
I'm just happy with the way things are. 
My life is so fulfilling.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Week Down.

I am absolutely loving the new year and the new semester so far. Life is happy, goals have been set, classes are going great, and I'm excited for the new adventures and lessons that 2012 and the spring semester have in store for me.

Sometimes the first week of the semester seems to drag on forever, but I enjoy the beginning of the semester. You meet new professors and see new faces. You get to wear cute new outfits and see old friends. You haven't yet gotten into that redundant routine when all of the weeks blend together because every day is the same and you get stuck on autopilot. You buy shiny new textbooks and carry freshly-sharpened pencils. You have a clean new binder with clutter-free sleeves and colorful new tabs. You wake up extra-early so you can look pretty for school, instead of hitting the snooze button twice and racing to your first class.

Wow... Maybe I should've saved the time and just written NERD at the top of this post.
No matter. Here's what my first week of classes looked like.

Script Analysis (M/W/F)
Tracy Callahan is my professor, and I'm pretty sure the workload for this class is going to kick my butt. I'm prepared for it though, and I'm determined to stay away from that awful thing called procrastination. I've been told that you just can't get away with that nonsense in this class. I can already tell that the information I'm going to learn in Script Analysis is going to be extremely useful for me in my career. I'm excited to get started.

Dating and Courtship (M/W)
Huzzah for institute! Unfortunately for me, the Browning Center and the Institute Building are on opposite ends of campus... the two buildings in which I spend the majority of my time. Such is life, I guess. After Script Analysis I have ten short minutes to sprint across campus for Dating and Courtship, but it's SO worth it. I love this class already. Brother Barlow is wonderful, the class is HUGE, and I have several friends who are taking the course with me. I'm a sap when it comes to romance, so I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this class.

Dance for Musical Theatre (M/W/F)
Ten minutes after institute and a quick change into workout clothes... and it's time to dance! I've been anxiously waiting to take this class since I heard about it last year and couldn't enroll because of a conflicting class. (Blasted math!) Jim Christian teaches this course, and theatre majors can enroll in the class up to four times and still receive credit for it! Basically, we learn a handful of dance routines taken straight from Broadway! It's right up my alley. I love it already.

Scene Study for Musical Theatre (M/W/F)
This is another Jim Christian class. I have a feeling that Scene Study is going to be my favorite class this semester. We're going to be singing pieces of music from The Golden Age... and I can't wait to find out who my partner is and what song Jim assigns to me! Later in the semester we'll be studying Cy Coleman's work and we'll be assigned to sing one of his pieces as well. I love singing and workshopping music in Jim's classes... it's always so enlightening!!

Stage Makeup (T/Th)
This class is going to be so much fun! We get to learn how to apply different types of makeup for the stage. The class gets to apply old-age makeup, fantasy makeup, facial hair, 3-D makeup, and much more! I did a small stage makeup unit in high school and I absolutely loved it, so I'm stoked to learn more about it. The class is only a half-semester long, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Human Development (T/Th)
This is one of my only General Ed. classes for the semester (aside from some computer competency tests I have to take.) My professor, Dr. Bird, seems very nice. He has a great sense of humor, which is necessary for long lecture classes like these. Sometimes the class is a bit of a snooze, but hopefully it'll pick up as the semester moves along. At least the professor is nice, and it seems like it will be pretty easy.

Hip Hop (Saturdays only)
I was crazy enough to sign up for an 8:30am Saturday class. Between Dance for Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and Folk Dance... I'm going to be dancing five days a week this semester. I love dancing too much... I just can't seem to stay away from it. I'm still having knee problems, so we're keeping fingers crossed that my knees can stay strong enough for all of this dancing. Hip Hop kicked my butt last week! I've been so sore all weekend... and it's such a great feeling! We started learning stalls on the first day, and for a moment I was tempted to drop the class, but I've decided to stick with it. (please imagine Bailee attempting to do a stall. It's okay, I laughed too.) It's only a half-semester class anyway. My friends Addison Welch and Annie Odendahl are in the class with me, and we're going to have a lot of fun.

Other than that I'm still involved with AAT and the Institute Folk Dance Team. I'm also going to start taking a clogging class before Folk Dance practices on Thursdays. This week I start voice lessons with Maurie Tarbox again, and I couldn't be more thrilled to take lessons from her. It's going to be a fantastic semester! Thirteen weeks to go! (Although right now... I'm in no hurry. But ask me again in a month or two.)

Other things I loved about the first week of the year..
*Grilled cheese sandwiches at the institute
*Free hot chocolate at The Union
*Once Upon a Time marathon
*Hand-me-downs from Maddie
*13 Going On 30
*Dairy Queen with Mom
*Slamming Tim Tams with Chad, Sadie, Ben, and Ryan
*Playing Halo with the boys
*Game night for FHE
*The Wedding Planner
*Choreographing with Annie, Jack, and Karina
*Watching Ben in the MDT Revue
*Free Einstein's bagels
*Thursday lunch at the institute
*Supporting friends in a soccer game
*Singing in Scene Study

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Okay, so one of these days I'm going to post something other than videos and music videos on here. But I just couldn't pass this one up:

This is the preview for a Disney Animated Short that's supposed to show before Beauty and the Beast in theaters January 13th.

I have no idea how this preview was hidden under my nose for so long. Tangled is my favorite. This is  just another reason why I should see Beauty and the Beast when it comes to theatres. (as if it weren't already tempting enough)

And that is all for tonight folks. Now go, live your dream. ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still Looking Up.

Ah... Jason Mraz.
Also, I'm really loving these little lyric videos that have become so popular.

Also, check out this music video by the E & I Brothers.
My cousin, Chad Dingman, is the one with the darker hair.

Aren't they amazing? Pretty neat stuff.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In Retrospect.

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already 2012. I remember blogging about New Years 2011 like it was yesterday. The past year has truly been wonderful. Just when I think life can't get any better, it always does. I learned many valuable lessons and experienced many new things in the past year. Let's take a look, shall we? Here's the overview of my life in the past 365 days... brace yourselves...

In January, I started my second semester of college at Weber State University. I was in WSU's Anything Goes, marking my first theatrical college production. I felt extremely privileged to be the only freshman girl cast in the school's musical. I loved the tap-dancing. I was presented with my first opportunity to work with Jim Christian. It was such a delightful show. In the spring semester I also had the chance to work behind the scenes on a run crew. I was on the run crew for The Lion in Winter at Weber State University. Being on the technical crew was nerve-wracking at first, but I loved the experience. Later in the spring I was in a student-directed one-act play, Jolly. Being in Jolly was very challenging. Even though I didn't love the experience, I learned a handful of extremely valuable lessons because of the struggles that came with the show.

In the middle of my spring semester a very special thing happened. I found my best friend. Elise Vander Does. It didn't take long for us to realize that we were practically one in the same. During our spring semester we had many great adventures including a trip downtown for General Conference, a couple of temple trips, The Holi Festival in March with Brittany Hathaway, and Orchesis run crew. I will never forget the fun (and sometimes outrageous) adventures and memories Elise and I had during my freshman year. I love that girl so much!

Before I knew it, the school year was over. I passed my theatre juries, finished serving as Freshman Representative for AAT, aced my last math class, and survived my first year of college practically unscathed. It was time to move out of my apartment and go back home for the summer. I loved having my best friend Brittany Hathaway as a roommate for my first year of college. Our friends from high school thought we would tear each other apart if we lived together, and I was proud to prove them wrong. I'm grateful for Britt and the awesome times we had together as roommates.

I had great plans for the summer. I wanted to work a job, be in a summer show, and run for Miss Riverton 2011. It was going to be amazing. And it was an amazing summer. But in a totally different way than I had planned...

I did end up working a summer job. I was hired at Port of Subs in Draper only two days after coming home. I loved my job from day one. Making sandwiches is not my life dream, but I adore the people I worked with. My bosses and coworkers are some of the coolest people I know. It was a fantastic little job during my time away from school.

After auditioning for multiple shows in the valley, I was extremely disheartened not to make a single one. This was a hard hit; I wasn't going to be performing at all in the summer. 

In June I ran for Miss Riverton 2011. I had been crowned as first attendant in the Royalty the year before and I had loved my experience. In 2011 I was crowned second attendant in the Riverton Royalty. I was slightly disappointed at first, but I loved the other girls in the royalty and I was happy to have placed at all.

In the summer I attended the Riverton Young Single Adult 1st Ward. I fell in love with this ward. I learned SO much during my time there. I had two church callings. Both callings taught me wonderful lessons, but being the ward institute representative taught me the importance of institute. Without that calling, my life since that summer would probably be very different. While I was a part of the ward I met "The Group". These people are some of the most sincere, genuine, unique, fun, honest, original, and loving friends I have known. No exaggerations. I will never forget the memories we created during the summer. 

I dated a lot during the summer too. Then I met Sterling. We dated for a while, but things didn't quite work out between us. Instead, we became great friends. Ster and I are living proof that it IS possible to remain friends with someone you've dated. Sterling is one of my close friends, and I'm grateful that we kept our friendship intact!

The summer of 2011 was about friendship. I was more upset about leaving home at the end of this summer than I was the first time I moved away from home. I didn't want to leave all of my amazing friends from Riverton. Not to mention, Brittany Hathaway was transferring to the University of Utah and Elise Vander Does was called to serve a mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of my best friends were leaving Weber State. My senior friends had graduated. I hardly knew either of my roommates. I was moving into a new ward. School was going to be so different in the fall.

Whether I liked it or not, school started back up again and I moved back to Ogden. In the beginning of September I made a trip to Colorado for Elise's mission farewell. My trip to Colorado was incredible, but I missed most of the auditions for both of the fall semester shows at Weber State. I wasn't cast in either show because of my trip. This was hard at first, but I love my best friend. I knew Colorado was where I was supposed to be that weekend.

Because I wasn't in any shows and because of my church calling with the institute over the summer, I decided to audition for the Ogden LDS Institute Folk Dance Team. I had absolutely no idea what folk dancing was about. After the audition though, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I was thrilled when I made the team. I was even more thrilled when the president, Annie Odendahl, asked me to be her secretary! Being on the team has been one of my favorite college experiences yet. Hands down. I look forward to practices every week. I have grown to love the team. I loved meeting the cute boys and making new friends.

Elise went into the MTC in September. I miss her so much, but we write a lot and I know she's doing incredible work! Shortly after my trip to Colorado, Jim Christian approached me and offered me a small dancing role in his production of Sleepy Hollow at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre. I was excited for an opportunity to work with Jim again. Being in Sleepy Hollow was a very humbling experience. Being on stage for two minutes (as a horse no less) will do that to you. I loved working with Jim and the cast, but driving to Centerville every day was a huge commitment. I was ready for the show to be over when it closed in November.

It was one of my busiest semesters in my college life thus far. Between Sleepy Hollow, folk dance practices/secretary duties, serving as the Treasurer for AAT, taking 18 class credit hours, and fulfilling 90 practicum hours... one could definitely say that I had a full plate. I had some stressful days but I loved the fall semester of my sophomore year. And just like that, it was over.

In December I had two shows with the Folk Dance Team. Both experiences were phenomenal, and I became that much closer to the people on the team. After the two shows and finals week I left Ogden to spend the holidays with my family. 

I LOVE my family, but I found myself missing Ogden. This was definitely a first for me. And while I was grumpy for some of the holiday break because I wasn't in Ogden, it was a nice moment when I realized I could finally say that I honestly love Ogden and Weber State. It was a long time coming, but I can safely say now that I know I'm supposed to be here. And I absolutely love it. I made several trips to Ogden to visit with friends. The time I spent in Riverton was just as wonderful. Christmas came and went... and just like that, the year was over.

2011 was about friendship for me. I strengthened my friendship with Brittany. I met Elise. I became associated with "The Group" and I learned a lot about TRUE friendship from them. Sometimes I still take these amazing friends for granted. I became closer with some of the people in the theatre department. Then I met the people on the folk dance team, and still my number of amazing friends kept increasing.

I also look back on 2011 and realize how distinct God's hand is in my life. It's mind-blowing, really. If I would have been in a summer show, I wouldn't have become friends with The Group. I realized God's hand again when I dated Sterling. At first it was hard when things didn't work out. I never would have become friends with Sterling's sister Nicole Walker if I had never dated him. Now she and I are going to be roommates next year! Coincidence? I think not! And the list goes on... If I had auditioned for the school shows last fall, I never would have been on the folk dance team or in Sleepy Hollow. If I had been crowned Miss Riverton 2011, I wouldn't be able to audition for Playmill Theatre this summer (so excited for that, by the way).

I had these plans carefully laid out last year, and many of them didn't work out the way that I wanted. Instead, I was given experiences that were so much better. At first when things didn't work out I was frustrated or disappointed. In hindsight though, I realize that Heavenly Father just had better plans for me. It taught me a great lesson; He is going to take care of me. He will take care of the future, just as he has the past.

With that said, I am SO excited for 2012. I have a really good feeling about this year. I've set some goals for myself, and I already have some wonderful plans. And whether those plans work out or not, I know that whatever happens is meant to be.

After this semester I'll be halfway through my college career. Woah. I still feel like a freshman some times, but in the fall I'll be a junior! One of my biggest hopes for the year is to work for the Playmill Theatre over the summer in West Yellowstone, Montana. I have auditions in a month, and I couldn't be more excited!!! If I make it, I will live in Montana from May until September. I've never lived that far away from home before! I think it would be an incredible opportunity.

 I'm going to continue my education at Weber State University. Hopefully I'll be cast in another show at school my junior year. I want to practice my craft and fine-tune my skills. I also want to continue being involved with the institute. I'll finish out this year with the folk dance team, and then hopefully find something just as wonderful to be a part of in the fall. I'm planning on rooming with Nicole Walker in the fall, and I'm excited to be living with such an awesome girl!

I also turn twenty this year. I can't believe I'm going to be two decades old! Nobody will be able to call me a teenager anymore. For some reason everyone thinks that the difference between nineteen and twenty is night and day. I'll just be glad not to be considered "SO young" anymore.

It's going to be a fantastic year. I'm anxious to see what's in store for me. I'm ready to experience new love, new trials, new classes, new friends, new opportunities, and new adventures! I want to work hard and continue loving life. I just want to be the best version of me I can be! I want to try new things. I want to succeed in school. I want to fall in love. I want to laugh. I want to do something crazy. I want to make the year 2012 the best year yet.

2012...I'm ready.
Bring it on.