Friday, January 27, 2012

The Ominous Snowman.

"Mom, Thursdays are so tiring." I mumbled over the phone after a particularly exhausting four-hour dance practice. I was just finishing up my nighttime routine. I had carefully put all of my dance shoes and school supplies away, washed my face, and changed into pajamas. I was sitting comfortably in the kitchen downstairs enjoying a cup of Strawberry Jell-O, relaying the day's events over the phone to my dear mother. In the midst of retelling my most recent boy story, I heard a sharp knock at the door. My eyes and ears became alert. I gulped loudly. My weary muscles tightened and I sat up straight in my chair. I nervously glanced at the clock on the stove. 11:35pm. Who would be knocking on my door at 11:35 pm? My heart-rate quickened and I suddenly became aware of the low kitchen windows, their clean glass panes staring back at me. The horrific image of a man standing on the other side of those windows filled my imagination and propelled me to the living room. I whispered to my mother, "Someone's at the door."
"What?" She responded loudly into the receiver.
"Someone's at the door." I whispered again with conviction. As I gingerly tip-toed into the living room I noticed the glass door to the back patio. Suddenly my house was a fish bowl and I was the poor beta inside, waiting to be mocked at through the glass. I had to get upstairs. My mom was desperately trying to get a response from me over the phone, but I couldn't muster more than a frantic whisper. 

To successfully make it upstairs, I was going to have to walk down the main entryway. I precariously peeked around the corner and saw the window above the front doorway. There wasn't a person in sight. With the phone still to my ear I side-stepped down the hallway and dashed up to my bedroom, taking the stairs two at a time.
"Mom, I'm scared. I'm sure they heard me talking to you on the phone. They know I'm home." I muttered quietly. While I spoke with Mom on the phone, horror stories and thriller films (Taken is what first comes to mind) flashed through my brain. I reassured myself that this couldn't be so serious. But still, who goes knocking on the doors of poor, frightened college girls at midnight? Were my roommates expecting company? Was there a neighbor in need of an egg or a cup of sugar? Or maybe I had left my car lights on, and somebody had come to inform me of my mistake.

No matter the case, I was not about to go back downstairs and open that door.

Mom and I discussed the possible options and decided that my roommate Katie was probably expecting a friend to come by. I knocked on Katie's bedroom door and timidly asked, "Are you expecting company tonight?"

"No, I'm just studying." Katie responded with innocence. (And yes, I'm still on the phone with my mother.) I quickly explained to Katie about our midnight visitor. Her curiosity was peaked, and we again exercised the variety of possibilities as to why someone would knock on our door at such an unearthly hour. "Maybe someone left something for us on the doorstep." Katie suggested. 

After nervously sitting at the top of the stairs, peeking out the upstairs bathroom window, and carefully listening for any noises from outside, we decided to walk back downstairs. (My mother still living this blood-curdling moment vicariously through the telephone.) Katie slipped on her coat and clutched her phone as we crept down the stairs. All of the kitchen lights were still on. I had abandoned a half-eaten jello cup on the kitchen table. We looked out the front window. Nothing. I stood quietly behind Katie while she slowly unlocked the front door and peered out into the dark night air.

"We have a snowman." Katie said with confusion. I stepped out from behind her and my eyes zeroed in on the creation that had been left for us. There it was. A large, faceless snowman sat ominously on the front porch. I had never seen such a terrifying sculpture. The snowman sat there, looming over the doormat. Again, the horror movies flashed through my overly-imaginative brain.
"Hurry! Shut the door, shut the door!" I exclaimed. Katie slammed the door and locked it shut. We turned around and raced to the stairs, Katie taking the lead and I at her heels.
"Wait, the lights!" Katie yelled back to me. I spun around and flew back into the kitchen as Katie left me and bounded up the staircase. I fumbled for the lights... desperately flicking at every switch and completely forgetting which light was turned on. Finally, I flipped a light switch that caused the room to go black. Enveloped by darkness, I clambered up the stairs and joined Katie on the second floor.
"What happened?" My mom exclaimed into the phone. I tried to slow my breathing while I told her of our little guest sitting in the doorway. And that's when Katie started giggling. Soon enough, all three of us were consumed by laughter. I finally ended the call with my mom. Katie and I stood at the top of the stairs, trying to assess the possible causes of our midnight adventure.

Then, the wheels in my head started turning. Not only did this mysterious person hear me when they knocked on the door at midnight, but they probably listened to me talk with my mother while they built an entire snowman on my doorstep. The kitchen table is up against the wall, next to the windows and close to the front door. I was probably being watched for several minutes while some creep built a snowman in my front yard.

Finally Katie and I said our good-nights, promising to leave our bedroom doors unlocked in case any funny business happened and we needed each other. The adventurous side of me was tempted to sneak back downstairs and capture a photo of our evil snowman, but the paranoid side of me quickly took over. I'm pretty sure He won't melt overnight, so there will be pictures tomorrow. I called Mom again, and analyzed this series of events for several minutes before deciding it was time to hang up the phone and write. An adventure like this cannot be forgotten.

And so there you have it. My story of the Mysterious Visitor and his Ominous Snowman. I'm swiftly determined to get to the bottom of this. If you were involved in this tom-foolery and are reading this post, laugh no more. I will find you, I will hunt you down, and I will get even.
Watch your back.


  1. It's as funny reading it as it was listening to it all unfold! "Never answer a unknown knocker at the door when it's dark!"

  2. Baha sooo creepy. I'm very happy I've never been given a snowman at midnight. Your writing in this was fantastic Bai, I'm totally freaked out.