Friday, March 30, 2012

Train of thought.

Today has been a beautiful day. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, because on the drive home from school today I turned up the radio and heard that snow is in the forecast. 

Sometimes I get a little lonely when I'm at home. The two girls who I live with are truly wonderful girls, but we're all away from home at different times. Usually when I'm home, I'm home by myself. This week has been especially hard, because Mom is on a cruise and I can't just call her up when I'm all alone.

One of my favorite things to do when the house gets quiet is to open up my bedroom window. My bedroom looks out over an abandoned elementary school, and people love to come spend their afternoon in the school's park. Now that it's spring, people come outside to play almost every day. I love to open the window and hear the sound of happy people. Sometimes I watch the soccer games out the window, sometimes I can hear kids riding their bicycles in the parking lot. Sometimes dogs play fetch with their owners, teenagers play frisbee on the lawn, or friends gather together for a barbecue...

Today I woke up from a particularly wonderful afternoon nap when I heard Soccer Moms cheering for their little athletes and children giggling underneath the springtime sun. I looked out the open window and saw several little kids rolling down the sloped expanse of grass in an intense race to the base of a large hill. For more than an hour, they would run up the hill and lie down in a neat little line. A moment later, seven little bodies would start rolling down the hill as fast as they could... screaming in delight until they reached the bottom.

I absolutely adore little kids. It's amazing to watch children explore and discover. Children find beauty in the simplest things. They use their big imaginations to create worlds and make up stories. A child's life is so pure and simple. The biggest drama in a child's life is choosing which candy to take from the basket at the doctor's office. A child's happiness stems from the invented games of kissing tag (where nobody ever got kissed) or rolling down grassy hills together. Children always have sticky hands, scraped knees, and messy faces. Children laugh freely and love deeply.  The world is their playground.

And then somewhere down the road, all of that is taken away. Judgement and comparison start to creep into the world. The art of pretending is lost. Schedules and stress overrule playtime. And one day those children become adults. 

That's why I'm lucky to be a theatre major. I think somehow, theatre people manage to cling to some small part of that imaginative life. We find beauty in the simplest things, and we elevate those things into an art. We use our big imaginations to create worlds and formulate stories. And while sometimes life may never seem pure and simple, we learn to laugh more freely and love more deeply. The world is our playground.

I LOVE my department. Sometimes we're dramatic and sometimes we're complicated; but we got a whole lotta talent and love in that little place called BC 230. Seriously. We've got it good over there... and sometimes I think each of us takes this experience that we share for granted.

Today, after having gone through a rough week, I had a wonderful day with my department. When I came to dance class today, I could hear and feel the energy coming out of the classroom from the other end of the hallway. It was so comforting to hear the sound of happy people. Sure, it can get pretty crazy when you have fifty theatre kids crammed into that tiny space... but how can I help but smile when I'm dancing my little heart out with those guys?

And then after dance class I got to workshop my scene in Jim's class. I'm always amazed at how much better I feel about myself as a performer when I leave that classroom. Even if I'm shaky and nervous, even if I fumble over a line... I've realized that I'm in such a healthy learning environment. My peers are SO supportive and loving. Having that knowledge makes it so much easier to walk into that class and reach new heights.

The people in the department love me for me. And I am so grateful for them. (Even when I say silly, naive things in class and they all laugh. Oh goodness, we just have such a wonderful time!) Can I ever adequately express how much I love what I do? Probably not :)

It's been a long week. But being able to surround myself with these creative and imaginative people has kept me going. Being able to sing and dance my heart out and forget about my worries has been so liberating, and I especially noticed that today. I've been able to feel love and support from my friends.

And not only my theatre friends, but all of my friends. My folk dance friends, my friends from back home, my best friends. I'm surrounded by some pretty amazing people.

Well anyway. There's my tangent for the day. It doesn't take long for me to wander off the topic.
(What topic? I don't even know...)

I guess I just wanna say that I really am in a good place.
And now it's the weekend. Conference weekend. (I love conference weekend.)
Despite this week, I truly do have a lot to be happy about.
Plenty of reasons to smile.

Speaking of which, I'm off to Cafe Rio with my friend Karina Spencer.
Much love!

Inspiration via youtube.

What if we got up each morning and gave ourselves a pep-talk like this one?
It's all about the attitude. I just need to keep telling myself that.

I like my school
I like my friends
I like my talents
I like my parents
I like my brother
I like my sister
I like my plans for summer
I like my eyes
I like my house
I like my weekends
I like my ice cream
I like my bed
I like my dance team
I like my theatre classes
I like my puppy
I like my hometown

I can do anything good!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because I don't know what to write.

I've had a lot on my mind this week. I've tried to sit down at the computer several times now and just hash it out. You know, get it off my chest. But I just... can't. I can't find the words to express everything I'm feeling. My mind is reeling. I have a thousand or more incoherent phrases and thoughts swimming around inside my brain. So I guess these quotes express what I'm feeling better than what I try and say in my own words. And besides, sometimes less is more anyway.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 places to blog before I die.

1. Inside a coffee shop somewhere in Seattle on a rainy day.

2. On the 500 Days of Summer Bench in L.A.

3. While staying the night at a BnB in Ireland

4. Disneyland.

5. In Central Park, after seeing another Broadway Show.

6. While eating a chocolate eclair at a Patisserie in France

7. At a beach house in Hawaii.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Festival of Colors.

It was my third year going to the Holi Festival. Last Saturday I drove to the festival in Spanish fork with Annie Odendahl, Jack Shapiro, and Sam Howe. The weather was so beautiful (especially compared to last year's festival) and we had a such a good time.

It was my first time going to the festival later in the afternoon, and the festival was jam-packed! It took us a couple of hours to drive into Spanish Fork because of all the festival-traffic. We finally made it to the temple grounds and got to stick around for the final color throwing. After the festival, we ate dinner at The Purple Turtle.

I loved my Saturday full of sunshine, good music, yummy food, jokes and laughs, colorful chalk, and amazing friends. Instead of blabbing about it endlessly, I'll just post some pictures.

Hare Krishna! Until next year :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Hangover.

I did it to myself - so I suppose I can't complain about  how I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.
It's my own fault.

But it was so worth it. I mean, my goodness...

All I can say is yes. 
Just, yes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let me tell you something...

I have an extremely wonderful life.

This week has been pretty stressful. And even though it's been stressful, I've still been handed a variety of tiny moments to help me realize and appreciate how beautiful my life is.

I've had a crazy week, and it's only Thursday. I had a fiasco with a performance for the Women's Center where my voice teacher accidentally gave me the wrong date for the performance; resulting in having to find a new accompanist and singing partner to learn the song AND perform it in 24 hours. I also had to organize a community performance for the Folk Dance Team. Then, I got a phone call from my future roommates informing me that our paperwork for our apartment next year wasn't successfully mailed to the owners. Now we have to resend everything.

Then there are the smaller things. Like the fact that my hair is already fading (and I only colored it a week ago). Or how I slept in through my alarm this morning. Or how I can't find my ipod. Or how I have to wake up at 5:30am this Saturday for a dance practice.

Anyway, the point is that I get caught up in all of this silly stress. But then things happen to me that brighten my mood and make me realize that despite the stress, I am one incredibly lucky girl.

Like yesterday when I got to perform with some of the folk dancers for a family ward in Farr West. It was a small performance, but I love dancing and I love performing for people. Especially when I'm surrounded by some pretty incredible friends. I looked around at all of my fellow dancers and realized how far we've come... as dancers, as performers, and most importantly, as friends. We couldn't stop smiling and joking with each other. I love how close we've all become.

After our show we all walked over to the park. We played outside on the playground until it was dark. Feeling the crisp cold air that just screams springtime and glancing at the blanket of stars in the sky and spinning around and around on the tire swing like I was a five-year-old again was the perfect turnaround from a stressful day.

Then I got to spend some quality time with Karina Spencer last night. Between both of our insanely busy lives we hardly have the time to talk to each other anymore. And I mean really talk. It felt great to let out all of my worries and listen to Karina's sound advice. What an amazing friend. She always knows how to have a good time, too.

And today when I went out to Dennys with Ben Eschler and Jack Shapiro. We wanted to celebrate Ben's birthday, and so Jack and I took him out to a late dinner. I had such a good time chatting with both of these awesome men over some delicious food. :) Then we went on a crazy adventure. Ohh... what a blast! I absolutely loved spending the evening with them. They know how to make me laugh and forget about my stress. My friends just help me to sit back and enjoy the ride. I need that sometimes.

Then there are the smaller things. Like when I woke up to a simple text message from Chad Illum this morning saying that he realized I was stressed and he was willing to help me with whatever I needed. Or when Shauna  Ross so generously performed with me today, even though it was last-minute! Or when I received a twenty five dollar gift card to the movies for singing at the Women's Center Awards Banquet today. And when I secretly dropped off pie at somebody's house late last night. (Another fun adventure!) Or even just the fact that I could open my bedroom window today and drive around town with the sun-roof open.

Things like that... things like that keep me going. Even when other things go wrong, or run haywire, or make me frustrated, or stress me out.

I guess if it weren't for the stress and the frustration,
I would take the happy moments for granted. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break.

It went something like this...

Daylight Savings (I don't care about losing an hour of sleep. I LOVE the extra light.)
Went to church with the Riverton YSA 1st Ward
Hamburgers on the grill
Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Watched So You Think You Can Dance video clips until three in the morning

Slept in until noon (Yes. It's ridiculous.)
Lunch at Port of Subs
Grocery shopping with mom
Running into the missionaries purchasing nerf guns at Walmart.
Ice cream at Arctic Circle
Gilmore Girls
Pork Chops on the grill (loving the summertime cooking.)
Finale of The Bachelor
Surprise visit and gift from Audrey Oakeson
The Voice

Hair appointment at 9am
Afternoon naps
A trip to Burlington's with Mom
Pizza at Costco
Photo shoot with Brooklyn
Making artistic collages with Brooklyn
Gilmore Girls
Family Home Evening
Listening to Dad's mission stories
Eating "Freddies" (delicious treat Dad learned how to make while in England)
Visiting Jonathan Jardine and Stephanie Burger

Breakfast party at my house with The Group (We had french toast! At 7:30am...)
Easter dress shopping with Mom and Brooklyn
Taking pictures in the photobooth with Brooklyn
Drive back to Ogden
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Jack Shapiro

Practicum hours in the costume shop
The Drowsy Chaperone with Jack
Discovering great new music until one in the morning

Judging the Regional Theatre Competition at Judge Memorial High School
Chocolate heath shake from Arctic Circle
Catching up on Vampire Diaries
Hangin' with the boys... Ben Eschler, Chad Illum, Michael Clark, and Ryan Kippen

Sleeping in. Again.
Staying in my pajamas until 2pm
Gilmore Girls. Again.
Hot chocolate
Battle of the Bands at The Basement
Getting asked for my phone number :)
Applebees with Under the Oak Tree and friends.
Happy phone call from Landon Welch
Silly music video published on facebook

Spending all day with Brittany Hathaway
Ashton Smith's mission farewell
Blake Merriam's mission farewell
Better Than Sex bars
Definitely, Maybe
Cooking a new recipe with Britt. (I'm cooking! Huzzah!)
Dinner with Jack and Brittany. Working on Playmill Bios!
Crazy adventures looking for free air.
Hot chocolate.
Footloose (First time seeing the new movie.)

It was a glorious week, indeed. And now it's back to the grind. I woke up this morning to snow, which was just a reminder that it's not summertime yet. I'm just happy that the nice weather lasted through all of spring vacation.

32 days left of spring semester.
43 days left until West Yellowstone.
And counting.

But until then: Classes. Meetings. Tests. Homework. Rehearsals. Plans for fall.
At least the snow melted off the ground this afternoon, right???

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brunettes have more fun.

I got my hair colored yesterday.
Just changing things up a bit. :)
It's "demi-permanent" so it'll fade in a while,
But If I decide I really like it, I might keep it longer :)
I suppose the saying is actually "Blondes have more fun."
But I'm putting it to the test, since now I'll have been both.

More spring break updates to come...
But for now, pictures.



...Feelin' like a new woman today. ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Only a phone call away.

I love my best friend. I know I say that a whole lot on this blog... but it's just so true.
I can't help but talk about how incredible she is.

Tonight I left Brittany a message about how I wanted her to call me tomorrow. I needed a friend to talk to and I miss having her as my roommate. Not a half-hour after I sent the message I get a phone call. From Brittany.

It doesn't matter that it's one in the morning. It doesn't matter that she has a busy busy life and is probably tired.

She didn't even think twice about waiting until tomorrow.

This is why she's my best friend.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have three awesome girlfriends who I feel deserve a shout-out this month. Here are some of the reasons why I love these three classy ladies.

Ashley Buie

I met Ashley last year at Weber State. She and I are both musical theatre majors in the department and we came to WSU at the same time. I didn't really become good friends with Ashley until this year though, but I'm just fortunate that I've gotten to know Ashley better this semester. We have a lot of theatre classes together, and this year we're also in the same institute class AND in the same ward. I love having someone to sit next to during relief society and Sunday school. Ashley and I always have a good time at the institute too. (We love their grilled-cheese sandwiches!) 

Ashley is such a dependable, helpful friend. She let me borrow her hat for three whole weeks for our dance class. And let's not forget the time when we were at her house until 3am working on our script analysis assignments! I'm really grateful to call Ashley Buie my friend. Last year, my two best friends left the theatre department at WSU. So this year I felt like I didn't have any girls to bond with. Then I met Ashley! I've really appreciated having another girl in the department who is my age who I feel like I can talk to and hang out with. It means the world to me. Thanks Ashley for being such a fantastic friend! Love you girl!

Audrey Oakeson

I look up to Audrey so. much. I met Audrey Oakeson last Spring when we ran for Miss Riverton together. Audrey is one of the most optimistic, caring, spiritual people I know and I was so excited when we were crowned to be in the royalty together! Over the summer we had a lot of fun bonding at all of the parades we were in! Soon I convinced Audrey to start coming to the singles ward! She fit right in... and what a catch! All of the men in the ward want to date her (No kidding. She's gorgeous.)

I don't get to see Audrey very often since she lives in Riverton and I'm up here in Ogden. But when I do see her, I always find myself in a happy mood. This girl is a ray of sunshine. All the time. Her happy attitude is so contagious and I really look up to her for that. I don't think I've ever heard Audrey mutter a negative word. Audrey is also very spiritual. I admire and respect the eternal perspective she has of everything in life.

I also extremely appreciate how genuinely interested she is about what's going on in my life. She is one of the best listeners around. Audrey will send me text messages that are COMPLETELY out of the blue, asking me about how life is going. She distinctly remembers auditions that I've talked about, boys that I've talked about, and other important events in my life that I've mentioned to her. It always makes my day when I get a text message from Audrey. Sometimes I haven't even seen her in MONTHS, and she still manages to remember the small things that are important to me. That means a lot.

What an outstanding friend. Audrey, you've got a lot going for you. You are going to touch lives and accomplish great things no matter where you go. Thanks for being my friend. Love you!

Sadie Martineau

Sadie is one of my closest girlfriends on the Folk Dance Team. We always have a good time on our lunch dates (even though we've only had two of them because of our busy schedules.) I really appreciate Sadie's willingness to listen to me babble on and on about myself when we go out to lunch. Sadie always knows how to offer good perspective. 

It's always refreshing to spend time with or talk to Sadie, especially because I usually spend most of my socializing time with only the boys on the Folk Dance Team. It's nice to have a girl to talk to once in a while. Someone who can relate more closely to the way that I'm thinking and feeling.

Sadie also knows how to make me laugh and have a good time when we hang out. She has such an easy-going personality and I really admire that about her. Usually most of my friends are guys, because girls get so wrapped up in drama. I appreciate Sadie because she's so laid-back and drama-free. I've never heard her gossip about another girl before. She just goes with the flow, and I enjoy her friendship because of that.

I'm going to miss having lunch dates with Sadie when I move up to West Yellowstone this Summer, but hopefully we can continue our little tradition next year (even though we won't be on the team together anymore.) Thanks for everything you do Sadie! Love you!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Is Everything Pink?

Did you know: The average person visits the toilet approximately 2,500 times per year. 
That means people spend at least three years of their lives on the toilet.

Ridiculous. amiright?
You know what else is ridiculous? My intense fear of accidentally walking into the men's bathroom.

Silly I know, but it's been that way ever since I can remember. Even in elementary school I would always double-check the signs posted at the entryway to the little girls' room. I'm pretty sure that every time I have to use a public restroom, I consciously take a moment to MAKE CERTAIN  that I'm not walking into the men's bathroom.

Call me paranoid, but wouldn't you be embarrassed?

Today while Noodles and Co. for a lunch date with Sadie Martineau, we witnessed a man who accidentally walked into the ladies restroom. My back was turned to the bathroom doors and I was in the middle of telling Sadie a good story. Suddenly Sadie's eyes widened twice in size and she quickly whispered, "Oh my gosh. That man just walked into the ladies' restroom!"

I turned around in my seat only to catch the bathroom door swinging shut behind who I will now refer to as, "Bathroom Man." I turned back around to face Sadie, and we both burst into giggles. We couldn't contain it. Just then, Bathroom Man hurried out of the ladies' room. Apparently he had discovered he was in the wrong place. Maybe it was the pink walls, or the lady applying lipstick in the mirror, or the lack of urinals...

I digress. 

Bathroom Man quickly glanced around to see if anyone had noticed his mistake when his eyes zeroed in on Sadie and I... trying ever-so-desperately to stifle our laughter. When Bathroom Man realized he had been caught he scurried into the men's bathroom, completely and noticeably ashamed of himself.

We decided that we didn't want to be around when he came back. Bathroom Man must have already been immensely embarrassed, and we wanted to avoid any further awkward exchanges between ourselves and Bathroom Man. 

The moment the restaurant's doors were shut behind us and we were in the parking lot, Sadie and I erupted into laughter.

And hence, my fear of walking into the wrong bathroom. 
Poor Bathroom Man.

...Little does he know that his story has now officially been immortalized on my public blog.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The weekend.

*I'm on the wardrobe crew for WSU's production of Tartuffe and we opened on Friday. The cast is small, the job is pretty easy, I get to be involved with a show, and I get to be surrounded by some pretty talented people.

*I have had way too many heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter and - get this - butterscotch chips. Usually I'm all over the peanut butter and chocolate chips thing, but when a girl runs out of chocolate chips and has a spontaneous sweet tooth, you just have to improvise. Surprisingly enough, butterscotch chips and peanut butter make quite the delicious combination! (With a tall glass of milk, of course.)

*I had a work call for one of WSU's upcoming productions. Even though I had a thirteen-hour Saturday at the school... I really enjoyed spending my weekend with some great people from the department.

*I'm trying to learn how to draw. All I want to do lately is sketch. I've never been a visual artist, so it's definitely a work in progress. (We're talking about a girl who usually draws stick-figures.) Tyler Banks has been giving me some pointers though, and I'm excited to keep practicing and see if I can progress anywhere with this new obsession of mine.

*I got a backstage seat to the BYU Folk Dance Concert at the Browning Center on Saturday night. I was working Tartuffe, and so I was feeling bummed that I couldn't go see the Folk Dance Show. During my down time, I peeked backstage and the dancers took me in and made me feel like I had a VIP pass! The show was AMAZING. I couldn't get enough of it. Being backstage with the team was exciting too... I felt like a sponge, soaking up the stress/anticipation/excitement and all of the other familiar feelings that come with performing in a show. AH. I just love that environment.

*I went to Ben Eschler and Chad Illum's house and played a couple exciting games of werewolf. It made me nostalgic. I miss my friends in Riverton, and I miss last summer. Or maybe I just miss summer in general. Anyway, we had a good time. I also had a really nice time talking with Ben after the games. I have the most awesome friends!

*I woke up to one of the most beautiful Sunday Mornings I've seen in a long time. The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling on the ground, and it wasn't freezing-bitter cold for once! It really brightened my weekend. I'm definitely a girl who loves some sunshine.

*I watched way too many episodes of Gilmore Girls. I made myself a mug cake, painted my fingernails, ate a lunchable, and had the loveliest nap. Sometimes I just need a little "me time".

*I went to the CES Broadcast Fireside. I really enjoyed the talk that was given. Firesides complete my Sundays. I also got to hang out with Chad for a bit. I always appreciate Chad's company. Again- I have some awesome friends!

*I discovered one of my new favorite treats: Strawberries dipped in sour cream dipped in brown sugar. Bliss.

*I had a fun girls night with Maddie Tarbox, Shawnee Johnson, Ashley Buie, Bre Welch, Shelby Andersen, Mickey Larson, Katrina Dransfield, and Ally Berry. I loved having girl-bonding time with some of the ladies from the theatre department. I love them all so much!

And to think; Spring Break is in a week.
I just need to keep reminding myself that. I can make it through one more week. Right?