Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Drowsy Chaperone

It's opening weekend at The Playmill Theatre
And we're excited to share this wonderful musical with Playmill audiences!

"Gable and Stein's The Drowsy Chaperone... Mix-ups, mayhem, and a gay wedding! Of course, the phrase 'gay wedding' has different meaning now... But back then, it just meant fun. And that's just what this show!"

-Man in the Chair

This show is simply delightful.
Set in the 1920's and full of laughter and fun.
I had an absolute blast performing for the first time last night.
And I'm looking forward to sharing this story with audiences
For the rest of the summer.

I love my job.

Come see The Drowsy Chaperone at Playmill Theatre this Summer!
Follow the link on the left to purchase tickets.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Playmill in Pictures.

I have been a major slacker in the blogging department lately, at least compared to my usual frequent posting. With all my Playmill rehearsals, I haven't had much time for the blog. But we got the internet at my apartment today, and so I should be more diligent about posting now. I finally uploaded a plethora of random snapshots from my recent Playmill days ... and so here, in picture form, are some bits and pieces from my life as of late. 

Meet Brooklyn Poutler. She's in the cast at Playmill, and she's also the music director.
Oh yeah, and she's my roommate. Love her!
P.S. The keyboard in this picture used to be Snoop Dogg's keyboard. Serious.

Me, Jennie Moss, Bre Welch, and the Chinese lady :)
Jennie Moss introduced ourselves to a large group of tourists from China.
These adorable Chinese ladies took millions of pictures with us.
I  seriously felt like I had a paparazzi following me.
We spent a good half-hour talking with them out on the street.

The Drowsy Chaperone - we open in a week!

Costume time at The Playmill!
Wearing my wedding costume with Hannah Merrill, Lauren Hughes, and Jennie Moss.

There's a Dairy Queen across the street from the theatre.
This is bad news, because I wish I could eat one of their shakes every day.
I love ice cream.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
The monkey costumes in The Drowsy Chaperone

We like to practice our dance moves on the street.
Maybe we're a little strange, but it's good PR, right?

Our flyers for the season!

The Drowsy Chaperone singing rehearsals.
I love our little Playmill stage.

The view I have when I open my front door.
This particular photo was taken earlier in the month, when it was still snowing.
Beautiful, no?

Jack Shapiro and I practicing our clog for the variety show.
I like to show off my hip hop moves.

Early morning warm ups! Gotta love our dancing circles :)

Lauren and I at some of the waterfalls in Yellowstone

Pottermore Party at the boys' house!
Jack Shapiro, Clint Steadman and I are proud to be Hufflepuffs.

Artist's Point. Such a gorgeous waterfall.

Clint, Lauren and I at the waterfall

Me and Mr. Shapiro.

Me, Jack, Brian Carey, and Clint stretching in the men's dressing room.
I have to get my splits down in three weeks before Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opens.
Wish me luck!

Yellowstone is breathtaking. 
Especially when you get to experience the beauty on sunny Sunday afternoons 
With amazing Playmill friends.

The waterfall

Lauren made German pancakes for Sunday dinner.

Anyway, life is grand here in West. I love the people, the theatre, the musicals, the weather (finally getting sunny!), the town, and everything else that's happening. 

This post is pretty much the most random and scattered thing that's ever happened to this blog, but it's a bit difficult to focus on writing when I have three giggling girls trying to distract me in the kitchen. (Oh how I love them so.) This will have to do for now. More posts to come soon, though!

Huzzah for having the internet at home!
Much love.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love my mama.

"A Mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."

Happy Mother's Day to my incredible Mom. Thanks for sharing your last slice of German Chocolate Cake with me when I'm having a bad day. Thanks for watching Grease and eating ice cream with me when I'm feeling blue. Thank you for being my constant support in all that I do. Thanks for answering phone calls at two in the morning when I have exciting boy stories to share with you. Thank you for laughing with me. Thank you for crying with me. Thank you for being my best friend.

You give the best advice; you are there for me when I don't have any other friends to turn to. You are the best secret-keeper. You share all of my pains and sorrows. 

Not to mention: You have incredible supermom powers. You know, how moms can somehow make four months of belongings fit into the backseat of a car. Or how moms can magically iron all the wrinkles out of clothes. There are just some things in life that moms do better than anyone else... no matter how hard we may try. And you, Mom, have the best supermom powers I have ever seen. I only wish I could cut vegetables and sew on buttons as flawlessly as you do.

You are the best mom I could ever ask for. You are an amazing spiritual and temporal example to me, and I look up to you more and more every day. I wish I was at home to share this special day with you. 

Happy Mothers Day, Mama! I love you :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

If I could just dance like this:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Power Outage?

Today was my first Sunday in West. I've been here almost an entire week... and I hate to think about how fast the summer is already flying by!

Church is at ten in the morning, so the roommates and I got all dolled up and made our way down the street to the church house. I loved walking into the chapel and seeing all of my Playmill friends sitting in the congregation.  Stake Conference was today, so we didn't attend our normal Sunday meetings. The bishopric had a computer and projector set up at the pulpit, and stake conference was broadcast from Salt Lake City onto the projection screen.

After a few technical difficulties involving the projector and computer, the conference was up and running! I was excited to hear from President Packer and Elder M. Russell Ballard. We settled in for the two hours of conference, and about twenty minutes into the program... the power went out!

The entire congregation sat in the dark while some of the church leaders left the chapel to investigate the cause of the power outage. All of a sudden, among all the whisperers in the congregation, I heard a familiar song from the back of the chapel. A couple of the Playmill Players had begun singing "I Am a Child of God" and soon enough, the rest of the cast (as well as some other members of the congregation) were joining in.

We sat in the chapel for several minutes singing hymns, and the spirit was so strong. I'm sad the broadcast didn't work because I would have loved to hear the voices of the general authorities, but I'm grateful to have had such a special experience my first Sunday here. Being surrounded by my new friends while making such beautiful music was one of my favorite moments of the week so far.

We discovered that the entire town was without electricity, so we said a closing prayer and ended the meeting early. That's the way things roll in West Yellowstone!

We unknowingly had a matchy-matchy moment. 
Reds and vests were the 'in-thing' today.
So of course, we had to get pictures.

After church, we were invited to Brother and Sister Scott's cabin in Island Park for lunch. We carpooled to Island Park and enjoyed the company of this sweet couple over an extremely delicious meal. We had spaghetti, warm biscuits, fresh fruit, and some incredible french silk pie for dessert. 

After lunch at the Scott's, a group of us drove into the park for the first time this summer. Clint Steadman, David Martinez, Jack Shapiro, Brooklyn Poulter and I absolutely loved the beautiful scenic drive. We even stepped out of the car and walked around by the hot pots for a while.

Nature is incredible. Especially when you're experiencing it with such amazing friends. We're probably going to make the Sunday drive thing a tradition. We listened to Sunday music and shared stories about life while we watched the bison out the car windows.

Later in the afternoon Brooklyn and I returned back to the apartment. Brooklyn is my roommate, and I already love her SO much! We had a girl-bonding moment today, and I'm excited to get to know Brooklyn better as the summer progresses.

Tonight we all got together at the boys' house  for the traditional Sunday Playmill Potluck. Because Cinco De Mayo was yesterday, we had a Mexican-themed potluck. Burritos, Arroz con Leche, Tacos, etc...

We've been enjoying the day off. Making music at the boys apartment, watching TV, chatting with our Breezy on Facetime, and eating lots of yummy food. Now we're playing some backwards charades. Guess that's my cue to go...

(Singing Sunday songs at the boys' house)

It's been such a spiritual, amazing, exciting, and lovely Sunday. I hope yours has been just as well. :)
Much love.

(Photo courtesy of Addison Welch)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Playmill.

After months of waiting, I'm finally here in West Yellowstone living my dream summer.

I love it here. The adorable western town is so quaint. And I LOVE The Playmill Theatre. I love the positive environment, the little theatre, the talented performers, and the incredible friends. 

I made the six hour drive from lil' ole Riverton with Addison Welch on Monday (With Mr. Jack Shapiro following in his own car after we realized it was impossible to fit all three of us and our belongings in my Holly Baby). The moment we pulled up to the theater I jumped out of the car with excitement and took a picture of the the place I will be working at for the entire summer. I couldn't contain my joy. I felt like a three-year-old at Christmas time. I am LOVING everything about this amazing experience so far.

The first week alone has been fabulous. We've had rehearsals from 9am-9pm every day, and the cast has already learned all of the music and the blocking for our first show, The Drowsy Chaperone. We begin choreography next week, and I am stoked. The rehearsals have been very long and productive, but I am soaking up every minute of it. There's nothing I would rather be doing with my summer!

My roommates are wonderful. Stacey Starke, Brooklyn Poulter, and Lauren Hughes are beautiful girls. They know how to have fun, and I've never had roommates who are so genuine and caring. I'm also lucky enough to be up here in West with three of my favorite people from Weber State; Addison and Bre Welch, and Jack Shapiro. The rest of the cast is also fantastic. I'm surrounded by incredibly talented and wonderful people, and I already feel like I've made 18 new friends. I admire these people SO much!

The weather is cold, but the snow and wind are tolerable because I'm up here doing what I love to do. I love heating up a cup of hot cocoa and walking from my apartment around the corner to the theater for rehearsal every morning. 

Blogging might not be quite as frequent this summer because I don't have an internet connection at my apartment. I'll be visiting the boys' house often though, so hopefully now that I've gotten used to The Playmill routine I'll be able to write more diligently. But I'm having the time of my life, and I'll be back soon! 

Also, a list of little things I've loved about Week One:

*Walking into the theater for the very first time
*Having roommate prayers and happy moments with my girls
*Eating at Red Lotus and hearing about "the unique bathroom experience"
*Singing through my duet with Clint Steadman for the first time
*Getting ice cream at Dairy Queen with the cast after rehearsal
*Partying at Hannah and Jake's apartment and eating pancakes
*Listening to Brian Carey's awesome date story five bajillion times
*Clogging and tap dancing with Jack
*Listening to David Martinez play the guitar at my apartment
*Creating a variety show skit with Scott Michelsen, Lauren, and Brian
*Staying out late at the boys' house
*Believing Addison's many jokes throughout the week.
*Having a surprise night off and playing games at the boys' house.
*Listening to Jennie Moss laugh
*Singing alto parts with Lauren
*Learning how to spit
*Leaping across puddles in cowboy boots
*Playing "Four Corners" at the boys' house
*Eating Rootbeer floats
*Learning what FOMO means (Fear Of Missing Out. It's a real thing, people.)