Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends, and the little things that count.

I forgot how many INCREDIBLE friends I have here in Ogden. Oh, how I've missed them!

They probably don't even realize it, but these people have reached out to me this week, even in the smallest of ways... and they're the reason I've made it through the week in one piece (without having a complete  mental breakdown). So whether it was a wave, a smile, a hello, or a hug... here's a little 'thank you' to some of the people that have helped me along this week... the people who I've missed dearly while I've been away

Sam Howe- for being there to listen, love, care, give advice, and have my back. always.

Ben Eschler- for giving me the most enthusiastic greeting of the week, and for helping me look for a new place to live.

Chad Illum-for taking time to eat lunch with me on the first day of school.

Colton Hattabaugh-for the beginning of an awesome friendship.

Shelby Andersen-for the genuine support and concern you have for all of your friends, including me. Even when your life is rough sometimes, you still look out for others.

Maggie Goertzen-for giving me that gorgeous smile when I saw you on the stairway in the Browning Center.

Maddie Tarbox- for you sarcasm and jokes in Van's class.

Connor Padilla-for letting me borrow your phone. And for being the yin to my yang. You've been a lifesaver more times than I can count.

Lindsea Garside-for noticing my hair color, and for your sincerity.

Kelsie Slaugh- for calling me a whore because I didn't say hi to you in hallway. ;)

Trevor Dean-for giving me advice on what classes I should take this year

Emily Ferrin-for being my theatre AND institute buddy

Bro. Delozier-for helping me out during folk dance auditions, even though I'm going to be in MT for part of the process

Alysia Pugmire-for being the sassy/girly girl that you are. I love that I have someone to talk "boys" with.

Bryan Mason-for inviting me over to watch Ninja Turtles at your apartment.

Mickey Larson-for inviting me to come with you to your tai-chi class.

Katie Jones-for being my tap buddy in class today

Clayton Price-for your enthusiastic hugs and your clogging expertise ;)

Luke Monday-for taking the time to stop me on campus and catch up with me on life.

David Jenkins-for being suave, and for sitting by me during folk dance auditions

Sadie Martineau-for your genuine encouragement

David Clark-for teasing me, even though sometimes you're a little mean... and for being my dance partner while my real partner took a half-hour to get himself a drink of water ;)

Jim Christian-for remembering who I am this year ;)

sometimes life is crazy.

Playmill gave us three days off this week so we could all go back home and attend the first three days of school. Then it's back up to West Yellowstone for closing weekend. On Sunday I'll be back in Utah for reals. I've been in Ogden for the past couple of days, getting settled and situated for the fall semester.

Okay, let's face it... I've actually been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the past three days. During the summer I had a roommate/housing fiasco. As a result, I am currently homeless. I'm staying with my aunt who lives in Ogden until I can find a place to live. Therefore, I'm living out of suitcases since everything is temporary. Talk about a disorganized disaster.

The majority of my time in Ogden has been spent looking for a house/apartment. I almost had a place secured, and then today I received a phone call from the girl who's room I was replacing. It turns out she has to stay there another semester, so I'm now back to square one. Luckily I have some great friends who are helping me in the search for a new place to live.

When I'm not looking for new apartments, I'm looking for my lost phone. Go figure, I have to be forgetful enough to misplace my cell phone during such a stressful time. Mom is a lifesaver though and brought my sister's old phone to Ogden, so I'm using that until I can (fingers crossed) find mine. (bytheway, Mom has made three trips up to Ogden since I've gotten here, trying to help me with anything she can. She is Wonder Woman.)

In the middle of this chaos I have also started fall semester classes, auditioned for the Institute Folk Dance Team, auditioned for the Institute choir, gotten my first parking ticket at Weber State, attended my first AAT meeting for the year, and I have rearranged my school schedule about three times, because classes keep falling through.

Talk about the craziest first week of school ever. Hopefully when I get back from West, I'll be able to find a place to live. As much as I love my aunt (and she has been SO hospitable!) I need to have my own space, especially a space that is closer to campus. And where I'm not living out of suitcases and packed-up moving tubs.

But despite the insanity, I'm surprised how quickly I got back into my college groove. It feels like I never left. I love being back into that busy-body swing of things. And I love seeing all those darling faces from the theatre department and the institute. I have missed those people heaps and loads. And despite all of the frustration I've been experiencing... I have had some happy moments that have helped me get through the week.

-Being reunited with my family :)
-Texas Roadhouse
-Auditioning for the Folk dance team
-Successfully singing harmonies in my choir audition
-Tap dancing
-Getting my week's worth of Sam-Bailee time.
-Being recognized as a "Playmill Player" by a stranger, all the way from Ogden
-Ice cream
-Running into Ben at the school store
-Hershey's Cookies and Cream candy bars
-New hairstyle
-Institute grilled-cheese sandwiches
-Hangin' out with Colton
-Sleeping in a double-sized bed
-Family dinners with the Dingmann family
-Leftovers from Texas Roadhouse
-Lunch with Chad

And I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is too see all of my friends from school again. I love them SO much. Getting to see some of my favorite people who I haven't seen for the past four months... they're seriously what's getting me through this crazy week. I'm such a lucky girl :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friends are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

I have always been blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life. People who I'm privileged to call my  friends. Sometimes I take it for granted, how blessed I am. Sometimes I only focus on the situations or hardships in my life, and I forget the blessings.

I forget about my friends; the angels that are looking out for me.
The ones who always have my back.

And you know, every friend is different. Some friends last a lifetime, though these are few and far-between. I have a whole family of those plus two... and I know they will be around no matter what. They are the ones that are here to stay. And I am incredibly lucky to claim those people as my closest friends. (You know who you are.)

The rest of them play various roles. Some friends come and go in a matter of months, leaving behind a lesson learned or a precious memory created. Others stick around for years and we learn and grow together. Some of these friendships come easy, and some of them take more work. But almost all of them come and go in their due time. Only a few are here to stay.

But whether these various people are lifelong friends, family friends, good friends, new friends, old friends, close friends, best friends, school friends, or just friends; I consider them all blessings. And I am so thankful for every last one of them and the purposes they serve in my life. I am thankful for the friends who, though I may not spend the rest of my life with, we will always cherish the memories we had and the things we learned from one another.

I need to stop focusing on people who bring negative energy into my life. I need to stop spending energy on people whose friendships are only conditional, when there are so many others who are willing to be my friend unconditionally and completely.

Because seriously, I am surrounded by so many genuine, incredible people. 
And I take them for granted far too often.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can't get enough of this:

This video is an old one, but... I love it. I love the story, I love the technique, I love the emotion.
They performed this number again just this week, and both versions are beautiful.

I love how dancing is such a universal language.
So powerful.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Little Nothings

-Actually waking up earlier than 9:00am
-Clean laundry
-The gorgeous view from my front porch this morning.
-Shopping trip with Eliza and Maggie
-Eating lunch at Cafe Rio
-New outfits
-Shopping for gifts
-Getting off work early
-Summer evenings
-New gallon of milk in the fridge
-Painting my fingernails
-Clean apartment
-Long steamy showers
-Having the house to myself
-Comfy gym shorts and wildlife tees
-German chocolate cake
-More good music
-Ice cream
-Phone calls from Mom
-The Notebook
-Happy text messages

Monday, August 13, 2012


Sometimes laying under a blanket of stars bundled up next to the people you love helps you remember how beautiful life truly is.

Sometimes you have to wish on shooting stars, even if you're not sure that wishing on shooting stars makes wishes come true ;)

Sometimes you have to embrace change, even if you don't think you're ready for it. Sometimes life changes. Sometimes people change. Sometimes you change, and you don't even realize it.

Sometimes laughing with your friends until your insides hurt makes you realize that no matter what troubles you may be facing, life will always give you reasons to smile.

Sometimes taking long steamy showers at one in the morning while listening to good music helps you calm down and clear your mind.

Sometimes friends aren't perfect. And sometimes friendships don't last forever.

Sometimes you fall asleep with wet, braided hair... just like you used to do when you were a little girl.

Sometimes you have to drink a cup of hot cocoa before going to bed - even if it's the middle of August.

Sometimes there's nothing more refreshing than falling asleep in a clean house, with the bedroom window left open and the nighttime breeze blowing through the screen.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nuggets of Wisdom.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The only time I wish I had cable TV.

... just so I could watch this show.

I've been missing my weekly So You Think You Can Dance.
And after seeing this clip from the newest season,
I may or may not be having withdrawals.

Please watch this and try to tell me that it's anything short of stunning. 
I dare you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little shotgun shooting

I went on a little outing this afternoon with Aaron, Jon, Rivkah and Bryson to do some shotgun shooting. Rivkah had never been shooting before, and Bryson had never fired a shotgun. We drove to a little clearing in the backwoods of West Yellowstone and had some fun blowing up bottles, cardboard boxes, and clay pigeons. 

I'm proud of myself for hitting all of my still targets on the first shot... I have a pretty good eye, if I do say so myself! I didn't do so well with the clay pigeons, however. We had a limited supply, so I only had three tries... but I didn't hit a single one. All of my fundamentals went out the back door when my targets started flying through the air. I've never been clay pigeon shooting before, but it's something I want to start doing more often. I'm determined to shatter one of those things. 

Anyway, we had a good time... blowing things up and teaching Rivkah how to aim. ;) It made me wish my Daddy was out here so we could do some more target shooting. Something about firing a gun...I love it. 

This girl does have a little rough country side to her, believe it or not.
I'm not a complete city-slicker.

(Please ignore the pink bow and the lace on my shirt while reading that statement and looking through the pictures.)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

to experience beauty.

I went on a Sunday drive with Rivkah, Jon, and Scotty this afternoon. It was incredibly liberating, to explore that beautiful park with the car windows rolled down and the sun shining on my face. We made it around the entire northern loop, making a couple of pit stops along the way.

The scenery was gorgeous, and the company was exceptional. 

Our first stop was at this amazing lookout. There seemed to be millions of those elegant pines stretched out over the rolling hills. We also saw billows of dark smoke far off in the distance. Passerby told us that there was a forest fire there. Isn't nature just incredible?

We continued our drive until we reached the Tower Falls, where we stopped for a bathroom break. We ended up walking down the trail to admire the waterfall. It was lovely. Before we left the Tower Falls, we stopped at the general store for some ice cream (and maybe also to purchase sunscreen for me!)

Ice cream is my weakness. Delicious Coffee Cream/Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream  (one scoop of each) piled high on top of a waffle cone. Bliss.  Jon, Rivkah, and Scotty got ice cream too, and we all bought matching water bottles. Now I'll have a souvenir to remember the trip by. :)

Our next stop: The Petrified Tree. This was our ultimate destination planned for the afternoon. We learned that the tree has been in the park for 50 million years. To us, it just looked like any other dead tree. 
But while we were there, Scotty discovered a trail that led us to The Lost Lake. It took us a while to get past our paranoia of a possible bear encounter, but once we forgot about the bears we realized just how beautiful this little discovery was.

The tiny trail wound back through some trees and led us to a beautiful meadow. The lake was nestled between the mountains at the far end of the meadow. The entire scene was absolutely breathtaking. There weren't any other people around. Just me, three wonderful friends, and the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

The evening sun hit the tall grasses just right, turning thin blades into glistening strands of gold. Hundreds of lush, green lily pads settled atop the lake's calm surface... and tall, elegant pines offered shade along the water's edge. The fresh air smelled of sagebrush, and the breeze sifted softly through the tree branches making that familiar rustling sound. We stood there for quite some time, completely in awe of our surroundings.

(Oh yeah, and sometimes I'm really nerdy when I write.)

I would be completely satisfied if I got lost there (granted there were no bears around). The lake was my favorite part of the entire day.

We walked back to the car and finished the loop. On our way home we stopped at another lookout, and it was just as stunning as anywhere else we'd seen during our drive today. We were also lucky enough to see three bears! We joined the crowd at the side of the road and witnessed a Momma bear and her two cubs walk along the shady ridge line and off into the distance. What a sight!

... And to top it off, we listened to some lovely music (Joshua Radin, anyone?) and watched the sun set as we drove out of the park. 

Windows down, hair blowing, music playing, friends laughing, sun shining... 
It was such an enjoyable day.
I can't believe I live right on the outskirts of Yellowstone.
What a beautiful place.

Thanks to Riv, Jon, and Scotty for the wonderful Sunday afternoon.
I loved exploring the park with you and getting to know you better.

Sheesh.I'm surrounded by good people, beautiful places...
And I get to perform every day.
I'm one lucky girl.

P.S. Happy twenty-fourth, Mr. Jack Shapiro. Guess what? You're almost a quarter of a century old. 
Hope you had a good birthday. We sure do love you. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

B is for Believing

"Be not afraid, only believe"
-Mark 5:36

  1. accept something as true: to accept that something is true or real
  2. accept somebody as truthful: to accept that somebody is telling the truth
  3. credit somebody with something: to accept that somebody or something has a particular quality or ability
Synonyms: trust, have faith in, be certain of, have confidence in, accept as true, rely on

I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in change.
I believe in new beginnings.
I believe that ice cream is proof that there's a Heaven on Earth.
I believe that laughing is the best kind of therapy.
I believe that education is the key to success.
I believe in the future.
I believe that love can conquer anything.
I believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.
I believe that hard work beats talent.
I believe that each person has a story that's worth listening to.
I believe in drinking hot cocoa all year long.
I believe in unconditional friendships.
I believe in hugs.
I believe in kissing.
I believe that families can be forever.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in art.
I believe that life belongs to those who show up.
I believe that crying is healthy for the soul.
I believe in second chances.
I believe in true love.
I believe that a pair of heels can make any girl feel like a million bucks.
I believe in dreaming big.
I believe that waking up early can change your whole perspective on life.
I believe that everything will always work out in the end

(This idea cam from this lovely blog here.)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shout Out.

I haven't given a shout out to any friends recently, so today I want to talk about two extremely awesome people who I have been privileged to meet this summer.

Brooklyn Poulter

Brooklyn Poulter is my roommate here in West Yellowstone. I haven't had to share a bedroom with somebody since I was about three years old. You can bet I was worried about sharing a room with a complete stranger this summer, but I've LOVED having Brooklyn as my roommate.

Brooklyn is not only my roommate, but she's also an amazing friend. She's loyal, kind, and genuine. I bonded with Brooklyn at the very beginning of the summer, and I've been privileged to call her my friend ever since. She's very mature, and I appreciate her sincere advice and perspective on life. We love staying up until 2am talking in our bedroom every night, and I look forward to that quality 'Brooklyn time' every single day. Brooklyn is also very funny. I only wish I was as witty as she is. :)

Brooklyn is an extremely talented performer. She is definitely a triple threat. Not only does she have a rock star voice, but she's also an incredible dancer and actress. When Brooklyn is on stage, you can tell that she is experienced and that she knows what she's doing. She's a joy to watch, and she lights up when she can share her talents with an audience.

Brooklyn also has an amazing spirit about her, and I look up to her example immensely. She is always striving to be the best person she can be. I admire her strength in the gospel, and I love the testimony and light that she always carries with her. Brooklyn is beautiful, inside and out! Brooklyn is true to herself, and it is because of her uniqueness and personality that she is beautiful!

Thanks for being my roommate Brooklyn, and thanks for all the good talks and fun adventures we've had so far this summer! Thank you for being such an incredible friend. I hope we can continue to stay in touch even after the summer is over.

Jon Wright

Jon is another talented actor that I've had the opportunity to meet this summer, and I wanted to give him a shout-out. Jon is such a genuine, thoughtful person. Every time I'm at the theater Jon is sure to go out of his way to say hello. Whenever he asks me how I'm doing, I know that he genuinely asks because he wants to hear my answer. He's supportive, funny, and sincere.

Jon is an incredibly talented performer, too. He's very versatile on stage. He plays three extremely different characters in our shows, and he's good at each one of them. Jon takes whatever the director throws at him and runs with it! (From eating fish to getting beat up and everything in-between!) Jon also has an exceptional voice. We always enjoy listening to him sing! Jon is a very successful performer and I look up to him and admire his talents.

Jon is a great friend to everyone around him. He is always offering a word of encouragement backstage. One of the things I admire most about Jon is his willingness to lift up and encourage other people. He's such a positive attribute to the company at the theater. Jon knows how to make others laugh. He's very good at looking at the positive side of things, and he knows how to lighten the mood and have a good time. When I want to have a fun time I go and talk to Jon. Even when we've had our trips to Costco (inside joke) or when we've had a rough day, he's always back the next day ready to make our performances a positive experience.

I really appreciate Jon. He's been a huge source of comfort and true friendship during my summer here in West Yellowstone. I value his friendship so much! I appreciate all the times when he's gone out of his way to make sure I'm doing okay. I'm just beginning to know Jon, but I hope I can continue to get to know him better as the summer progresses. Thanks for everything you do Jon!