Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Big Time.

The Will Rogers Follies came to a close last weekend. What a fun show to be a part of! I absolutely loved the costumes, the music, the set, the dancing, and the great messages about Will Rogers that we had the privilege of sharing with the audience. The cast and crew were so talented, and the production was such a memorable experience!

Betty Blake and Flo the Follies Girl. Love my Linds :)

Colton Hattabaugh, fellow folk dancer AND theatre major.
Getting ready for the hand-jive, my favorite number in the show!
I went through four pairs of fishnet tights during the run.

Six single sisters. All of the costumes were gorgeous!
Powder Puff Ballet. So much sparkle :)
Emily, Me, and Kelsie getting ready for the show!

Even though the process was intense and time-consuming (It's always nice to have that little piece of your life back), I will miss The Will Rogers Follies so much! I will miss standing backstage before the Powder Puff Ballet and watching our sequins sparkle. I will miss chatting in the dressing room with Emily Ferrin and Lindsea Garside. I will miss tap dancing on the staircase, and parading across the stage in my ruby dress. Most of all, I will miss performing for people and sharing the stage with my wonderful friends! It is always bittersweet leaving a show! Cheers to a good production!

Also, I want to thank some amazing people for their love and support! Never, ever have I had this many people come to support me by seeing one of my shows. It meant the WORLD to me to see the ones I love sitting in the audience, cheering me on.

So a HUGE thanks and shout-out to...

Kyle DeYoung, Jana and Dave, Brittany Hathaway, Jack Shapiro, Brian Carey, Kierstin Holmgren, Austin Dickson, Dalen Ellsworth, Emily Sawyer, Sam Howe, Caralee Wallentine, Colby Young, Hanna Packard, Katie and Kolby Shock, Joe Favero, The Austads, Mike and Susan, Ben Eden, Katie Swainston, Charlotte Evans, and of course my sweet family and the other WSU students and alumni who came to support. (I apologize if I missed anyone. I really do love you all!)

Wow. Seriously. Just writing all of your names makes my heart so full! I couldn't be more grateful for my supportive friends and family! Love you guys!

And here's to everyone that helped make the production happen! I couldn't be more blessed to be in such an awesome department, surrounded by such incredible professors and students! You guys are the best!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


I have a severe case of The FOMO.

The Fear Of Missing Out.
It's a real thing.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Little Nothings.

The happy moments from the long weekend...

-Sunshine. Oh, happy sunshine :)
-Sharing testimonies
-Banana muffins
-Sparkly costumes
-Beautiful music
-Lunch and ice cream with the family
-Late night Grimm
-Playing dress-up
-Sleeping in
-Back massages
-High School Musical 3. (You better believe it.)
-Princess bubble baths
-Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday
-Dinner in Liberty
-Family games
-Clean laundry

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"As Corny as Kansas in August."

This is Mr. Kyle DeYoung. 

I met Kyle last semester at the Institute. During my first day in Choralaires, I remember him greeting me at the door to the choir room and thinking, "I really like that boy's sense of style."

The fall semester continued on, and we exchanged nothing more than smiles and "hellos" at our choir practices and performances throughout the semester. I remember having light conversations with him a couple of times at various Choralaire gatherings, but other than that - he was just another friendly face at the institute.

Fast forward to November. I was sitting all alone in the lobby of the institute, waiting for a choral performance to begin. It had been a rough day, and I was feeling pretty blue. While I was sitting alone at a table and watching the other choir members visit and play games together, I spotted Kyle DeYoung. He was sitting across the room, waving me over to come and sit with him.

I was so grateful to have a friend to talk to. We started up a random conversation, asking each other questions and making connections. I had such a great time talking with him! I remember getting on my knees that night and thanking Heavenly Father for such a tender mercy: On a day when I had felt so lonely, somebody went out of their way to make me feel included.

After that day, it seemed like I ran into Kyle more often at choir. Then, later in November, Kyle called me and asked me on our first date to The Nutcracker for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

I almost didn't go on that date. I had just gotten over a previous boy situation that had gone sour, and I was planning on spending Thanksgiving weekend at my Grandma's house. After I had finally decided that I would go on the date, I got the stomach flu. I was actually sick with the flu on the night before our date. I almost called Kyle and cancelled... but I fought through the 24-hour bug and I made it. And thank goodness! Little did I know what that one date would turn into. I couldn't be more grateful that I actually went, despite the little things that tried to get in my way!

Ever since the first date, I've grown to love that boy more and more. We've had so much fun together... making gingerbread houses, seeing the lights at temple square, experiencing new foods, playing in the snow, ice skating, watching movies, singing, making scarves, wrapping Christmas boxes, making tie-dye shirts, attending parties, bowling, and simply enjoying our time together.

I figured it was about time to write a post about this Wonderful Guy. 
And what better timing than Valentines Day? So now, y'all know.

"And if you'll excuse the expression I use, I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy!"

Thanks Kyle, for everything that you are and everything that you do! I am the luckiest. I have absolutely loved spending my time with you. I admire you SO much, and I couldn't ask for a sweeter Valentine.

P.S. Corny as Kansas in August? What's with this reference? :) Just listen to this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Refresh. Rejuvinate. Repeat.

I survived the opening weekend of The Will Rogers Follies practically unscathed, with the small exceptions of feeling majorly sleep-deprived and experiencing a sore nose after accidentally getting smacked in the face offstage during our last show of the weekend.
(But I digress.)

Rehearsing for this show has been a challenge. Not since high school have I been in a show AND committed to 7:30am classes. The late-night rehearsals are nothing new for my agenda... but usually my classes start no earlier than 9am. The combination of staying up so late and getting up so early has really been a struggle for me, especially in the last couple of weeks.

But, we made it! We opened the show and had four fabulous performances. Now I have a week all to myself before we start performances back up again next week and finish out the run of the show.

Yesterday I didn't have any important plans or obligations after 1pm. This hasn't happened since Christmas break. It felt fantastic to put some pajamas on and spend the evening at home (even if some of that time consisted of house cleaning and homework.) Kierstin and I had our first official girls night, and we enjoyed making yummies and watching The Wedding Planner.

Basically, the next couple of days are going to be absolutely wonderful. This is what's on the agenda.

-Runaway Bride (or any sappy, adorable movie will do)
-A long, hot bubble bath
-A good book
-Spending time with Kyle
-Hot cocoa
-Spending time with friends
-Homemade banana bread
-Temple trip
-And more sleep.

Okay, I guess I technically don't have the week all to myself. I also have Folk Dance choreography to catch up on, homework to do, and Choralaires Sunday to prepare for... but still. No rehearsal.

As much as I love, love, LOVE rehearsing and performing,
I'm welcoming the week-long break with open arms.

... and then it's time for another crazy week of wonderful performances!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Will Rogers Follies

It's the day of the show, y'all!
Please come see The Will Rogers Follies
At Weber State University
We perform February 7-9, and February 19-23
(We DO NOT perform on the 18th!)

I absolutely love the message this show has to offer.
It's fun, cute, and light-hearted, 
But there are some great numbers and messages to be seen and heard!
Come experience the joyfulness of Will Rogers with us!

And if you're coming, let me know so I can say hello after the show!
Hope to see you there :)

(You can purchase tickets at Weber State University, online,
or by clicking on my "Performances" tab, listed above on my blog.)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Absolute Favorite.

I love love.
(And I love Disney.)