Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend.

After a particularly long week, Mom and I decided on a mini-weekend visit to Grandma's house. I absolutely love staying at my grandparents' home. Kyle came with me, and so we met Mom and Brooklyn (Daddy had to work) and visited the mountains to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend with family.

I think a trip to Grandma's was exactly what I needed... and I was so excited to show Kyle everything that I love about my family and that lovely house in the mountains. My family is about laughter and teasing and lots of good food and games and love and happiness.

They are special people, and a huge blessing in my life.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday weekend.

Friday, May 17, 2013

E is for Ensign (Ensign Peak).

I am just ecstatic about the weather these days. I can't get enough of the sunshine... and after having spent last summer in West Yellowstone, I have forgotten how warm Utah gets! It only makes me excited for all of those brilliant summer holidays. Seriously, the summer holidays are my favorite. And don't even get me started about driving with the windows rolled down and walking barefoot outside. Mmmm... I just love it.

When we were driving past Salt Lake City the other day, Kyle mentioned to me that he had never been to Ensign peak. So yesterday we drove to the valley for a little evening hike. We packed some sandwiches and made a date night out of it.

The forecasts are saying that summer rain is on the way... so the weather was just cool enough to make it perfect outside for a little bit of hiking. We had such a wonderful time, and the view was gorgeous.

Kyle's car was rear-ended a few weeks ago, but he loves cruising around in the rental.
It IS a fun, zippy little thing. :)

Pretty flowers on the hillside. 
If only I could have gotten my hands on Dad's fancy camera.
But the views were lovely, regardless. :)

So... right after I took this photo I almost fell off the mountain! :)
You can bet I had a little scare!
That's what happens when you're too preoccupied looking at the picture,
And you ever-so-gracefully trip over a rock. Nice one, Bailee. ;)

Just enjoying our sandwiches. So yum!
The wind was a bit crazy though...

This one is probably my favorite. :) And the view was stunning!

After our hike, we drove back home and had a movie night. I had never seen That Thing You Do, so we went back to Kyle's place and relaxed for the evening. What a fun time!

Sometimes I think I forget how beautiful Utah is. Not only are the mountains and the skies gorgeous, but it's the only place in the world where you can see four temples from one standpoint. It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine with that handsome boy. Needless to say, it was a pretty fantastic day. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Hiatus.

It surely has been awhile... but I've just been so caught up in the warmth and freedom of the summertime that I haven't written. Life is just as sweet as always though. Here's the update.

I got a summer job working the replenishing team at Michael's this week, which is all fine and dandy except for the part where my shift starts at five in the morning. (Glorious.) I only work three days a week though... so I think I'll survive the early-hours. And besides, I finish up at ten in the morning, which leaves me the rest of the day to do as I please.

In June, I'll be starting a second job working as a receptionist for a new music school opening in Ogden. I'm really excited to be working at Hyland School of Music. I get to work with children and music... two things I absolutely love. This will be a job I keep while I finish up my last year at Weber State.

Speaking of which... I have the rest of my schedule planned out from now until I graduate! I only have two semesters and one summer class left until I have my bachelor's degree. This is crazy to me! I remember coming to WSU as a freshman like it was only yesterday. I do not feel old enough to be a senior already, but it's happening. I'm excited though; there are a lot of good things in store for the school year. 

Another update about school: I was appointed to be the president of The Associated Actors and Technicians (AAT) this year. I am excited for the opportunity to be so involved. :) We have great people on the board this year, and it'll be an awesome way to finish out my educational career at Weber.

But enough about school. :) For right now... I'm enjoying the summer while it lasts! Aside from planning a few board meetings and working at Michael's, most of my days consist of planning the wedding and spending time with my sweet Kyle. The wedding plans are starting to pick up, and I couldn't be more excited! Most of all though, I love spending all  of my sunny afternoons with Mr. DeYoung. He is SO good to me.

And that's about it, for now. More to come soon about wedding planning and summer adventures. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. :)