Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beacon of Light.

It's my second week at the new job, and I think it will be a pretty good little place to work during my last year of college. One of the best parts about where I work is the view from the front doors of the school. I get a clear shot of the Ogden Temple in all of it's progress and glory. (Photo courtesy of my low-quality iPod camera, yes thank you.)

I've been thinking about the temple a lot lately, and I just love that place so much. Kyle and I had the chance to go last week, and I love the peace that I feel in my life when I take time to visit the temple. 

I love the temple because for once it's not about work, it's not about reception plans, it's not about school, or moving, or money, or not having enough sleep, or anything else. It's about being with The Lord in His house. And when I go with Kyle, it's about me being with Kyle. My Mr. DeYoung and the Lord. The two people who I love the most. 

It's about deep pondering and cleansing my mind from the useless clutter of the day. It's about doing work and knowing the people who came before me. It's about peace, and purity, and happiness. And it's true... I am so much happier when I'm in the temple, and that happiness seeps into every other detail of my life after I've made a visit to that special place.

I'm looking forward to the Ogden Temple opening soon. It's so beautiful though, even when it's in the progress of being rebuilt. It's just like us. God is constantly reshaping and refortifying and rebuilding us to become more sacred and beautiful than we could ever imagine. Anyway. I can already foresee some little temple trips happening before and after work once this temple has finally opened. 

I love that I have a clear view of the temple when I go to work every day. It's literally across the street. And it's another lovely little reminder that I get to be married in the Salt Lake Temple soon. (Like, really soon. Like a month and twenty-two days soon. And still it's not soon enough!)

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  1. Beautifully written, Bailee! I love the phrase "Clear view of the temple"! How many of life's problems would be eliminated if we really did keep a clear view of the temple in our lives!