Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Little Nothings (Birthday Edition.)

-Dinner with the family at Texas Roadhouse
-A new clutch the color of sunshine
-Warm rolls with cinnamon butter
-More warm rolls with cinnamon butter (on the go!)
-Free ice cream
-Shopping money!
-Homemade cards with colorful drawings from nieces and nephews
-Birthday mail from across the pond
-Getting a sneak peak at engagement photos
-A pretty new necklace
-A new kitchen apron (and so colorful, too!)
-Sleeping in
-Raspberry waffles on birthday place mats
-Spending the day with Mr. DeYoung
-Handmade cards and buttons
-New handbag
-Messages from best friends
-Shopping with Kyle
-Ice cream at The Mercantile with Mom.
-Phone calls from loved ones
-Enjoying homemade birthday dinners on the back patio
-New capris
-Watching The Little Mermaid with Mr. DeYoung

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