Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh, So There's Where July Went.

With family vacations and wedding planning and working two jobs and wedding planning and wedding planning, July whizzed by without a second-thought to blog posts. But, there were plenty of pictures to be had, so here's the recap.

Independence Day
Started off the day in Riverdale helping with a 5k city race. That was followed by Jamba juice and crepes and family fun with the DeYoungs. Later that day, we drove to Riverton to watch Mom and Brooklyn in the parade. And last (but not least) the good ole' Riverton Fireworks with Kyle and the family. What a spectacular holiday (and my favorite, too!)

Demolition Derby Date Night
On July 6th, Kyle and I took a trip to Riverton with friends Katie and Kolby. After barbecuing at my house, we stopped at the market for some cream soda and it was time for the derby! It was Kyle and Katie's first time at a derby, and even though it rained, we had a blast!

Happy Birthday Kyle!
Kyle's 23rd birthday was on the 19th of July! We spent his birthday at Grandma Pack's house with the extended family for the whole weekend. The day began with strawberry french toast and Cookie Crisp Cereal, and later in the day we celebrated with Avatar cake and cupcakes. He also got a certificate to iFly on his birthday (but that adventure comes later.) That night, we went to the Fairview Rodeo with the family where Kyle sported his new cowboy boots. Happy Birthday Mr. DeYoung!

And the fun didn't stop there...
Brooklyn's birthday was on July 29th, so we celebrated with Despicable Me 2 and dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. I also quit my job at Michaels at the end of July! No more waking up at 4:30am! Huzzah! And let's not forget the wedding planning! Shopping and crafting and painting and purchasing and planning and stressing and watching it all come together! Now there are only two weeks left, and we are so excited!

So... here's to August!

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  1. It has been a busy fun summer! I'm glad you found time to blog about it before the big day and the big blog change... ;)